Does Tungsten Conduct Electricity?(2024 Updated)

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Does tungsten conduct electricity? Does tungsten carbide(rings)conduct electricity?

You may ask these questions because tungsten is a metal that is becoming more popular with people, especially men, who are looking for wedding bands.

There is a lot that one needs to know about tungsten for them to make a comfortable purchase.

One of them is in understanding the metal properties that tungsten has.

One of the questions is whether tungsten can conduct electricity or not. In this article, we aim to answer this question and more.


What is tungsten?

Tungsten is referred to as a transitional metal because it is found in the middle of the periodic table. The color of tungsten ranges between steel-gray and whitish. What makes tungsten stand out is its exceptionally high melting point of 3,410 degrees Celsius.

It is the highest when compared to other metals on Earth. The other thing that makes tungsten unique is that even in extremely high temperatures, it can maintain its strength.

Tungsten is mostly used in the manufacturing of alloys. That purpose is to infuse the advantages that tungsten has to the metal it has been mixed with. It means that it can increase the strength, hardness, flexibility, and the tensile of steel.

You will find that 90 percent of the tungsten alloys in the market get used in construction and mining, as well as in metalworking and electrical machinery.

The other place that you find tungsten use is in incandescent lights. The thin wire that makes up the filament is made of tungsten. That’s because it will not melt even when the current heats the cable.

Tungsten is also ab inactive metal, meaning that it will not react with oxygen when it is at room temperature. It is also not corrosive, but it will corrode when exposed to a high temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. Generally, the metal will not create with acids, but it will dissolve in nitric acid or aqua regia.


Does tungsten conduct electricity? Why?

YES. The virtue that tungsten is metal it means that it does conduct electricity. Tungsten does conduct electricity currents quite well, such as when compared to iron and nickel.

It is, however, not a good conductor as compared to other metals though it does get the job done. You will find that tungsten is used in manufacturing integrates circuits and other electronic components and parts.


Do Tungsten Carbide rings conduct electricity?

Before we get into the answer of whether tungsten carbide rings conduct electricity, we first need to state what it is. It is a chemical compound containing equal parts of carbon atoms and tungsten. In its basic form, it is a powder.

It can, however, be pressed and shapes formed from through a process referred to as sintering. That is done by compacting and forming a solid mass through the use of heat or pressure.

That is done without melting the tungsten into liquid form. That is possible because tungsten has a very high melting point.

Tungsten carbide is almost twice as durable as steel and with double the density as well. It stands halfway between lead and gold. When it comes to finishing tungsten carbide rings, only things that are stronger such as diamond powder or wheels can polish and give the required finishing.

That truly speaks of the hardness of tungsten in general. When it comes to jewelry, tungsten is usually in the form of cemented carbide.

Tungsten carbide by itself has impressive qualities, as well. The compound is also able to withstand very high temperatures, and it is considered the strongest structural material. Additionally, tungsten carbide rings will not conduct electricity because they are ceramic instead of metallic.

That is why you will find that they are brittle and can crack under a hard blow. However, the impact needs to be extreme.

Overall, tungsten carbide has become the popular go-to material when it comes to bridal jewelry.

That is also because of its extreme overall hardness and its resistance to scratching. Unless you scratch it with something as hard as a diamond, the surface of your ring will remain to look good as new.

Concerning hardness, it is ten times stronger than 18K gold. The difference is that when under pressure, it does not bend or cut as other metals, but instead, it shatters.


How to wear tungsten rings safely?

You ought not to be concerned about wearing tungsten rings. That is because all other materials such as platinum, titanium, and gold also conduct electricity.

It is also unlikely that you would be coming into contact with the electric current at any one point. You can, therefore, wear your tungsten ring without worrying about it.

If you don’t want to have a ring that conducts electricity at all, then you can opt for the tungsten carbide. It is quite low conductivity compared to other metals.

The other aspect of safety comes in when we are talking about being able to have the ring removed during an emergency. There is a misconception that because of the hardness, it would be impossible to remove.

However, it is even better than other metals such as gold and silver because of the fact it shatters instead of bending.

The medical team can use vice grips to crush the ring with care. In the case of other rings, it requires more time to cut through the metal; during an emergency, time is of the essence.



There is a lot to like about tungsten, especially tungsten carbide. It holds up well against the daily wear and tear.

It is also typically safe to swear as it can get crashed during an emergency.

It is also a cheaper and more durable alternative to the traditional rings.

That is primarily because it is scratch-resistant and can withstand the daily activities of life.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!