Does Piercing Nipples Affect Breastfeeding?(Answered in 2024)

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Nipple piercings have become quite popular in recent years. However, you may be wondering if it is safe to breastfeed your infant if you already have pierced nipples. This article seeks to provide information on whether piercing nipples affects breastfeeding.

At the time you were getting your nipples pierced, you were probably not pregnant. However, as time goes by, having a baby is a normal stage in life that women are blessed o experience.

If you are a woman with pierced nipples and pregnant, questions will definitely arise in your head on whether it is safe to breastfeed your baby with pierced nipples. You may wonder if it will be painful or if it will affect milk supply. All of these are vital questions. Let us first find out if piercing nipples affect breastfeeding.


Do nipple piercings affect breastfeeding?

There has been limited research on whether nipple piercings affect breastfeeding. Basically, pierced nipples do not affect the process of breastfeeding.

Piercings in the nipple do not affect milk supply or the ability of your breasts to make milk. However, you may notice that your breast milk leaks through the piercings, which is quite normal.

If you have piercings on other areas of your breasts, it may cause an issue with milk production in your breast milk ducts, leading to mastitis or scar tissues. Luckily, scar tissue does not permanently block milk flow in your breasts.


Is it safe to breastfeed with nipple piercing jewelry?

Breastfeeding while wearing your nipple jewelry may make it difficult for the infant to latch-on the nipple properly. It also increases the chances of the baby choking from ingesting a part of the jewelry if it dislodges or becomes loose.

Ensure you wash your hands before and after removing and reinserting the nipple jewelry. Keeping this piece of jewelry clean at all times, protects your baby from bacterial infections, which could cause illness or mastitis.

Many experts advise breastfeeding mothers with nipple piercings to remove the jewelry for the entire duration you plan to breastfeed. Although you risk the piercing closing up, it is the safest option for your baby. If you opt to leave your jewelry in, make sure it is tight before you begin breastfeeding.

Monitor your baby’s behavior while breastfeeding and how he/she latches onto the nipple to avoid damaging the mouth or choking.


Can you get nipple piercings while breastfeeding?

Professional piercers will not agree to pierce the breasts of a breastfeeding mother, mainly because of liability issues. Piercing breastfeeding nipples also encourages bacteria breeding, which is dangerous to the health of the mother and baby.

It is advisable for weaning mothers to wait a minimum of three to four months before getting their nipples pierced. Hormonal changes during breastfeeding tend to affect the healing process of the piercings.


How long do pierced nipples take to heal?

Generally, nipple piercings take a long time to heal. Breastfeeding is not advisable until the piercing fully heal. If saliva enters the piercing before it fully heals, it may result in an infection.

Approximately, pierced nipples take about 12-24 months to heal completely. The piece of jewelry should stay inside the piercing for a minimum of six to ten months to ensure the hole will not close after removing it.

Most experts recommend getting a nipple piercing at least 18-24 months before getting pregnant. If you have already had your baby, it is best to wait for at least three months after the weaning process. Do not get our nipple pregnancy during pregnancy since you will not have enough time to heal properly.

If you have existing nipple piercings while pregnant, remove the jewelry permanently before your sixth month to avoid chances of premature contractions and nipple stimulation.

Pregnancy hormones may also cause your body to embed or reject jewelry. Embedding of jewelry is when the skin grows over a body piercing while rejection involves the body preventing the wound from healing correctly and rejecting the piece of jewelry in the piercing.


Tips for breastfeeding with pierced nipples

If you have your nipples pierced while pregnant, consult your doctor on whether it could affect your experience while breastfeeding. Disclose if you have had any prior infections and when you got the piercings to enable thorough testing of your breasts to discover if the piercings will be a hindrance.

When your baby is born, it is vital to remove nipple piercing jewelry before breastfeeding. Remember to wash your hands before removing and reinserting your jewelry to prevent exposure of the area to germs.  It is best to keep them out during the whole weaning process.

If you find that breast milk is leaking from your piercings, wear nursing pads to help soak up the leaking milk. Changes in your seating position while breastfeeding could help with preventing excessive milk flow from your breasts.



Pierced nipples have been in existence for over twenty years now.

In many scenarios, there have not been many cases where pierced nipples have affected breastfeeding. However, some mothers have reported difficulty in breastfeeding with pierced nipples due to blocked breast milk ducts, leaking milk, or low milk supply.

Before breastfeeding, it is vital to ensure that your nipple piercings have fully healed.

Consult a lactation professional on any further questions about breastfeeding with pierced nipples for further clarification.

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