Does Stainless Steel Turn Your Finger Green?(Detailed Info 2024)

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Have you ever had a ring turn your finger green? Often, it is because of the metal content in your ring. Regardless, it is quite frustrating to walk around with a discolored finger. But, does stainless steel turn your finger green?

It is a famous tale: you purchase a new piece of jewelry and patiently wait for the day that you will wear it out. Once the day arrives, you wear your new ring, and before you know it, your finger is green.

We all understand how irritating this is, and what makes it worse is that we do not know precisely what causes this discoloration. Luckily, you are not alone. Several pieces of metal jewelry are known to turn your skin green after wearing them. Let us find out if stainless steel has a similar effect.


Does stainless steel turn your finger green?

The quick answer here: NO, Stainless steel jewelry will not turn your finger green. Keep reading and find the answer below.

Fake gold, sterling silver, or costume jewelry may turn your finger green due to its metal content.

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You may think it is because of an allergic reaction or because it is fake jewelry, but the truth of the matter is that it is because of a chemical reaction on your skin. The resultant discoloration is not harmful and does not need any medical intervention.

Stainless steel is a strong and durable metal alloy with elements like chromium, nickel, and titanium. It has a unique silver finish that makes it a popular metal in jewelry designs. Stainless steel jewelry is affordable, trendy, as well as durable for long-term use.

They can competently withstand the daily wear and tear of human activities as it is scratch and corrosion-resistant.

Fortunately, stainless steel jewelry does not turn your finger green. It does not contain elements and metals that are prone to turn your finger green.

More so, stainless steel jewelry that is nickel-free is hypoallergenic. It does not cause any allergic reactions among people with sensitive skin. You may also choose to put on such jewelry immediately after a new piercing; however, surgical steel is a better option.


Is it bad when a ring turns your finger green?

When your finger turns green, there are no harmful effects on your body.

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However, some people may experience a sensitivity reaction, like an itchy rash, because of the exposure to the metal.

The reaction is a result of a chemical reaction between the ring’s metal content and your bodily fluids or with the substances you apply on your skin. Several metals used in the manufacture of jewelry are known to oxidize, causing the discoloration of your skin.

Copper is one of the more popular metals that discolor your finger. When you expose copper to moist or humid conditions, allowing it to mix with air and moisture, it forms copper oxide. The resultant element is what causes your finger to turn green.

Similarly, sterling silver also causes your finger to turn green because of its silver and plating content. You may also find sterling silver used in plating gold jewelry, causing it to turn your finger green after wearing it a few times.

Silver readily reacts with acids, whether from your body or other substances, causing it to tarnish.

The tarnishing effect tends to leave a dark circle on your finger.


How to avoid getting a green finger?

1. Avoid cheap jewelry

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As much as it does not matter how high-quality your jewelry is, you should avoid cheap jewelry at all costs.

Jewelry made from cheap metals is more likely to cause an allergic reaction on your skin as well as skin discoloration.

If you have sensitive skin, it is best to stick with hypoallergenic jewelry, like that made from stainless steel, rhodium-plated jewelry, or platinum, to avoid any expensive skin complications.


2. Keep your lotions and soaps away from your ring

Metal abrasion is a prevalent cause of skin discoloration.

As a result, you should try your best to keep your ring away from lotions, perfumes, soaps, and other chemicals that come in contact with your skin.

It is advisable to remove your ring when washing your hands, swimming in chlorine or salt-water, or even when performing vigorous exercises.


3.Wear it less often

Another alternative for preventing your finger from turning green is reducing the number of times you wear rings that are prone to tarnishing and turning your skin green.

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By reducing the amount of time the ring has in contact with your skin, you lessen its chances of it discoloring your finger.

If you are going for a fancy evening gala, keep this particular piece of jewelry in your purse and wear it right before you walk in the venue.

Similarly, remove it immediately you leave the room and start heading home. It is that simple.


4.Coat your ring

A practical method to keep your finger from turning green is to coat your ring with clear lacquer.

Applying a polymer coating helps in creating a barrier between your ring and your skin.

However, you will have to apply the coat from time to time to ensure it does not wear off.

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Luckily, most people do not experience any issues wearing pure gold or sterling silver jewelry.

Find out which metals do not cause your skin to react and invest in them.

Hopefully, now you understand the metals that cause your skin to turn green and why this happens.

Purchase any other metals, like 24k gold, stainless steel, or platinum, to avoid such a scenario.

Similarly, it helps to keep your skin dry and without any lotions.

Make sure you apply a polymer coating to your jewelry to maintain its luster and prevent it from tarnishing.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!