Earrings You Can Wear During Sports in 2024(Earring Protectors for Sports)

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Are you looking for earring protectors for sports, or earrings you can wear during sports? or silicone earrings for sports?

This post will focus on clear plastic earrings for sports. We will tell you the pros and cons of plastic earrings and 3 clear plastic brands you can buy online.

Questions arise as to whether it is okay to wear earrings during games, and with good reason.

Earrings You Can Wear During Sports

For people and even coaches, the worry is that the ornaments could either get stuck and cause harm while playing a sport.

The other would be that they are distracting to other players. To solve those issues, players wear clear plastic earrings, and they are usually studs.

They are hard to spot, and they tend to be out of the way of whatever sport you’re taking part in.


Clear plastic earrings for sports

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Some gravitate toward medical-grade plastic earrings because they are hypoallergenic.

They are also perfectly safe for toddlers and adults alike.

You do have the ensure that you get top quality plastic earrings; otherwise, you can risk getting harmed.

That can happen if the hard plastic breaks off accidentally, and thus hurting you with a cut edge.

You don’t want that to happen, especially when children are active or when you’re playing sports.

Earrings You Can Wear During Sports

Why are clear plastic earrings suitable for sports?

Let’s explore the reasons to consider getting clear plastic earrings for sports.

1. They are discreet

Some teams have a policy on earrings, and therefore, clear plastic earrings can pass especially if you have small studs.

They are not distracting and generally safe to wear in all sports. Their clear nature means that it will not be distracting to your players around. Therefore, you get to keep your earrings on and play games.

Earrings You Can Wear During Sports

2. They don’t tarnish

When you’re playing games, there is always the element of sweat that comes. When sweat reacts with metals, it tends to tarnish.

However, with plastic, that is not something that you have to worry about. Cleaning them is also quite easy; all you need is some mild soap and warm water. You want to do that often so that you don’t have a build-up in your piercing.


3. Medical-grade plastic is hypoallergenic

The reason why some people cannot ear metals is that they are allergic to them. In that case, plastic serves as an excellent alternative to metals, and you can wear them during sports.

That is important more so for people with fresh piercings that need time to heal. When you are playing sports, you don’t want the wound to come into contact with sweat and other things that might cause it to get an infection.

If you’re playing sports and what to get a piercing, have that conversation with the piercer and have them recommend the best clear plastic earrings for you. They won’t harbor germs, and so the event of infection is unlikely, mainly if you’re cleaning the piercing regularly.

Earrings You Can Wear During Sports

4. They are tough

Medical-grade plastic can sand up to the rough and tumble that comes with playing sports.

It is sturdy and can withstand anything you put it through. The last thing you have to worry about when you’re on track or field is if anything will happen to your earrings.

The other thing is that if you have a stone on the plastic, you also need to worry about it popping out. This grade of plastic is hard and durable and thus can retain gems put no matter the external factors they face.


5. They are lightweight

Compared to metals, plastic earrings are immensely light even if they do have a stone. When you’re wearing them, it is quite easy to forget that you have them on.

In essence, they are distraction-free, especially if you’re playing an instance sport. Also, because they are lightweight, you won’t feel fatigued or a dull ache at the end of the day, as tends to be the case with heavier metals.


6. They are cheap

Plastic earrings cost the fraction of the price of metals. For you, that means you can get a more extensive selection of studs to suit your mood or outfit when you’re out doing various sporting activities.

You are also comforted knowing that plastic earrings are more affordable in the event you lose a stud when you’re active.

Given they are cheap, you can always have a pack around with you should anything happen to one or both earrings.

Clear plastic earrings available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

Are clear plastic earrings good for sports?

Let’s explore the pros and cons of wearing clear plastic earrings for sports. That ought to aid you to have a clear picture of what you’re opting in to should you decide to purchase plastic earrings.


  • They are discreet and don’t cause a distraction
  • They are cheap
  • They don’t tarnish as compared to metals when exposed to various elements
  • Medical grade plastic is hypoallergenic
  • There is a variety out there, so you can get something stylish
  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • They are hard to find
  • Some plastics used react with fresh piercings and cause an infection

Earrings You Can Wear During Sports

Three clear plastic earring bands you can trust

Below, we have a selection of three brands that we trust to be the best to wear during sports.

Let’s explore them further.

1.Eboot Plastic Earrings

Clear plastic earrings available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

First, on the list, we have a brand from eBoot. When you purchase from them, you get 400 pairs of earring pins and backs.

The pins are made from acrylic, while the backs are made from silicone rubber.

That means that these earrings are anti-allergy, so anyone can wear them.

Also, both materials are lightweight and durable, so these earrings will give your long service.

These pins can be worn as is, but you can also turn them into an arts and craft project.

You can glue whatever pattern you want at the head of the pin. Wait for them to dry before wearing them.

These eBoot plastic earring with pins and backs are deal for women, children (not below the age of three years), and men as well.


2.YOYOSTORE plastic earrings

Clear plastic earrings available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

Just as with the previous brand, you are getting blank studs with a tiny head.

They are ideal for DIY supplies as you can put whatever earring heads that you choose to suit your taste.

In total, three are 100 pieces, that is, 50 pairs of clear plastic earrings.

The brand describes the color as clear white, and it is made out of plastic.

Overall, they are ideal for sports because they are discreet.

You can also put the head you want if you want to make a statement too when playing sports.


3.Shappy plastic earrings

Clear plastic earrings available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

Lastly, we have more clear plastic earrings from the brand Shappy.

With this brand, you get 1000 pieces of earrings.

The clear ear studs have a plain and simple design that you can wear just as normal earrings though you can use them for DIY earrings.

Otherwise, you can wear them to keep your holes opened for when you’re in a sporting activity where the rules state that you shouldn’t have earrings on.

The material used to make these earrings is acrylic and silicone rubber, which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Another aspect of these earrings is they are bendable and still durable.

They are also designed to suit women, men, and kids alike.

Given these are small, they are not suitable for children under the age of three.

When you’re doing your arts and crafts, remember to disinfect the parts too.


Why do I need many?

Plastic earrings are cheap and are thus sold in bulk. The three mentioned here cost between $4 and $8 for all the pieces included.

If you’re particularly keen only to use clear plastic earrings for your holes, you can use a few of the pieces to make something for other events, such as when you’d like to match your outfit.

Otherwise, for some, having many such earrings is crucial if they can only wear one daily and dispose of it for health reasons.

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