Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better With A White Dress?

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How best can you accessorize your white dress? Should you wear gold or silver jewelry to make things balance out well? And more importantly, what do you need to consider when choosing between the gold and silver accessories and jewelry to wear with your white dress?

Are there dos and don’ts applicable when choosing to wear gold or silver jewelry with white dresses?


Silver or gold jewelry with a white dress?

Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better With A White Dress

The rule of thumb when choosing jewelry to wear with your white dress is to accessorize with gold jewelry because as much as you love silver jewelry, silver doesn’t work well with white clothes.

After all, the silver gets lost in your white outfit.  However, keep in mind that you can match your outfit with your jewelry if you are wearing a metallic color outfit. And if you’re bold, you can mix the metals.

There are, however, some exceptions to the recommended rule above, meaning that in some cases, you could wear silver jewelry with a white dress.

For example, if your dress features metallic details or other kinds of embellishments, you’d want to throw in pieces that match the metallic finish. Still, if it’s a plain white dress, then the sky is your limit, and you can stack on different pieces of jewelry in gold and silver.

Pay attention to your skin tone, too, although for most people, gold is an easier color to accessorize and easily pull off when wearing a white dress.


Pros and cons of wearing silver with a white dress

Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better With A White Dress


  • It’s not the typical color combination or recommendation when wearing a white dress, but the two work sometimes. Which is often the case because white and gray are hues rather than colors, and they work well with white.
  • Easy to pull off the look when you go for the big accessories and statement jewelry options
  • It gives off an air of elegance and sophistication
  • It is stylish


  • Not the easiest combination to pull off
  • It doesn’t always look good on all skin tones
  • Silver jewelry is affordable


Pros and cons of wearing Gold with a white dress

Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better With A White Dress


  • Elegant and eye-catchy look
  • Stylish and easy to pull off
  • It works well for just about anyone and skin tones
  • Gold is timeless and will complement just about any white dress
  • You can wear small or big gold pieces, depending on the design and details of the dress\
  • It’s easy to blend gold with silver


  • It’s easy to overdo the gold, and you have to tread on the side of caution when styling to make sure that the gold pieces add the right bit of spice to your body and white dress without feeling overwhelming.
  • Genuine solid gold jewelry is expensive.


Tips for wearing silver or gold jewelry with a white dress

Throw in as much glitter as it makes your dress look good

Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better With A White Dress

The beauty of a white dress is this beautiful canvas that attracts and works very well with glitter, as long as you do not overdo it.

So, if you have on a plain white dress, you can go all out with your accessories, but don’t wear everything in your jewelry collection.

You can stack bracelets to fill the bare arms, but balance this with a dainty necklace and small dangling or stud earrings.

The sizes and finishes of the jewelry, though interesting, should create a nice, balanced feel.


When unsure, choose gold.

If you are unsure about silver earrings and rings with your white cocktail dress, it may be a great idea to wear gold instead.

Gold is effortless, warm, and a classic type of jewelry that works perfectly and quickly with just about everything, including your white dress, regardless of your skin tone.

Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better With A White Dress

Mix gold and silver

You can easily mix and match gold and silver jewelry to go with your white dress for anyone who doesn’t mind breaking the fashion rules.


Skin color and tones

If you have a warm skin tone, elements with yellow, rust, and olive green tones look great on you, so gold is often a perfect color of jewelry that will work well for you.

But for cooler skin tones, silver will enhance your main features better than gold.

Note that gold teds highlight the redness of your face if your skin tone is cool, and the opposite is true – silver washes out persons with a warmer skin tone, and it may end up making you look tired. Don’t forget to consider your eye color and hair color before wearing your jewelry.

Does Silver Or Gold Jewelry Look Better With A White Dress


Accessorizing a white dress is equally easy and challenging, depending on your available options, skin tone, hair color, and, most importantly, how you will look if you are to wear only gold or silver.

You will agree that white works very well with bolder colors, so it is a bit of a challenge when you need to accessorize a white dress with gold or silver jewelry.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!