Does Tiffany Authenticate Jewelry?(Jeweler’s Answer)

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How do you know that the Tiffany & Co jewelry you are buying, or you just bought is authentic Tiffany’s? Is there a way of authenticating your Tiffany & Co. jewelry, and can you take the jewelry to a Tiffany store to get the jewelry authenticated? As one of the world’s leading jewelers, Tiffany & Co would be expected to authenticate their jewelry or offer an authentication system for their jewelry, which is why these are important questions to ask when buying from the brand.  

This article shares insights into everything you need to know about the authentication of Tiffany & Co jewelry and where to authenticate your jewelry from the brand.


Does Tiffany authenticate jewelry?

Does Tiffany Authenticate Jewelry

Unfortunately, Tiffany & Co doesn’t authenticate jewelry, which means that there is no way for you to confirm the authenticity of your jewelry, especially if you didn’t buy the jewelry from a Tiffany store.

The good news, however, is that if you are buying the jewelry from a Tiffany & Co store, you wouldn’t need to get the jewelry authenticated because the jewelry sold from their stores is genuine.

But if you are buying from a different store, you’d have to authenticate the jewelry by yourself or maybe, with the help of a professional jeweler.

The good news is that as long as you are keen, you can always tell whether the purchased jewelry is a genuine Tiffany piece or not.


Does Tiffany give certificates of authenticity?

Does Tiffany Authenticate Jewelry

Although Tiffany & Co does not offer a way of authenticating the jewelry from their stores, they certify the authenticity of the purchased jewelry by giving their customers certification to prove the details of their jewelry, for example, the grade and the integrity of their diamonds. The jewelry certificates also are backed with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

Note, however, that you cannot receive a GIA certificate from Tiffany & Co because the brand offers diamond jewelry, among other types of jewelry, although they do not deal in, manufacture, or grade diamonds under the helm of GIA. Tiffany will, however, certify their own diamonds from the Tiffany Gemological Laboratory.

So, when buying jewelry from Tiffany, you will receive certification for their jewelry, and in the case of diamonds from other institutions, a report from an institution like the GIA would be incorporated. In the case of a GIA certificate, the customers are always informed that Tiffany cannot give guarantees regarding the quality of the diamonds or the certification.

The good news is that for diamond jewelry from Tiffany’s, the company always insists on the highest standards for grading. Tiffany also holds itself accountable regarding the accuracy levels of the diamond grades they deal in.


Does Tiffany jewelry have serial numbers?

Does Tiffany Authenticate Jewelry

Tiffany & Co offers high-quality jewelry with the easy-to-identify high-quality Tiffany & Co stamp alongside the jewelry metal’s hallmark or purity marks.

The jewelry doesn’t always have a serial number, though. However, their diamond jewelry pieces from the jewelry pieces made from 2000 onwards feature a unique serial number for the diamonds. This serial number is hidden in the diamond, and it’s microscopic, meaning you won’t see it with your naked eyes.

The serial number for the diamond is also incorporated into Diamond’s certificate too.

The serialization of the diamonds from the year 2000 enhances the authentication process for the jewelry. The serial number is laser-inscribed on the diamond, and along with the certificate, all the 4C details of the diamond are incorporated.


The manufacturing process of Tiffany jewelry

Does Tiffany Authenticate Jewelry

Essentially, the manufacturing process for Tiffany Jewelry is based on the materials needed for the jewelry. Most of their processes are, however, based on three main processes – jewelry manufacturing from the metallic materials for jewelry making, polishing, and gemstone-setting. Engraving also comes in during the last steps of manufacturing.

But before manufacturing, Tiffany & Co employs comprehensive test processes to test the quality of the materials they use for their jewelry. The diamonds and the precious metals used by Tiffany are responsibly sourced. The company also focuses on sustainability, which is why they make most of their jewelry from their own manufacturing facilities.

Some of the gold used is sourced from the US, and they also take advantage of recycling to reduce waste. Their colored gemstones are ethically sourced from smaller, artisanal mines spread across 40+ countries across the world. They also employ something called Advancing Responsible Mining to ensure the best quality and responsibly mined materials. These are then taken to their many factories for use in jewelry making.


Where is Tiffany & Co. jewelry made?

Does Tiffany Authenticate Jewelry

Tiffany & Co has most of its jewelry manufacturing facilities in the US, specifically in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Here, the jewelry is not only manufactured but also the hollowware silver is polished.

Manufacturing and polishing of Tiffany & Co jewelry is also done in Pelham, New York, where gemstone setting is also done. There Mt. Vernon plant also houses an elaborate manufacturing, polishing, and a gemstone setting branch of Tiffany’s jewelry.

Their watches are made in New York City, where the gemstone setters, polishers, and engravers are based. Their best watches are made in Switzerland, though.

If, however, you need quick jewelry repairs, you would want to visit their Flagship Store. Custom projects are also handled here.

And like other leading jewelry brands, Tiffany & Co have factories in Asia and in Italy.


Does Tiffany jewelry go up in value?

Well, thanks to the high demand for authentic Tiffany & Co jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones, which ring from Tiffany would fetch a good price on the market today, especially if it’s part of their bigger collections.

The use of precious metals and high-quality, ethically sourced diamonds is the other reason why Tiffany jewelry sells at a great price. The only time you don’t profit off the brand is when the piece is a knock-off.

That said, the brand sells because it is a big brand, which means that the value for some of their jewelry would drop significantly after purchase.



Tiffany doesn’t authenticate their jewelry, and though diamond pieces will come with a certificate of warranty, you should look for the authenticity stamp and the hallmark signs to determine if the jewelry is real or fake. For diamonds, look out for the microscopic laser-inscribed serial number.

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