Does Pandora Rose Gold Fade Or Tarnish?(Quick Answer)

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Pandora is one of the biggest jewelry brands. A company with Danish background, the company offers a large variety of jewelry, and you can find pretty much any type of jewelry you could be looking for. That said, some people consider the jewelry to be overpriced or not worth the price.

This article addresses part of this question by looking at the durability of Pandora’s jewelry and whether the Pandora Rose variety will always look as good as it did on day one. In other words, will your Pandora rose jewelry tarnish or fade after some time?

Well, keep reading to learn more all there is to know about Pandora Rose jewelry. But first, let’s start with some basic information about Pandora’s jewelry.


Is Pandora jewelry real gold?

Does Pandora Rose Gold Fade Or Tarnish

While Pandora is known for its wealth of universally accepted, hand-finished jewelry, and the fact that they make most of their jewelry using genuine and high-quality materials, the gold jewelry that they offer is actually gold plated and not made of real, solid gold.

But a few of the jewelry options by Pandora are made of solid gold and not gold-plated. There are a few gold jewelry by Pandora that are made of solid 14k or 18k gold. However, a good chunk of the gold jewelry sold by Pandora are actually gold-plated.  

Note that you can always tell the difference between the gold-plated and the solid gold pieces of jewelry by looking at the prices. The solid gold pieces are generally quite expensive compared to the gold-plated sterling silver rings, which are relatively affordable.

Pretty much all the high-quality jewelry by Pandora is made of sterling silver, and the ones that are called or described as gold are actually not made of a very thin layer of plated gold.


Does Pandora rose gold fade or tarnish?

Pandora rose is a uniquely designed and stunning type of jewelry offered by Pandora. It’s rose gold jewelry that features an elegant version of rose gold. Specifically, 14k rose gold is plated over 925 sterling silver.  

Does Pandora Rose Gold Fade Or Tarnish

Pandora’s collection of Pandora rose is elegant and luminous. This collection is made of a unique blend of metals for the gold, resulting in the most stunning version of pink-hued jewelry.

So, if you’re looking for the warm glow and the luminosity of rose gold jewelry because it is flattering to pretty much all skin tones, Pandora rose might be the best option for you. The gold blend is unique, and the plating results in acute, romantic pink-hued 14k rose gold. Pandora Rose is known for its pink blush color, and it comes with a MET hallmark stamp. At the core of Pandora rose is 925 sterling silver, and the 14k rose gold results from a blend of pure gold (58.3%) and copper (41.7%).

Now that you’ve figured out that you may want a piece of Pandora rose jewelry because of how well it speaks of personality and individuality let’s talk about its durability. More specifically, will the Pandora rose jewelry tarnish or fade?

The answer to this, unfortunately, may dampen the smile on your face. The reason being – like any other gold-plated piece of jewelry that layer of 14k rose gold will wear out with time, and it will fade. While still new, the piece of jewelry will have that stunning rose gold finish, but after some time, it will start to show some signs of wear and tear, even when you do your best to care for it by taking it off whenever you engage in activities that would increase the rate of wear.

Does Pandora Rose Gold Fade Or Tarnish

Minor scratches will also increase the rate of tarnish for the Pandora Rose jewelry by chipping the coat. And as the coat wears off, the main metals that make up the ring – silver and copper will be exposed, and this results in tarnishing.

Tarnishing could also make the pink color of the Pandora Rose jewelry darker over time. This might not be the most desirable effect to many people, but others like the darkening because it adds character to the bauble.

Besides a darker hue of rose gold, tarnishing could also manifest as the piece of jewelry turning black.


How to clean your tarnished Pandora jewelry?

If it’s tarnished – turned black or darkened, you’d want to carefully clean it to get rid of the tarnish layer. But you have to be careful when cleaning it because you don’t want to lose the layer of gold in the process of cleaning.

Does Pandora Rose Gold Fade Or Tarnish

  • Clean it using warm water with a few drops of mild detergent/ soap added. Then used a soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth to gently clean it – in a circular motion or the direction of the grain. Once satisfied, rinse it in clean, cold water, then pat it dry using a clean, soft towel or cotton cloth.

Pandora sells a cleaning set for their jewelry, and you could buy it to ensure easy cleaning and the safety of your jewelry.

That said, you should not clean it using cleaning-polishing cloths or liquids, the ultrasonic cleaner, or harsh/ strong chemicals.  


Tips for storing your Pandora rose gold jewelry.

Does Pandora Rose Gold Fade Or Tarnish

  • Store your jewelry away from exposure to direct sunlight and even heat.
  • Store your rose gold jewelry in a lined, protective jewelry box. Alternatively, you could keep it in a tarnish-resistant pouch. Pandora sells all their Pandora Rose jewelry in a special pouch that ensures their safe storage and also protects them from getting tarnished.
  • If you don’t have a jewelry box or a tarnish-resistant jewelry pouch, you could put the jewelry away in a plastic Ziploc bag made of either polyethylene or Mylar. However, you shouldn’t store your Pandora rose jewelry in a polyvinyl plastic bag like trash can liners. This is because these liners are often made of sulfur compounds that would speed up the rate of tarnishing. Avoid using the rubber containers as well because these also increase the rate of tarnishing, especially if a small area of the jewelry is already scratched and the sterling silver underneath is exposed – the sterling silver tarnishes and leaves black specks behind.
  • Make sure that your jewelry is completely dry before you put it away. Any exposure to moisture, especially when in storage, will increase the speed of tarnishing.
  • Store each of the pieces of jewelry individually in the jewelry pouches and avoid storing them on abrasive surfaces.



Pandora Rose is a stunning version of jewelry offered by Pandora. It suits pretty much all skin tones and complexions, and you may like it if you are looking for something unique.

It is not perfect; unfortunately – it will tarnish over time, losing its luminosity and brilliance.

This is the case because the rose gold used is only a thin layer of 14k rose gold that will wear out or chip off, exposing the sterling silver base that tarnishes over time, leaving a black layer of tarnish.

The remaining rose gold will also darken over time, and you may or may not like the color changes on your Pandora rose jewelry.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!