Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free?(Quick Answer in 2023)

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If your Pandora bracelet is full of grime and the charms are tarnished, and you just know that it needs cleaning, you may be wondering if you could maybe take it back to the nearest Pandora store to have it cleaned.

The good news is that you can, and the best part is that you won’t have to pay for the service.


Does Pandora clean the jewelry for free?

As part of their after-sale services, Pandora offers free jewelry cleaning complimentary service. This means that you’d only need to take the bracelet to the store and ask for cleaning.

So, in as much as you may be tempted to try out all the at-home cleaning remedies for sterling silver jewelry, you might as well take advantage of Pandora’s rule to provide complimentary cleaning services for their clients.

Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free

How does Pandora clean jewelry?

For the best care and results on all your Pandora jewelry, Pandora offers great guidance not just on how to take care of the jewelry but will also help clean the jewelry appropriately.

To clean the jewelry, hence the maintenance of that very beautiful shine and the unique gleam of Pandora jewelry, the company uses soft cotton or microfiber cloth, which is then damped in lukewarm water with mild soap, before it’s used to gently rub on the jewelry.

Once cleaned, the jewelry is then rinsed in clean water, then pat dry using a clean cloth. If the jewelry is particularly dirty, it will be soaked in lukewarm soapy water for 5-10 minutes.


Tips for cleaning your Pandora jewelry on your own

Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free

Naturally, you won’t be able to take your Pandora jewelry to the Pandora stores all the time, and you will have dirty jewelry often, meaning you need a contingency plan – specifically, one on how to effectively clean your Pandora jewelry.

In this part of the article, we share important insights into how to clean your Pandora jewelry appropriately and just how to give it the best care for the jewelry to last long.

But first, we’ll reiterate the message shared by Pandora, that you should always remove your jewelry before you go to bed and also before you participate in strenuous physical activity. Also, be careful not to expose the jewelry to harsh and unsafe chemicals or a harsh environment that would result in a compromised state of the jewelry. We are talking about exposure to cleaning agents, perspiration, chlorine, saltwater, perfumes, lotions/serums, and also silver polish.

How to clean Pandora Jewelry

Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free

Follow these steps when cleaning your sterling silver Pandora jewelry – bracelets, rings, etc.

In a bowl with lukewarm water, pour in a squirt of mild/ gentle detergent or soap. Place the jewelry that needs cleaning in the bowl and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how dirty the jewelry is. Then take a soft-bristled toothbrush for easier and more effective cleaning of your jewelry.

The toothbrush is an excellent fit because it allows you to clean out all the gunk and grime from the hard-to-reach areas, especially if the jewelry is intricately designed – these areas would, however, be harder to reach using just the soft cleaning cloth.

Soaking the jewelry for a few minutes is also important because most of the dirt and tarnish would be difficult to reach/ remove if you just soaked that piece of jewelry in clean water.

Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free

Despite the effectiveness of this method in cleaning the best of Pandora’s sterling silver jewelry, you should not use this cleaning method for Pandora jewelry made with cultured, and highly delicate freshwater pearls.

Polishing. If the jewelry looks dull, even after cleaning, it means that the jewelry needs to be polished. You need a polishing cloth, specifically a silver polishing cloth – get one from Pandora or other local jewelry stores or even from goldsmiths. The polishing cloth is ideal because it ensures the retention of the original sterling silver shine. It will not, however, get rid of any scratches.

So, if your jewelry has scratches, it might be a good idea for you to head out to the nearest reputable jewelry store or a Pandora store where the pros will work the magic and safely work on removing the scratches.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Pandora offers more than sterling silver jewelry, and if you are going to buy jewelry made of any other materials, you need to make sure that you follow the best-recommended steps for cleaning that jewelry.


Cleaning Pandora’s Leather bracelets

Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free

Pandora offers an impressive range of leather bracelets, and the best way for you to protect your investment would be by choosing the right bracelet style and also cleaning it appropriately.

For leather jewelry, taking the best care of that jewelry means not cleaning or dipping it in water in any way.

Leather will stretch and lose its shape and even color when cleaned and stretched, meaning it’s safer when left as is. If anything, genuine leather looks better with age.

You could, however, wipe the leather (or wooden) jewelry using dry, soft cloths – not damp, and don’t immerse them in water.


Cleaning Pandora Rose

 Pandora Rose calls for special attention and care, and you might want to take extra care when cleaning, wearing, or storing this type of jewelry.

Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free

Like the sterling silver Pandora bracelets, clean Pandora Rose using a soft cloth damped in warm, soapy water (use mild soap). Gently rub the jewelry, and when done, rinse it using clean water, then pat it dry using a soft cloth. You could soak it for 5-10 minutes if it’s too dirty.

However, avoid the use of silver dips, polishing solutions, tumblers, or ultrasonic cleaners when handing the Pandora Rose jewelry. Also, remove the jewelry before taking a dip in the pool or ocean, and avoid its exposure to harsh chemicals, including lotions, perfumes, etc., and don’t bathe with the jewelry on.

Lastly, always know that the pink hue of the Pandora Rose pieces will intensify with time, thanks to tarnishing. It isn’t an entirely bad thing, though, because it adds a vintage appeal to the jewelry.


Cleaning Stones

Clean these with warm, soapy water, and brush the stones gently.

You could clean them in an ultrasonic cleaner, but you have to be cautious.

Does Pandora Clean Jewelry For Free

Cleaning Murano Glass

You could use hot water and mild soap (wear gloves), then rinse with clean, cold water, and dry it using a soft cloth.  

And when it dulls, rub it with some mineral oil in circles using a soft, lint-free cloth, then wipe off excess oils.



Once cleaned using the recommended tips above, always store the jewelry safely, away from heat and sunlight, and in a durable, soft protective box or bag that’s tarnish resistant.

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