Does Tungsten Tarnish?(Detailed Answer in 2024)

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Does Tungsten Tarnish? Tungsten ring has become popular, especially for men’s wedding bands. It is liked because it is durable and can withstand the daily wears and tears of life.

It also keeps the shine for decades and requires minimal maintenance.  The other thing that people like about tungsten is that it is just as dense as gold, and therefore, it will have the same feel on your hand.

Tungsten rings are also available in many styles, not just the silver-grey color it naturally comes in. A popular color that those who love tungsten opt for is black.

There are also a variety of designs that you can get tungsten in, such as decorated engraved details made using a laser. You’ll also find some rings with gold detailing to make them stand out.

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If you’re allergic to metals such as gold and sterling silver, then you can turn to tungsten. That’s because it is hypoallergenic.

The reason for that is that tungsten tends to be pure and hardly ever alloyed, so it won’t irritate your skin. If you’ve been searching for something that works, then what you should try next is tungsten.

It’s not just men who get to wear tungsten. Women can do the same and make it unique through engraving and other intricate designs.

Let’s take a look at other aspects that makes tungsten preferred over other metals when it comes to rings.


Does tungsten tarnish?

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Tungsten rings do not tarnish. That is different from sterling silver, which tarnishes and requires polishing after a while. When it comes to titanium, it forms a patina that then needs to be polished off by a professional. However, some people prefer the look at stick with the jewelry as is.

As for stainless steel, when exposed to moisture for long periods of time, it tends to rust. Compared to all these metals, tungsten doesn’t have that problem. You can take it to the jeweler for polishing after a few years to restore the shine. Otherwise, you can stay with it as is if it’s not something that bothers you.


Does tungsten oxidize? What temperature does tungsten oxidize?

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When you ask the question of if tungsten oxidizes, it’s to ask if it can combine chemically with oxygen. In the case of tungsten, it is impossible for it not just to tarnish or rust, but it will oxidize.

There is, however, a caveat- it depends on the grade of tungsten the jewelry is made from. If it is cheap, then you will have issues with tarnish, oxidize and rust as well. It is thus best to ensure that you purchase from a quality vendor.

The type of tungsten you want to get is jewelry grade tungsten. You also want to get one with a nickel-binder. Though nickel is known to be an allergen, then is not the same as a nickel-binder alloy that is indeed hypoallergenic. Also, it is chemically inert and does not oxidize.

Overall, it will not irritate the skin or cause rashes. When making the purchase, find out if it is made with nickel-binder. Those that have a cobalt binder do tend to oxidize, and they are also allergenic.

The only time nickel binder tungsten rings can oxidize is when temperatures reach 600 degrees Celsius. These are not temperatures that you’ll get to encounter even at one time if your life. Therefore, the ring getting oxidized shouldn’t be a concern.


Does tungsten scratch easily?

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Tungsten is durable enough to withstand every-day wear. It is also able to keep the polish and luster it has for life. It is only under extreme measures that can tungsten get scratched or damaged.

The materials that can cause such damage, for example, are diamonds or corundum. Otherwise, other rings require more care than tungsten, so you don’t have to remove them when undertaking certain activities.

What you should be more concerned about when it comes to tungsten is it cracking or breaking. While it is durable, tungsten is brittle compared to other metals.

Therefore, you want to be mindful, let’s say, not to drop it from a considerable height. Also, be careful that it doesn’t bang against other heavier materials that could cause it to crack or break. When getting s tungsten ring, aim to get one with a warranty.


Does tungsten (carbide) turn your finger green?

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Generally, tungsten carbide doesn’t turn your finger green. That is even whether there is a nickel or cobalt binder. The culprit behind green marks on your finger is often copper. Tungsten is not alloyed with copper. The green color you see is because of copper that has been oxidized.

Other alloys that turn the finger green are pewter and brass. These are the common materials used to make custom jewelry because of their cheap cost. Here we have already mentioned that tungsten does not oxidize apart from when in extremely high temperatures.



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 There is a lot to like about tungsten, especially if you are looking to get something more modern and away from the traditional metals for wedding bands.

Both men and women working with their hands or do other activities such as extreme sports will get good mileage out of their tungsten rings. Maintenance is minimal, and this shine and luster last for years.

The only thing you have to be careful about is the force that you subject the tungsten to because it is brittle.

With too much force applied, it is going to crack or break. It helps to have a warranty if happens. Otherwise, scratches and tarnish is not something to concern yourself with.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!