Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings-Differences – Pros & Cons Explained

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In the search for the perfect pair of earrings that accentuates your ears and the shape of your face, you come across many types and designs of earrings that you think will look great on you.

Some turn out great; others don’t. After some time, you realize that there are distinct differences in earring types. Understanding their differences is the first step to picking the perfect earrings to enhance and complement your facial features.

Drop and dangle earrings are two earring types that are often confused with each other, and we’ll shed light on what you should know about the differences between dangle and drop earrings.


What do drop earrings look like?

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings

Drop earrings are designed to hang below your earlobe and remain stationary on your ears, so they look a lot like the extended stud earrings – They just drop but don’t dangle.

They are quite simple, with a little length added to them. The drop gives the earrings a delicate feel, hence the incorporation of pearls and expensive gemstones at the end of the drop earrings, and an overall elegant look with an air of sophistication.


Are drop earrings in style in 2022?

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings

While hoop earrings remain the favorite jewelry trend in 2022, drop earrings seem to be growing in popularity as well, and you will look as stylish as ever if you love your drop earrings.

That said, some of the trendiest pieces of jewelry today boast an air of playfulness, and accessorizing with these jewelry options offers the best form of self-expression.

And so, more people are now wearing the boldest jewelry varieties and various options that feel and look personal to the wearer.

The drop earrings are, however, not a go-to style for everyone but would work well for you if you prefer delicate and elegant jewelry varieties.

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings

The most popular style of drop earrings is the teardrop earring style designed to be fixed on your lobe with a wire hook or stud, push-back closure in a pear or tear shape, mostly in medium size. These earrings belong to the same family as the teardrop earrings but are fixed.

Besides its stylishness, the teardrop earring is significant in the shape of the drop and is associated with tears of romanticism and joy, hence the use of these earrings in jewelry sets.

These earrings are essentially timeless, with an elegant appeal. Some drop earrings have a long, slim silhouette and a gem at the bottom, where they get the name drop – these earrings are designed to hang vertically from below your earlobe.

The most common gems featured in these minimalist earrings include pearls, diamonds, and colored stones.


Pros and cons of drop earrings

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings


  • These earrings are quite stylish and are also timelessly elegant
  • Drop earrings are versatile, allowing you to wear them on different occasions.
  • They symbolize joy and romance and the associated happy tears
  • They are elegant and ideal for work
  • Most of the earrings have pearls or gemstones incorporated in them, and they form part of earring sets.


  • It can be expensive since most are made of the finest gemstones and metals.
  • The earrings are not ideal for you if you want something dangling and flowy.

What are dangle earrings look like?

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings

Unlike the drop earrings, which are fixed and have a stud, the dangly earrings live up to their name and are dangly. These earrings are never stationary and are known for their flowy nature and continuous movement.

Dangle earrings also tend to be long, although there also are pieces that are pretty dainty with slim chains.

Essentially, the earrings have down from your earlobes, and they come in different styles and designs, from those made with simple chains to the bolder tasseled and ornate style earrings adorned with gems.

There also are extra-long dangle earring styles that hang as far down as your shoulders or even the collarbone. These long dangle earrings are sometimes referred to as shoulder-dusters.


Are dangle earrings in style in 2022?

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings

Yes, dangle earrings remain quite stylish today, and you will look great wearing the dangle earrings. One thing that stands out about the earrings is that they represent a timeless style that will look great on anyone and also works well for different face shapes.

One thing that makes the dangle earrings stand out is the fact that these earrings come in different designs and styles that range from mismatched earrings and colorful statement pieces to chain link earrings and tassel earrings, among others.

These earrings are also often intricately designed, and they have so much more movement.


Pros and cons of dangle earrings

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings


  • Dangle earrings are elegant and come in different styles and designs
  • The lengths of the earrings are quite variable, meaning that there is something for everyone
  • Dangle earrings represent a timeless earrings style and are very stylish today
  • Dangle earrings are ideal for anyone with a round face as they have an elongating effect on the face.


  • Mostly ideal for dressing up rather than everyday wear
  • These earrings can be distracting
  • They may get lost in your hair and are only ideal when you hold your hair up or back.

Difference between drop and dangle earrings

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings

The main difference between drop and dangle earrings is that while the dangle earrings are mostly more formal, the drop earrings are designed such that they can be worn for both formal and casual occasions because the drop earrings are much more versatile.

You could dress them up or down. However, if you are going for a casual look, their dangle earrings would be a good option.

Other than occasions, the difference between drop and dangle earrings is that drop earrings are fixed and hang from the earlobe with one gemstone or pearl at the end, while the dangle earrings are dangly or flowy.


Drop earrings vs. dangle earrings – Which one is for you?

Drop Earrings Vs. Dangle Earrings

Both types of earrings would look good on you because these earrings can be worn on different occasions.

Drop and dangle earrings are also suitable for anyone with a round-shaped face. However, the dangling earrings would be perfect for you when you are going for a dramatic look.



The biggest difference between the dangle and drop earrings is that while the drop earrings have a fixed drop design, the dangle earrings are loose and significantly flowy or with a lot of dramatic movement.

So, the drop earrings are ideal when going for an understated or minimalist look, while dangle earrings look good when you are going for a bolder, more dramatic look.

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