Does Rose Gold Clash with Yellow Gold?(With 4 Tips)

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For the longest time since the popularization of jewelry, yellow gold and silver have been the staple colors available and accepted.

With technology and a new appreciation for color, new color metals such as rose gold have made debuts on the fashion scene. How well does this color match or clash with yellow gold?

Also known as pink or red gold, rose gold was referred to as Russian gold at the start of the 19th Century.

This metal has a warm and flattering color against different skin tones and for this, it is greatly loved. The value of gold and its significance economically makes both gold colors very valuable.


Does Rose Gold Clash with Yellow Gold?

No, Rose gold does not class with yellow gold and a lot of people love to pair the two tones for a sophisticated look. Whichever grade of color you choose between the two will look well put together and make your outfit pop.

Commonly used in 14K gold, rose gold metal is a combination of pure gold and copper which gives it the pink or red hue it possesses. 18K gold is also an accepted version, but with 75% pure gold, the pink rose gold color is not as pronounced as in 14K gold that contains 41.7% of copper metal which is higher than that of 18K gold.

Yellow gold is similar to rose gold with the only difference being that it has silver in addition to copper in its composition which helps it maintain the yellow glow it has.

This difference in metals composition means nothing in terms of their pricing but makes a big difference in terms of safe metals for the skin. Also called hypoallergenic metals, rose gold is not considered one of them because of its high copper content.

Yellow gold is more favored because the copper is minimized by the silver content added. However, some people with very sensitive skin may still be affected.


Does Rose Gold Go with Everything?

Rose gold has a feminine and soft appearance which makes it ideal for all color skin tones. The pink color creates blush color tones for every skin type.

It is also ideal for setting gemstones and rocks making it perfect for wedding and engagement rings. Rose gold color goes well with almost all outfits because it is versatile in design and pairing.

While it is yet to gain the popularity of yellow or white gold, rose gold has proven to be very trendy and there are no signs of this slowing down or changing anytime soon. It is also a unique color that you are unlikely to find among the general public.


Combining Rose and Yellow Gold Jewelry Advice

There are several ways in which you can pair your rose gold and yellow gold jewelry together.

1.Matching Designs

It helps to match patterns, styles, and designs between two jewelry items. This makes them look even more put together and well-thought-out. Your rings could have a matching theme and be of different gold colors which makes a combination of them stand out.

The days of single metal one color wears are dead and gone. Now you can wear different colored jewelry on separate body parts. You may have a layer of both metals on one location and have either a rose gold watch, a yellow gold chain, and the two-toned rings on the finger.


2.Pairing Different Gems

Both Rose and Yellow gold provide a great setting for stones and gems of blue, Tanzanite, Purple colors.

Lighter colored gems tend to be overshadowed by the gold shine of the metal. To pair both these metals, find gems of darker colors and pair them against each other for a powerful and eye-catching look. Match your rose gold earring to your yellow gold necklace pendant for example.


3.Match with Clothes

Having paired yellow gold and rose gold, your jewelry is already powerful and colorful enough to add spice to your look.

That being said, you need to pair your accessories with neutral colored clothes, shoes, bags, and hats to ensure that they still stand out. White, black, grey, or nude are all great colors for this pairing.


4.Invest in a Two-Tone Piece

In recognition of the two-tone trend, manufacturers have come up with unique jewelry that combines both rose gold and yellow gold metals to create a powerful effect.

The most commonly used jewelry pieces for two-tone effects are like watches, bracelets, and earrings.

Having one of this two-tone jewelry in your collection could help you pair and match your yellow and rose gold jewelry effortlessly.



Pairing any two metals is a tricky subject and many people are wary of how to go about it.

However, much of the old rules of fashion have been nullified and the new slogan is encouraging you to express your unique self.

Trust your gut and match based on size, shape, style, and color shade. Whatever you settle on will never go wrong.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!