Does Wearing a Watch Still Make You More Attractive in 2024?

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Accessories are what complete our outfits, and they are quite telling of what our personality is. One such addition is a watch, where for decades, it was considered a sign of status. Currently, practically anyone can wear a watch; however, it’s the type that will set you apart from the rest. While that matters to specific demographics, for others, they couldn’t care less.

Our smartphones have primarily become the go-to means of telling time. That, to an extent, has made some people feel that wristwatches are redundant.

Why do you need to spend more money when you have something that can tell the time just fine? While that might be a widely shared sentiment, there are more advantages than not for wearing watches- we’ll explore that later.

We wear accessories to look good, and a watch is meant to fulfill a similar function.

Here, we’re going to address if wearing a watch makes you more attractive, or merely a perception to get more watches onto people’s hands.

Does wearing a watch make you more attractive?

Watches are an accessory that both men and women wear. Now for some, wearing a watch is something they’ve done for years and don’t’ give it a second thought whether it makes them look more attractive or not.

For those who are more mindful of their fashion choices, that’s a question that does need answering.

The reality is that a good quality watch instantly improves your appearance. An outfit that you consider plain or dressed down can transform into a fashion statement when you’re wearing a great watch.

Aside from being considered a timely person, having a watch can work in your favor.

One would immediately assume that you value your time, and your life reflects the same. It’s a stereotype, but it makes you more put together, and someone would be inclined to take you more seriously.

However, if you’re the tardy type, there may be running jokes questioning why you own a watch in the first place.

We accessorize because we want to look good. Sure, the watch is a functional tool, but it, too, can act as a fashion statement. Wearing a classy and elegant watch is one way of expressing your personal taste.

For another, a watch with multiple leather straps is how they communicate to the world what they’re all about. While bracelets work just fine, consider adding a quality watch that suits your taste into your jewelry collection.

Why do women find men wearing watches attractive?

Some women feel strongly about men who don’t wear watches. For them, that’s what boys do. Men wear watches.

That communicates to men that if they want to be taken seriously or even perceived to be attractive, they need to wear a good watch.

Granted, this is a strong opinion, but there are women with specific tastes and strong beliefs. Many women won’t say it out loud, but a significant number believe this too.

Women have a vested interest in the kind of watch a man wears because you can tell a lot about a person by the type of watch they wear.

A man wearing a Casio will be taken more seriously than one wearing a Ben Ten branded watch. In essence, the kind of watch that a man wears gives insight into their lifestyle. The classier the watch, the more likely they have the money to enjoy the finer things in life.

Some men don’t care for a watch. That’s because almost everyone has a cellphone. For others the constant taking it on and off daily is a chore. While that is perfectly alright, it won’t make you look more attractive to a woman.

Here’s why many men don’t wear accessories, so when one does, women notice. If you’re at a cocktail party, an exquisite watch may get you more attention than an unadorned wrist.

The kind of watch that a man settles for also speaks about where he is in life. Someone wearing a Rolex is in a different place than someone wearing a fashion brand watch like Gucci. It’s not a deal-breaker for women, but it certainly a useful bit of information.

If you’re getting a watch, keep in mind what you’re trying to communicate. That doesn’t mean using rent money to purchase a watch, though.

You can get something within your budget that shows your personal style. That’s more important since you can wear it with a lot more confidence.

The cons of wearing a watch


  • Wearing a watch is convenient. When you want to know the time or someone asks you, glancing at your wrist is so much easier than fishing your phone out of the pocket.
  • You can check the time discretely compared to your smartphone in some contexts such as meetings, in classrooms, weddings, funeral, and the like. It works best when a phone in your hand would be considered rude.
  • Have you ever wanted to check the time on your phone, use it, and lock it without checking the time? Smartphones are hands sone distracting. You might want to check the time, but notifications catch your attention, and you end up wasting time.
  • The charge on your phone will run out at some point. Then what? Watch batteries last years, so you won’t have to worry about never being able to tell the time.


  • You can be incorrectly judged based on the type of watch that you wear. A person shouldn’t be defined based on what’s on their wrist
  • Good quality watches that you want to last you years can set you back a few hundred dollars. To feel better about the purchase, think of the watch as an investment.


It’s important to emphasize that a man, or anyone for that matter, is not less attractive because they don’t have a watch on.

If you’re a man with a great personality and you clean up well, then a watch will be the least of your concerns when chatting up a lady.

Don’t feel the pressure to conform to something you’re not comfortable with only because it will make you appear “more attractive.”

That, and it would be a shame to spend a ton of money on a watch and still not be able to score a date.

On the other hand, watches can be a fantastic accessory that immediately makes your outfit more impressive. It’s a significant confidence boost when someone compliments your watch, meaning you’ve got something right.

That said, don’t immediately jump into buying the first watch, you see. Consider how long you want to have it for, and consider the budget. There are many cheap watches available nowadays, but, unfortunately, they don’t last long.

You might feel the pinch, but consider investing in a good quality watch that’s guaranteed to last you a few years. You’ll not only get to enjoy it, but you can also turn it into an heirloom. There’s pride when a child or grandchild wears something that still looks good after years of wear and saying they inherited it.

That said, you can only pull that off if you care for your watch. Remember, when you look good, you feel good.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!