8 Super Safe Ear Piercing Protector for Sleep

Sleeping with your earrings on might not be the safest thing to do, and you may be feeling anxious about having to wear your expensive earrings to bed because, let’s face it – we are only human, and we sometimes go to bed with earrings even when we know we shouldn’t.  How then do you shield your new ear piercings before going to bed?

If you are looking for the best quality ear piercing protectors to protect against snugging and pulling when sleeping, hence the fastest, painless healing for your ear piercing, here is a list of 8 of the best ear piercing protectors that you can sleep in comfortably.


8 Ear Piercing Protector for Sleep

1.Milliard Adjustable – Memory Foam – Side Sleeper Ear Pillow

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Looking for an ear-piercing protector to soothe and prevent ear pain or CNH?

You may like this side sleeper that works perfectly as an ear guard cushion.

It is made of an adjustable memory foam that offers the best level of protection to the ears while ensuring that your healing ear is not affected or tugged on.

This ear pillow is the perfect fit for side-sleepers, and you may even like it because of its two cut-out holes made for the ears.

Therefore, the ear pillows will do a great of not only getting rid of pressure on the ear but also pain.

The ear pillow is also an ideal fit for TMJ sufferers, CPAP users, and anyone with any other kind of ear pain.

The other impressive bit about this ear pillow is that it offers a customizable level of comfort thanks to the four layers of memory foam measuring 1” each.

The memory foam also makes the pillow adjustable to the desired height.

It also gives the pillow its soft and cozy feel, which is enhanced by the pillow casing made of a cozy and soft material with a zipper closure for a nicely finished look.

The memory foam also boasts a Certipur certification, and it molds into your facial contours while sleeping for maximum comfort and the best level of relaxation.


2.BLISSBURY Ear Pillow

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The Blissbury ear pillow is the other excellent option for you if you are looking for a protector for your ear piercing.

It’s been designed to ensure you experience ultimate comfort while sleeping, especially if you have soreness or pain in your ears, whether from a new piercing or CNH/ chondrodermatitis pain.

It offers a maximum level of protection for ear piercings, and the best part is that it offers the best level of support and comfort for your ears, even when you sleep with earplugs or headphones on.

Think of this ear pillow as the most important sleeping pillow for you if you have ear injuries or pain of any kind.

You may like the cool and highly supportive cooling memory foam that offers great support for your ear.

The two small ear holes at the center of the pillow ensure maximum sleeping comfort for side sleepers from either direction.

The gel-infused cooling memory foam make this ear protector the best option for you if you are looking for the maximum possible level of comfort.


3.Impresa Firm Memory Foam Pillow with an Ear Hole

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This is the other therapeutic memory foam pillow for your ear piercings.

It’s an ideal option for you if you need a firm pillow to help with any form of chronic pain, thanks to the non-adjustable memory foam.

The ear hole at the center makes this the perfect pillow for the management and treatment of ear pain from new piercings or from Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis (CNH), pressure, or any other kind of pain in your ear.

You may like this pillow also because it encourages healing after ear surgery and after a new piercing.

It comes with 2 pillowcases that feel nice against the skin.


4.Deluxe Comfort Better Sleep Ear Guard Pillow

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If you are looking for an ear pillow that offers maximum comfort when sleeping, this orthopedic-grade convoluted foam pillow might be the perfect ear pillow/ guard for you.

It’s the perfect ear guard for side sleepers, and it offers maximum protection for the ears, head, neck, and shoulders.

And thanks to the depression on the pillow’s surface, you won’t have to worry about the buildup of pressure on your ear or the neck.

The design features of this pillow make it the perfect pillow for side sleepers looking for an extra-protective orthopedic pillow.


5.The Original Pillow with a Hole – Your Ear’s Best Friend

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This pillow is regarded as your ear’s best friend, and for a good reason.

It offers an adjustable level of firmness and ensures maximum support and comfort for your ears, thanks to the single hole in the middle.

Just know that it will feel a little too firm initially, but it softens and gets more comfortable with time; also, you could remove or add the stuffing to make it softer or firmer.

Thanks to the design, there is an increased airflow to the ears, hence faster recovery, and flipping it on the side offers more comfort.


6.Alex Orthopedic Comfortable Convoluted Ear Protector

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How about this donut-shaped ear protector for your new piercing or the pain in your ear when sleeping?

It is a comfortable orthopedic ear protector that is made of polyurethane foam.

It’s designed to raise your ear from the bed slightly, hence adequate airflow, good drainage, protection from the bedsores, and faster healing/ recovery.

It’s suitable for side sleepers and offers the best level of comfort even after the pain disappears, and the piercing is fully healed.

You may also like it because you can sleep with earplugs comfortably.


7.EarSplintz Easy Sleep Cauliflower Ear Pillow

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Say goodbye to pain with this comfortable, no-pain ear pillow.

It’s a simple and comfortable foam pillow with a large ear hole for your healing ears.

You could sleep with your earbuds quite comfortably with this cauliflower ear pillow.

It’s soft enough and feels good, and the best part is that your neck and shoulder will not be hurt by the pillow.


8.PureComfort – Side Sleeping Pillow

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Last on our list is this side-sleeping pillow that offers maximum protection to your newly pierced ears.

It’s also an excellent option for you if you struggle with the pain and the ear pressure from CNH. You could also use this pillow if you struggle with TMJ.

The reasons why this might be your perfect side sleeping pillow include its height-adjustable design, the extra soft and comfortable CPAP pillow, and its wrinkle-prevention design.

Its design and comfort features are the reason why this pillow is CertiPUP-US certified – it’s made of memory foam, and the softcover is made of bamboo.

You may also like the two cutouts that will ensure maximum comfort throughout the night.

Then you have the overall design of the pillow, which reduces pressure on your neck and the entire face.

The adjustable height is made possible by the removable inserts, which allow for the fine-tuning of the height of the pillow for maximum comfort.



If you are looking for the best ear piercing protectors for pain-free and no pressure on your ears when sleeping, the 8 ear pillows above are some of your best options.

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