Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish?(Manufacturer’s Answer)

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Different pieces of jewelry have existed since ancient times, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets. They have always been a great compliment to outfits and more recently a great way of expressing yourself. Over the years, as jewelry has continued to evolve, more and more brands keep coming up by the day. Today we have many brands from high-end to low-end. Others offer both luxury and fashion pieces.

Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

Among these many brands, you may have heard about Kate Spades New York. You must be wondering, what is Kate Spades, New York? What do they do? What is the quality of their jewelry? In this post, we will be covering all these questions, including one main concern many people have about their jewelry.

We will be looking at whether or not their jewelry tarnishes and the best way to care for their jewelry.


Kate Spade Jewelry Brief Introduction.

 Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

Kate Spade New York was founded in 1993 by the late Kate Spade and her husband Andy Spade. Initially, the company sold bags and started with six essential bag designs that remain the foundation of the bags designs they sell today. Over time, the company expanded to sell jewelry, clothes, décor and so much more.

Today, Kate Spades New York is part of the Tapestry House of brands and operates under it. It is a popular brand when it comes to fashion jewelry.

Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

It competes with the likes of Michael Kors. The main theme behind the brand however is optimistic femininity, so most of their pieces are feminine although some could fall under unisex designs.

Kate Spade jewelry is characterized by its modern and chic approach. Its pieces of jewelry incorporate sophisticated colors to create unique designs that women can use to make personal statements. With each design, Kate Spades New York tries to keep their pieces youthful and joyous but at the same time elegant.


What Jewelry Metals Used in Kate Spade Jewelry?

 Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

When it comes to jewelry pieces, Kate Spades has many great selections. They offer exquisite earrings like classic and stellar hoop earrings and subtle but unique stud earrings for everyday wear.

They also have beautiful neckpieces pendants, whimsical charms, and initial engraved necklaces that make great and meaningful gifts.

On top of that, you also have a great selection of stylish bracelet cuffs and unique rings.

What makes Kate Spades such a popular brand amongst the general public is because they offer designer pieces for a very affordable price. It, however, begs the question of what type of materials do they use to make the pieces that allow them to be so affordable.

Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

The majority of their pieces are made of metals, although some pieces are embellished with pearls and gemstones.

The quality of the material used on the jewelry, are however not clearly indicated. The metal pieces are often described to be gold plated or silver.

They have, however, not specified the type of gold used for plating, whether 10K or 24K gold. It is also not specified whether the silver used is sterling silver nor what the base metal used is.

In addition, it is also not specified whether the diamonds used in their pieces are authentic or clear crystals.

Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

The company, however, offers a one-year warranty for all their jewelry as long as you present proof of purchase. They, however, have a disclaimer that their pieces are delicate and should therefore be stored in the dust bags they come in for longevity.


Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish?

 Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish
Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

Kate Spade is known as a designer brand, but most of their jewelry is plated, from bracelets to necklaces.

That means they aren’t made of real gold. Plated metal tends to fade over time, especially if the jewelry is not taken care of.

This exposes the base metal, which may tarnish depending on what type of metal it is.

When it comes to Kate Spade jewelry, customers have mixed experiences about the jewelry. Those who buy their jewelry directly from Kate Spade report that the quality and design are impeccable.

According to them, the pieces can go an entire year without tarnishing or damaging even with frequent wear.

Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish
Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

The customers who buy the jewelry from third-party stores complain that they don’t last more than two weeks to five months before tarnishing, by turning from gold to dark brown.

Some complain that wearing the necklace, bracelet or ring leaves a green coloring on their skin.

It could be that the Kate Spade jewelry bought from third parties isn’t the authentic pieces that are bought directly from their stores.


Can You Wear Kate Spade Jewelry in The Shower?

 Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

The question of whether or not to shower with your jewelry or not is tricky. Overall, it’s a matter of the quality and material used to make the jewelry. You can comfortably shower with jewelry made of real gold, without worrying about it getting tarnished. Diamonds on the other hand lose their shine when exposed to water and soap while showering.

Kate Spade Jewelry is mostly gold plated or made of silver, as such, showering with them may not be a good idea. Gold-plated jewelry may fade when exposed to water or moisture and soaps. Silver also tarnishes when exposed to moisture.

Some customers however report that they shower with their Kate Spade jewelry from time to time, without the jewelry fading for at least a year. It could be that the gold plating was done using 14k gold which is harder to fade compared to 24k gold.


How To Clean Kate Spade Jewelry?

 Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

According to Kate Spade, their jewelry is delicate and should be handled with care. Every piece is packaged in a cute dust bag that protects the jewelry from damage.

They advise that you should do a deep cleaning every couple of weeks to keep it in good condition.

To do this, the best method is to use warm water and soap. Make sure to avoid antibacterial soap, however, as the chemicals may tarnish the gold plating. Soak the jewelry in soapy warm water for a few minutes.

Does Kate Spade Jewelry Tarnish

Afterward, use a soft cloth to wipe down the jewelry. That will maintain the shine of the jewelry for a long time.



Jewelry lasts longer when properly taken care of, regardless of the material used to make it. Kate Spade jewelry is designer pieces that have quality finishes.

They are mostly bought for their unique and stylish appearance. Despite being a luxury brand, their pieces are affordable compared to other luxury brands.

Although they may be plated jewelry, if taken care of then they should last you for a long time to come.

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