Does Paparazzi Jewelry Contain Cadmium?(Detailed Answer)

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When you hear the term Paparazzi, the first thing that comes to mind might be a group of reporters in disguises with cameras following celebrities around. But a lover of jewelry, you’re probably also familiar with the brand of jewelry called Paparazzi jewelry.

The brand is mostly known for its incredibly cheap jewelry pieces. But what most people wonder, is what exactly Paparazzi jewelry is all about. Why are their accessories so cheap, and are they a brand worth trusting?

In this post, we’ll be shedding more light on the brand, by discussing the important facts to know about Paparazzi and whether or not their accessories are worth buying.  


Paparazzi Jewelry Introduction

does paparazzi jewelry contain cadmium

So, what is Paparazzi jewelry? It is a jewelry brand based in Hurricane, Utah. It was founded in 2010 by two sisters Misty and Chani, owing to their love of selling customized jewelry. This passion they shared slowly morphed into a one-of-a-kind business.

Paparazzi jewelry specializes in fashion jewelry pieces. It is known for its wide range of unique accessories. With each piece, there is a play with colors and a daring attempt at crazy out-of-the-box styles. The prices are so affordable, with each piece going for $5. Some might say that the brand is giving out its product for free. The brand provides its buyers a chance to take a risk with their jewelry without any regrets. The brand also has a piece for every age group and a sense of style. What’s more, despite being costume jewelry, they are safe for the skin.

Another factor that makes Paparazzi jewelry, also known as Paparazzi accessories, stand out from other brands, is how it operates.

does paparazzi jewelry contain cadmium

Unlike most brands that have stores or retail distributors, Paparazzi jewelry operates as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. The products are sold exclusively through Paparazzi consultants.

These are individuals hired to promote and sell the products for a 45% commission of the sale. Consultants also earn by recruiting more people under them and gaining 10% of each of their earning.


Metals Or Materials Used In Paparazzi Jewelry.

Being a fashion jewelry brand and considering the selling price of their pieces, it’s unlikely that Paparazzi Jewelry uses valuable materials like gold or diamonds.

While it is not definitive as to whether the jewelry is hypoallergenic, Paparazzi assures its buyers that all their pieces are made with lead and nickel-free material and are therefore safe on the skin.

does paparazzi jewelry contain cadmium

The metal accessories by the brand are primarily made from iron as the base metal and traces of other metallic alloys.

These metallic alloys are either zinc, copper, steel, or aluminum.

The base metal is usually plated with gold, silver, copper, or brass. Some of their pieces can also be made of authentic leather or synthetic leather and suede.

There are some bracelets and ring pieces made using elastic bands. These elastic bands may contain latex or rubber.


Is Paparazzi Jewelry Toxic?

Paparazzi Jewelry pieces are produced in China, in facilities with high standards and strict regulations for labor and quality.

does paparazzi jewelry contain cadmium

Paparazzi Jewelry also claims to comply with California’s Proposition 65 which involves testing for all heavy metals. It also claims that all its metal accessories are 100% nickel and lead-free, so they should be safe to wear on the skin.

As for the leather and suede pieces, some individuals may be affected or sensitive to the smell, however, the materials are not harmful to the skin. You only need to air the pieces out of their packages for the smell to dissipate. The latex found in the elastic bands of some pieces may be harmful to people with allergic reactions to latex.

That however doesn’t imply that Paparazzi pieces are toxic since there are individuals who aren’t allergic or sensitive to latex.

Overall, it would seem that the materials used to make Paparazzi accessories are in no way toxic or harmful to their buyers.

There are however claims, that Paparazzi is not as forthcoming about the traces of some traces of toxic metals in some of their pieces.


Does Paparazzi Jewelry Contain Cadmium?

As you may know, Cadmium is a naturally occurring silvery-white metal with a bluish hue. It is grouped among the toxic heavy metals, whose uses are being limited in production.

does paparazzi jewelry contain cadmium

That’s because exposure to Cadmium can cause cancer among other diseases or defects in humans. As such, jewelers are discouraged from making pieces using materials that may contain traces of Cadmium.

While some sources claim that Paparazzi accessories are safe and do not contain any Cadmium, their other source disagrees.

According to a source, a pair of Paparazzi earrings were tested using the XRF testing, a method applied by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Based on the results of the test, there were alarming levels of Cadmium found, along with relatively high traces of other toxic heavy metals like Antimony, which is also known to cause cancer in rats.

Not enough tests have been done to prove whether Antimony is harmful to humans as well.

In any case, while it may be that not all Paparazzi pieces contain Cadmium, one can never be too careful.



Pieces from Paparazzi Jewelry are unique, not just in their design but because they are ever-changing.

As such, consultants always encourage buyers to buy the pieces they like when they see them because they may not be available later.

But despite being affordable and free of nickel and lead, one needs to be careful about what pieces they buy and what materials were used to make them.

This especially applies to individuals with sensitive skin or allergic reactions or sensitivity to materials like latex or various metals.

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