Does Jewelry Have to Match Shoes?(Check Our Tips)

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Self-presentation is a huge factor for the human race. We can attest to this based on the level of hype placed on fashion events across the globe that shape general expression of style.

We take an average of seventeen minutes getting dressed every day and this is because it matters. We do get a little matchy-matchy sometimes to be on the safe side but does jewelry have to match shoes too?

As we plan our outfit for the day, we take into consideration the day’s possible activities and possible weather patterns. This will lead you to choose the appropriate clothing and shoes. Often times, jewelry is the last thing you will put on before your whole ensemble is complete.

With the increasing number of fashion rules and enthusiasts all around ready to cut you down to size if you don’t do it right, it is intimidating to be sure about your coordination skills.

This shouldn’t worry you as many people suffer the same struggle until they find their own way of expressing the new trends and designs that crop up.

Which jewelry matches a certain type of shoes?

There could be many reasons that dictate the choice of shoe you leave the house with.

You may be leaving for a serious business meeting or for your yearly vacation to Cabo.

Based on these considerations, your jewelry color, type, shape, and design should vary.


Official Look

When going to a formal or business set-up, neither your shoes nor your jewelry should be exaggerated. Having settled on the suit or dress to wear, match that to your shoes and bag. Lastly, remember that jewelry should be at a minimum and opt for studs, or very short dainty pieces. Long dangly earrings are a no-go for the office.

You may opt to forego the earrings and instead pick out a tiny necklace and serious watch to match your kitten heels.


Formal Look

If you are a self-employed individual who doesn’t like to wear official suits and ties but yet have to attend important functions and events, you can rely on the classics to show you in the best representation.

A pair of black or other solid color cool-toned pumps could be paired with pearls or diamonds and accessorized with silk scarves and a simple clutch.

You don’t need to match your jewelry with the color of your shoes as this may overcrowd the look but its best to keep the color neutral.

Outdoor Function Look

You are aiming for a fun look that allows you to be free and uninhibited. Earrings tend to get lost at these highly active events so it would be wise to pick out bracelets instead.

Matching your bohemian style bag with a skinny belt, cute ballet shoes, and some oversized bracelets, bangles, armbands, and rings keep you looking trendy and approachable.


Night Out Look

Edge is what the night is all about. If you’re trying to pull off an edgy look for your next party or night out, be sure to have a pair of leather boots close as those will give you confidence.

Then pair them with a choker necklace, if your neck is long enough and a thick bracelet to complete the look.

If you have a solid color outfit on, be experimental with the color and design of your earrings and accessories.

If your dress is the statement, don’t overshadow it. Put on some dainty diamonds that will add to its glamor rather than take it away.


Fancy Dinner Look

Dressing up for dinner makes the night fun and gives people a lot to talk about. It’s a great icebreaker to be fashionably dressed at an event.

In your long or mid-length dress, you stand tall in a pair of stilettos. To even out your stunning dress and shoe, you have added a beautiful bib necklace with minimal detail and some dangly chandelier earrings.

Not forgetting your crystal-studded clutch bag and your statement ring.


Weekend Look

Comfort is the aim of this get-up and this is the time to be your most authentic self as fashion is more flexible.

Put on a nice sun hat and some cool sunglasses then match them with some sandals if its summer or some knee-high books in winter.


Everyday Look

It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

This is true because no matter your shade or skin tone, diamonds always bring out the best in you and they go perfectly with any dress or shoe choice for any event.

Cubic Zirconia is the second-best most affordable option of crystal that Imitates diamonds.



Matching your jewelry with shoes presents no hard and fast rules to follow strictly.

It gives us the leeway to wear what we like based on our activities and our location.

It takes a long time and lots of practice to find the combination that works best for you at any function. Once you get it right, you will never get it wrong.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!