Does Tiffany Jewelry Retain its Value?(Detailed Answer)

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Does Tiffany Jewelry Retain Value? What Makes Tiffany & Co. Stand out? You may ask these questions if you want to buy Tiffany Jewelry.

For most people, acquiring luxury jewelry is done for more reasons than the obvious ornamental one.

Even more so popularized by the recognition and largely dependent on the integrity of a brand name, the market and resell value of a piece of jewelry greatly varies. As the second leading jewelry house for engagement rings, how much value does a Tiffany jewelry retain?

Investing in jewelry as pieces of family heirloom has been long practiced over many years in some cultures. Now, as more people can afford these luxuries, some are interested in how much money they can get in exchange for their jewelry in the future.

Tiffany jewelry has been a registered business in operation since 1837. They are popular and sought-after because of their diamond engagement ring pieces that are every bride’s dream.

Tiffany jewelry Company

With their exorbitant prices that are affordable to the minority, one can’t help but wonder how much value they really hold if we look at it as an investment.


Does Tiffany Jewelry Retain its Value?

In regards to Tiffany jewelry, they are exclusively made of .925 sterling silver material which does carry some value in the market. Also, the diamond gems from Tiffany are alleged to be the most inspected and clear-cut pieces in the world.

When you are buying a Tiffany and Co. jewelry piece, the price attached is based on more than the material used in creating the piece. This is a huge brand that has been in business for over 180 years now and it has pioneered great milestones in the jewelry industry.

In reselling or recycling old jewelry, the element of value is in the pure metal and of course the gem embedded in it.

Beyond this, the four Cs in the gem world apply to Tiffany resale as well which is Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat weight.

If your piece is in great condition and has a big enough Tiffany diamond stone, chances are, you will get a good value for it only not the same value you paid.


What Makes Tiffany & Co. Stand out?

Tiffany and Co. broke the ceiling in the jewelry world with the introduction of their 6-pronged diamond hold which revolutionized the engagement ring designs. Their artistic representation of the Heart Lock is a best seller and features two locked padlocks in the shape of a heart with keys to match.

This set them apart as an innovator and has been in business successfully for close to two centuries makes Tiffany & Co. a force to reckon with.

Worldwide, their diamond rings fly off the shelf with little concern for their incredible price tag. They’re every rich girl’s dream.

They are said to have sustainable practices in their assessment of suppliers from whom to procure diamonds.

Having pieces from Botswana, Sierra Leonne, Namibia, Russia, Australia among others, they are said to support financially and through strict policy, sustainable mining practices, and the upgrading of the locals’ lives.

Tiffany has also established its own Gemological Laboratory, in New York City, which they claim upholds standards higher than the internationally recognized independent association, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

In fact, Tiffany purposefully refuses to sell any other certified diamond preferring their own team of experts.


Do Tiffany Diamonds Hold Their Value?

Before you go out shopping for your Tiffany and Co. ring planning to sell it in a few years or if and when you ever got broke, you must first understand what is considered valuable in the jewelry resale department.

It is important to note that tiffany does not involve itself in the mining process or in any other process directly relating to the unfinished diamond.

Their job is a very stern and keen eye that promises to deliver diamond cuts far superior to the competition.

However, it is questionable that they do not subscribe to the general GIA guidelines and rather choose to curate their own pieces.

Tiffany and Co. boast of implementing the highest measure of scale in assessing their diamond cut. They are said to be extremely precise and picky about who they chose to buy from.

What raises an eyebrow is their refusal to buy back their own pieces from their customers. If you want to get a sale you would have to find an independent jeweler who would pay the best possible amount.

NOTE: This means you would have to do some research and get a couple of quotes from different jewelers before you settle on one.

Tiffany diamonds are renowned and though they carry their own “Excellent” certification to diamond cuts, they are still desirable to a lot of people who would appreciate getting an old one at a much cheaper price.

So, yes, Tiffany branded diamonds are valuable but you can’t expect to get them at any price close to what you bought them for.



Similar to any other item you may buy ever, the value of jewelry immediately drops as soon as you leave the jewelry shop.

The price tags on these luxury pieces do not only consider the metal or gem in question. They go to great lengths to qualify and certify their gems and designs.

All these processes that surround the making and finessing of the single piece are charged as a mark-up. So, though the gem may retain its value, you will never get it for the same price you paid for it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!