Does Real Jewelry Go Off In Metal Detectors?-Detailed Answer in 2022

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Planning to travel soon and unsure about what would set off the metal detectors and if you can travel and pass through the airport security with your jewelry on?

Well, this article shares more insights into what you need to know about airport security and if your real jewelry will set off the metal detectors or not. You wouldn’t want to waste time or hold on to the queues because your jewelry set off the metal detectors.

That said, jewelry is known to only set off metal detectors if they are made of metals with magnetic properties. So, as long as you invest in high-quality jewelry, you wouldn’t have to worry about your jewelry being a problem.

Below are some of the important things you need to know about wearing jewelry at the airport and if they will set off the metal detectors.

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Does stainless steel jewelry set off airport metal detectors?

Does real jewelry go off in metal detectors

While the airport scanners or metal detectors are very sensitive to metals, these include things like orthopedic metal implants too. Most of the implants are made of metals like surgical-grade stainless steel and other metals like titanium and cobalt chrome.

That said, surgical stainless steel will set off the metal detectors, and if you have pins, screws, and plates, then they will set off the detectors. This will also happen if your jewelry is made of stainless steel.

In most cases, the stainless steel earrings will set off the metal detectors. Body jewelry like nipple bars will not, however, set off the detectors.


Does real gold set off in a metal detector?

Small pieces of jewelry made of solid gold will not set off the metal detectors because gold is a non-magnetic metal. In other words, investing in high-quality gold jewelry would mean less time with airport security because they will not set off the alarms or the metal detectors.

Does real jewelry go off in metal detectors

But, the quantity of the gold is what really matters and determines if the metal detector goes off or not. The detectors are calibrated to ignore very low gold levels but will detect gold in larger amounts.

The calibration of the metal detectors is the reason why you can pass through the detectors without setting them off if you have gold fillings in your teeth or even with your glasses.

However, if your gold jewelry is plated or very low karat gold, and if these gold pieces contain traces or high amounts of iron or steel, then the jewelry will most certainly set off the metal detectors.

It’s also important for you to bear in mind the fact that all the metal detectors, regardless of how expensive or cheap they are, will set off the metal detectors.


It’s been noted that the important element when it comes to metal detection in airports and other public spaces will detect the presence of different metals like gold, based on the surface area of the piece rather than the amount of the metal in the jewelry.

Also to note is the fact that the latest metal/ body scanners called the terahertz scanners not only detect the presence of metals on your person but will also detect if you have anything strapped to your body and in the pockets, meaning they can detect anything concealed, not just jewelry.

Because of all this, you always mix your gold coins, earrings, and chains with the pocket change in the trays before going through the detectors.

And to avoid inconveniences, always remember that anything metallic going through the metal detectors will set off the detectors. So, just remove the jewelry to be on the safe side.

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Do gold chains set off in metal detectors?

Does real jewelry go off in metal detectors

While gold jewelry rarely sets off the detectors, we all know that the presence of a metal in larger quantities may set off the detectors, and this means that your gold chain would very easily set off the alarms.

So, keep your gold chain in the carry-on or take the chain off and place it on the tray, then put it back on after passing through security.

So, while there are endless discussions about gold jewelry and airport screeners, you should always remove your jewelry when going through the metal detector because there is a very high likelihood of the jewelry setting off the detectors, however dainty the jewelry is.


Does body jewelry set off in metal detectors?

Does real jewelry go off in metal detectors

Body jewelry is often too small that it may not trigger the metal detectors, but there is a chance that your body jewelry might trigger the metal detectors.

The latter is the most probable thing to happen because most body jewelry is made of stainless steel, which always sets off the detectors. However, the detectors will not go off if your body jewelry is non-metallic.

Many individuals with body piercings have noted that the body piercings almost never set off the metal detectors. However, in the off chance that they do, let the TSA agent know. Also, you may want to consider informing the agent of the body jewelry beforehand.

Generally, there is a higher chance of the metals setting off the metal detectors when you have many metallic pieces of body jewelry going on. In such cases, you may want to remove them before you go through the security check.

Again, metallic body jewelry is likely to set off the airport metal detectors and scanners because of the presence of metal, regardless of the type of metal in question.


Do necklaces set off metal detectors?

Your necklace may or may not set off the metal detector, and because there is that small likelihood of the necklace setting off the metal detectors, consider taking them off before passing through the scanner.

Does real jewelry go off in metal detectors

Tips for flying with your jewelry

  1. Packing the jewelry– you should pack the jewelry in a travel jewelry case when traveling. Doing this keeps your jewelry secure and organized while also saving you a lot of time with airport security. There are many travel-size jewelry cases that you find, but make sure that the case you choose zips close with ease and has more than enough space to carry all your pieces of jewelry.
  2. Good quality, non-metallic jewelry– if you want to keep your jewelry on when traveling and if you don’t want to worry about airport security, think about wearing the smaller pieces of high-quality jewelry made of metals like sterling silver platinum, and solid gold.
  3. Take off the jewelry if you don’t want to risk it– Since the jewelry may trigger the metal detectors, you should think about taking off and placing the jewelry on the tray before going through security. This includes earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces.
  4. Avoid big, chunky pieces– you should not wear chunky and oversized jewelry pieces because these may set off the detectors. It is safer to keep them in the travel jewelry case in your carry-on.



Most of the time, you can easily go through airport security when wearing small pieces of jewelry or fine jewelry, but the bulky and chunky pieces would set off the detector.

To ease things through airport security, you should take your jewelry off.

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