Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety? – Detailed Answer & Tips

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If you believe in the power of and effectiveness of crystals in enhancing your well-being, you’ve probably come across howlite crystals, which are known for their power in treating and managing anxiety.

But you may be wondering how exactly howlite bracelets work and how they will ease your anxiety, and this article shares more insights on the same.

So, let’s get right into it.


About howlite stones

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

Howlite stone is one of the most important crystals that is the most effective in helping heal and manage anxiety. Howlite bracelets are made of light grey and opaque white stones that are often marked in grey, black, and brown veinings.

These crystals don’t facet well, and thanks to the natural beauty of these stones, you will be able to carve the stones into different kinds of jewelry easily.

Howlite, specifically the undyed or white howlite, is often sold under the name ‘white turquoise.’ There are several others who refer to howlite as the white buffalo stone or the white buffalo turquoise.

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

In dyed howlite, the dyed turquoise stones under the name turquoise are often resin-coated, preventing color-bleeding.

While most howlite options are mined in Nova Scotia, which are found in huge deposits, howlite is also found in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Mexico, Turkey, Canada, Russia, Germany, and parts of California.

Howlite was first discovered as far back as the 1800s, and they were used across most of the ancient cultures for its healing and calming effects, especially by shamans and healers.

Howlite is, however, a soft gemstone made of a hydroxyl Calcium-silicon borate, and it scores low on the Mohs scale of hardness, at a range of between 3 and 3-5. It’s a mineral that is mined in sedimentary rocks.

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

The other features that make Howlite stand out include the striations in grey and black, hence a lot of a marbled appearance that gives it a polished or crystalline finish.

There also are translucent versions of howlite, but these are rare, and some of the howlite pieces look like cauliflower heads/ clusters.

The other feature of this crystal is the fact that howlite sports an irregular cleavage, but when it breaks, it will not break apart into the more predictable patterns since they cleave into different shapes.


Does howlite bracelets help with anxiety?

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

You will be happy to know that this milky white, gentle stone boasting a relatively soft composition will help you feel less anxious thanks to its inherent metaphysical properties.

Howlite will promote peace and also make you feel a lot calmer. Your howlite bracelet would also be the perfect fit for you because it reduces anger and it will also calms down your spirits.

The reason is that howlite, also called a patience stone, will enhance and deepen your sense of patience and make you feel more grounded and centered.

Generally, it alleviates the high-stress feelings and will also reduce the tension you may be feeling. So, in other words, howlite will alleviate your anxiety.


What stones are good for anxiety and depression?

Some of the stones that may help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression are better than others, which is why there are different stones that work uniquely for different people.

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

So, what are the best stones to try out if you struggle with anxiety and depression?

1. Howlite– Howlite not only disperses feelings of anger but will also improve your sleep because it calms the mind and also relieves stress.

2. Turquoise– This stone is known for its emotional and physical healing energies. It is an excellent option for you if you wish to fight exhaustion, avoid panic attacks, and better deal with your depression episodes. It is also a great emotional healer and gives solace to your spirit while enhancing your sense of well-being and making you feel peaceful and serene.

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

3. Tiger’s Eye– The tiger’s eye crystal might also be an ideal option for fighting anxiety and depression thanks to its ability to enhance your focus and your strength. This stone enhances your sense of self-confidence,  and it’s also important in keeping you grounded, optimistic, and prosperous. It also attracts abundance.

4. Dalmanite Jasper– Besides breaking down barriers, it will also make you feel more loyal and trustworthy. You will lead a purposeful life, meaning more control over those feelings of anxiety and depression.

5. Rose Quartz– besides helping attract and keep love, rose quartz is grounding and will heal your heart from disappointment and pain.


Which hand to wear the howlite bracelet? Why?

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

For the most part, howlite bracelets are meant to be worn on your left hand, which is your receiving hand.

Your right hand is the hand that takes, which is why wearing the crystal bracelet on your left hand is recommended, especially if you wish to harness the stone’s healing properties.


Other tips for wearing howlite bracelets for a better result

I. Left or right-hand

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

Generally, you should wear your howlite bracelet on your left hand, which is the receiving hand. This is important because, according to mystical lore, crystals have specific meanings depending on whether they are worn on the right or the left hand.

Your left hand is ideal because it’s known as the receiving hand and it absorbs positive energy in your body. On the other hand, your right hand gives and is considered your giving hand, and it releases negative energies from your body.

Does Howlite Bracelets Help With Anxiety

So, if you need to decide between the right and the left wrist, the crystal bracelet ideally goes on your left hand. Howlite is essentially worn on the left hand, especially if you wish to enjoy a high state of emotional and spiritual awareness.

On the other hand, you can wear howlite on your right hand for the reduction of stress, tension, and anxiety.

II. You could also wear a howlite crystal along with your watch



If you struggle with depression, anxiety, and high-stress levels, you will counteract these effects and feel calmer and much more grounded by wearing a bracelet with howlite crystals.

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