Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin?(Quick Answer)

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There is a huge variety of fashionable jewelry for you to choose from, but how do you choose the best ones for your skin tone? Can you wear jewelry made of gold or silver if you have dark skin? Are some metallic jewelry options better for darker skin tones than others?

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin?

In this article, we’ll help you find the perfect metal options for a darker skin tone. You don’t want to splurge in an expensive piece of gold or silver jewelry, only to find that the jewelry option is not a good fit for your skin tone. So, let’s get started.


Does gold or silver look better on dark skin? Why?

For persons with fair African skin, Arabic, or even dark African skin, it would appear that they can comfortably wear jewelry in all colors or tones, and the overall sentiment passed around is – Lucky You. But this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be careful about the metal choices they make.

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin

And though it’s no longer considered a faux pas to mix up metals, it’s obvious that some metals do bring out the best, not just in your skin but also your hair, eyes, as well as skin color. These considerations are important because, just like makeup, the right choice of jewelry goes a long way in accentuating your beauty.

Varied metals and jewels play differently against the color of the skin, the hair, and your eyes, which is why choosing the right metals to ensure the right level of illumination of your skin’s natural tones, as well as the flecks of color in your eyes while complimenting your hair color.

So, if you are dark-colored and aren’t sure about the best metal choices for jewelry that would suit your skin, you will be happy to know that you can wear silver and gold effortlessly. This is also the case if you have a warm or honey-colored tone or skin. With the warm, honey, and dark complexions, you can wear jewelry in all colors, including yellow and rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver.

To choose the ideal metal tone for your skin type, below are simple tips to guide your decision.


Tips for choosing jewelry that suits your skin tone

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin

  • If you are fair-skinned with red undertones, you should avoid rose gold jewelry. Though appealing and trendy, rose gold would only accentuate the pink undertones. Instead, choose silver for that fresh look, especially if you have pale skin and blonde hair.
  • If you have fair skin with pale undertones, you should avoid 18k solid gold and opt for 10k or 14k solid gold or white gold. Sterling silver would also be a good option for you.
  • If you are olive, light-tanned, or have a Mediterranean skin tone, you will be happy to know that you are one of the blessed ones, and you could wear jewelry made of all kinds of metals, and they will all flatter your skin tone. This also applies to persons with fair African, Arabic, or dark African skin – and gold looks particularly good on these darker tones.
  • For South-East Asian skin, stick to classic gold or rose gold. The latter brings out the softness of your skin.

Not sure where to start? You could follow this other simple approach.

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin?

Know your skin tone

Your skin tone isn’t always obvious, and you may easily mistake one for the other if you aren’t sure about what to look for or what one tone is supposed to look like.

Generally, you can tell that yours is a warm skin tone if you have green blood veins on your wrist, if your skin tans rather easily and hardly ever get burns, or if you have green, brown, or hazel eyes; as well as brown, black, or red hair.

On the other hand, you’d know that your skin has a cool tone if the blood veins on your wrist are blue, if you struggle to get a skin tan and tend to burn too easily, and if your eyes are green or blue or blonde. For hair, persons with a cool skin tone can have black, brown, or blonde hair.

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin

What about skin undertones?

Well, persons with warm skin undertones often lean towards the golden, peachy, or yellow tones, while individuals with cool undertones are the ones whose skin contains some hints of blue, pink, or red.

But you could also have a neutral skin undertone – and this means that your skin’s undertone presents with a mixture of the features of the warm and cool skin undertones.

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin?

Finding your actual skin undertone

It’s not always easy to determine or decide what your skin’s undertone is, and you may need extra help to know your actual skin undertone. Below are 4 ways of determining your skin undertone.

  • Color of the blood veins

The first way to know your skin’s undertone is to check the color of your veins around your wrist. Do this under natural light.

If the veins appear slightly green, your skin’s undertone is warm. But if they appear blue or maybe with a hint of purple, the undertone is cool.

However, a mix of these two colors would mean that you have a neutral undertone.

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin?

  • Choosing the right jewelry type

You can find out what your skin undertone is based on the type of jewelry you have on.

Essentially, you need to determine what you think you look better in.

People who look great in gold have a warm undertone, while silver lovers are cool-toned.

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin

  • Color of Clothes

If your skin looks rosy or pink in natural light when you hold up your hand/ look at your face against a plain white piece of clothing, you are cool-toned.

If it looks more yellow (off-white/ creamy), you are warm-toned.


  • Skin’s reaction to the sun

If you tan easily, consider yourself warm-toned, and if tanning is a struggle, you are cool-toned.

Does Gold Or Silver Look Better On Dark Skin?


Both gold and silver look great on darker skin because these individuals are warm-toned, and they have warmer skin undertones.

This is also the case with rose gold which is known to complement warm tones well.

Read more tips here or here! See you guys in the next post! 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!