Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish? – Answered By Manufacturer

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To most of us, jewelries are more than accessories since they create memories and evoke strong emotions within us.

Jeulia is a popular company that deals with different jewelry types, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches, among other accessories.

One quality we all look out for in jewelry when purchasing is whether it tarnishes, as we want something that will remain sparkling for long.

If you are looking to purchase Jeulia jewelry, keep reading this article to learn if it tarnishes, whether Jeulia rings are good quality, how long they last, and tips for wearing the jewelry safely.


About Jeulia jewelry

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Jeulia jewelry creates beautiful high-end artisanal jewelry that gives people a clue of who you are as well as what you stand for.

The company creates jewelry that you not only wear for special occasions but also daily.

Jewelers at Jeulia are trained to create pieces to which you will definitely get an emotional attachment.

The company’s personalized designs are 100 percent handcrafted to give you precisely what you love.

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Jeulia Jewelry’s personalized jewelry is made in-house through a meticulous process to ensure you receive a one-of-a-kind piece that accurately represents who you are as a person.

In doing so, Jeulia Jewelry shows commitment to offering you high-quality pieces. The company puts you first.

The jewelry designs are inspired by nature. For instance, a design could be inspired by a random item the jeweler sees while taking a walk.

The jeweler may later convert the idea into a piece of beautiful jewelry.


What is Jeulia jewelry made of?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Jeulia jewelry is made of high-quality and eco-friendly material. Besides its craftsmanship, the company takes pride in its use of eco-friendly materials, which are as essential as the final product.

The company uses the Jeulia stone, a perfect alternative to natural gemstones. The detailed-oriented production process gives the Jeulia stone better optical traits and more durability than natural diamonds. Additionally, it is more scratch-resistant for daily wear.

Besides that, the Jeulia stone is better than the natural gemstones because its production process is eco-friendly.

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

On the other hand, mining natural gemstones such as diamonds harms the environment by using explosives, heavy machinery that emits enormous amounts of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere, and unsafe working conditions.

May it be an engagement band or a cocktail ring, Jeulia jewelry creates all its jewelry pieces meticulously from start to finish. Therefore, at Jeulia, you will definitely get value for your money.


Does Jeulia jewelry tarnish? Why?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Jeulia jewelry works with a wide variety of metals to produce its pieces. However, most of its jewelry pieces are made of silver, typically tarnishing over time.

According to most customer reviews, Jeulia jewelry takes time to wear out. However, the company’s jewelry may tarnish for the following reasons:


Reaction with sweat and chlorinated water

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

For instance, regularly playing tennis while wearing your ring accelerates the rate at which it tarnishes. Additionally, Jeulia advises against swimming with your ring. Chlorinated water in swimming pools reacts with metals on your jewelry, causing it to tarnish.


Failure to clean your jewelry regularly

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

If you want your jewelry to maintain its original shine, you must clean it regularly. Failure to do so may increase the rate at which it tarnishes. Accumulating dirt and oils on your ring may increase the rate at which it tarnishes. Ensure your jewelry is free from dirt, sunscreen, perfumes, and oils.


Storing in a damp place

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Keeping your jewelry in a damp place for a prolonged duration increases the rate at which it tarnishes. Therefore, always keep your jewelry in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.  


Are Jeulia rings good quality?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Jeulia makes its rings with high-quality materials (metals and gemstones). For its rings, the company uses silver to make its jewelry. The silver jewelry is coated with rhodium to boost its shine and durability.

Apart from silver, Jeulia uses titanium to make some of its jewelry. The metal is known for its durability.

For the stones, Jeulia uses lab-grown gemstones. Despite being unnatural, Jeulia stones have better optical traits and more durability than natural diamonds.

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Additionally, they are the eco-friendlier option because their production does not involve destroying the environment.  

For jewelry, good quality is measured in terms of the time it takes to tarnish.

Most customers are happy and satisfied with their Jeulia rings and say that even after an extended period, they are as good as new. Therefore, I can only deduce that Jeulia jewelry is of good quality.


How long do Jeulia rings last?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

How long Jeulia rings last depends on how well you take of them. Jeulia guarantees that if you take good care of them, their rings can last a lifetime.


Tips for wearing Jeulia jewelry safely

Since you cherish your beautiful accessory, it is only important to learn how to wear the jewelry safely. Below are some tips for wearing Jeulia jewelry safely:

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

  • You should take off Jeulia jewelry when engaging in activities such as sports, cleaning the house, and gardening. Importantly, when taking off your jewelry, ensure you keep it in a safe and memorable place.
  • You should keep your Jeulia jewelry free from perfume, sunscreen, and lotion as they gunk them.
  • You should ensure you get your jewelry setting occasionally checked, preferably every six months, to ensure it does not become loose.
  • You should avoid getting into swimming pools with your jewelry because chlorinated water can cause color and structural damage.
  • You should remove your Jeulia jewelry before bathing since soap can form a film that makes it appear dingy and dull.
  • Importantly, keep your Jeulia jewelry clean by having the jeweler clean it or do it at home with gentle dish detergent.


Jeulia creates artisanal, premium jewelry that embodies who the wearer is and what they stand for. Since Jeulia utilizes silver in most of its pieces, its jewelry can tarnish since silver generally tarnishes over time.

Understanding some of the reasons why Jeulia jewelry tarnishes is important in increasing its longevity.

Additionally, you can follow the tips for wearing Jeulia jewelry safely to ensure it does not tarnish quickly.

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