Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia?-Quick Answer

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Looking to buy cubic zirconia jewelry from Kay Jewelers, but you’re unsure if the store sells CZ jewelry or the available options? Read this article.


Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia?

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

If you are looking for CZ jewelry in Kay Jewelry stores, you will be happy to know that Kay Jewelers do sell CZ jewelry and have several options to choose from.

Kay Jewelers offer a variety of cubic zirconia jewelry for you, and the best part is that the dazzling duos offered by Kay are not just earrings but also rings and pendant necklaces.

The CZ earrings available on Kay Jewelers’ website include the dangle earrings, stud, solitaire, and hoops. These pieces are all made of high-quality and stylish metals and metal finishes.


Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Sold On Kay.Com and Their Price Range

Cubic Zirconia Rings

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

Kay offers a wide range of stylish and high-quality CZ rings. However, the prices of the rings are variable depending on the metal that the CZ is set on, CZ’s carat weight, cut, and the grade of the CZ.

Note that Kay jewelry classifies their CZ rings under the lab-created diamond rings category. These rings are all made of exceptional materials, including the high-quality, colorless CZ stones set on different metals like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

They’re also two-tone (yellow and white gold) varieties. Although all the lab-created or CZ gold rings are made of 14k gold, the cuts and carat weight of the stones determine their prices.

So, overall, the CZ rings range in price from about $479.99 to as high as $21,599.99 for exquisite solitaire rings. Most of the rings, however, fall in the $599-$3599 price range.


Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

Kay also boasts a large variety of earrings, such as hoops, studs, and dangling earrings. Like the rings, they are made of different materials like gold and sterling silver with the CZ set on them, but the yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold earrings are the most common earrings.

The cut and carat weight of the CZ were also used to determine the earrings’ price. The earring prices range from $240 to $10,007.20.

But if you are shopping for earrings on a budget, you will be happy to know that Kay also offers a more affordable option like the CZ earrings that go for less than $50.

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

The price for the CZ Children’s earrings ranges from $50 to $159.99, and they come in different designs and styles, including hoops, stud earrings, and the dangle earring options, in all colors you can imagine. Kay also offers CZ earring options for young teens.

That said, most of the CZ earrings on the platform are for children, so if you are looking for more elegant earrings made of diamond simulants, then the earrings made of lab-created diamonds may be a better option for you.


Cubic Zirconia Necklaces

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

CZ necklaces, like earrings, are also mostly designed for children and teens, and you will find an array of elegant, simple, and tastefully designed CZ necklaces. Most of these necklaces feature themed pendants, including Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess.

For adult necklaces, however, you’d have to settle on the necklaces made of lab-created diamonds, which differ from the CZ crystals because they are diamond simulants and not diamonds.

Keep in mind that the lab-created diamonds are much like the real, mined diamonds, but the difference between them is that they are created in different environments.

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

So, in the case of Kay Jewelers’ lab-created diamond jewelry, they cost more than the cubic zirconia because one is a simulant while the other is practically the real thing, only that it’s made in the lab.

Some of the CZ necklaces sold by Kay include the themed children’s option, including the Minnie Mouse necklace, Tinkerbell, Butterfly, Crown, and the nameplate necklaces. These range in price from $50 to $199.99.


Why Is Kay Jeweler’s Cubic Zirconia Jewelry A Little Bit Expensive Than Other Brands?

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

1. You will pay more for Kay Jewelers’ Cubic Zirconia and lab-created diamond jewelry because you are buying from a popular brand. Like all other famous brands, customers pay more because of the brand association.

2. To cover advertising costs. All these famous brands charge much more, even in jewelry that shouldn’t necessarily cost that much because of their high advertising costs that must be passed down to the customers.

To cover these costs, which translate to expensive jewelry, Kay not only sells its pieces at a much higher price but also targets middle-class customers who don’t mind paying a little more for brand products.

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

In addition to advertising costs, the cost of each piece of jewelry also includes a small percentage to cover all other overhead costs.

So, with most Kay stores located in the malls, the price of their CZ jewelry will always be higher than that of other jewelry made of the same materials but sold by other lesser-known brands.

3. CZ grading. Kay’s CZ jewelry is all made of the best quality AAAAA-graded cubic zirconia, which means that the jewelry ultimately costs much more than other CZ brands, especially those that don’t use the AAAAA-graded CZ stones.

4. Also, the options for the best lab-created diamond jewelry rather than CZ means that customers have to pay more to afford the best the brand can offer, especially if they cannot afford the jewelry made of mined diamonds.


Pros and cons of Kay jewelers cubic Zirconia

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia


  • The jewelry is generally more affordable
  • There is a large variety to choose from
  • Their CZ and diamonds are conflict-free
  • Their website offers detailed information about the brand and the kind of jewelry sold.
  • Kay offers many good sales regularly


  • Most of the CZ jewelry is made for kids primarily, and no similar affordable options are offered for adults.
  • The jewelry is expensive.
  • Kay has had to deal with bad press, making its brand products less desirable.


Should you buy Kay jewelers Cubic Zirconia?

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Cubic Zirconia

When it comes to variety, Kay Jewelers offers you the best and the widest jewelry to choose from, and you will always find something unique to match your style on their website.

Unfortunately, Kay’s jewelry is quite expensive, and if you are shopping for jewelry on a budget, this might not be an ideal brand to choose from.



Kay Jewelers offer a large variety of CZ jewelry, but the options can be limited for adults.

If, however, you don’t mind spending more on jewelry offered by the brand, then the lab-created varieties would be an excellent fit for you.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!