Does Gold Jewelry Make You Look Older?-Check Our Detailed Answer

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There are many things that we do that make us look older than we are. We do most of these things knowingly, and many others happen unknowingly, from eating unhealthy foods to not working out.

But did you know that how you accessorize (and dress) would also make you look older than you really are?

Well, while this is true, you will be happy to know that you can still shave off years from your age if you choose to wear certain kinds of jewelry over others.

In this article, we’ll look at gold jewelry and if it’s true that your favorite pieces of gold jewelry make you look older or not. So, let’s get right into it!


Does Gold Jewelry Make You Look Older?

Does Gold Jewelry Make You Look Older

We’ve heard about pearls being jewelry for older persons. Over time, this belief has been disapproved, especially with an increasing number of younger individuals opting to wear pearl jewelry.

But what is the possibility that gold jewelry, which is loved and adored by most people across generations, would make you look older?

Well, gold jewelry would only make you look older than you really are if you have too much bling off, cheap gold jewelry, or if you wear heavy pieces of gold jewelry.

Therefore, as long as you keep your jewelry balanced by wearing just one pair of earrings and/ or a gold chain necklace, then you will look your age. Gold is, essentially, a timeless metal, and it will always look stylish and elegant, as long as you know how to balance them out.

Also, you may want to avoid wearing matching sets of gold jewelry, especially if you are younger. Leave the chunky and matching gold jewelry sets to the older persons because these would outright make you look older than you really are.

Keep in mind that for you to avoid the kind of gold jewelry that would make you look older, you also need to think about and consider your skin tone, as well as the undertone. A cool skin undertone with 18k yellow gold jewelry wouldn’t be the ideal look for you because of the washed-out look it creates. Your hair color matters too.


Does gold look bad on pale skin?

Does Gold Jewelry Make You Look Older

If you have pale skin or what would be normally regarded as Caucasian skin and have dark hair, then some alloys of gold will be great on you, including 18k yellow gold.

This specificity is important because there are different versions of gold jewelry, and the color profile of the gold will vary depending on the percentage of the metals alloyed with gold.

So, if you are pale-skinned with cool skin undertones, you might want to avoid the yellow gold jewelry, whether 10k gold or 18k yellow gold, because the yellow gold will wash out your skin tone.

But if you are fair-skinned with more of a golden or warm undertone, then you can easily get away with highly saturated gold jewelry, like 18k yellow gold.

This is to say that gold jewelry doesn’t always work for persons with pale skin, especially blondes. It’s also important to note that you not only end up with a washed-out look with this kind of jewelry but also look older.

So, steer clear of the gold jewelry if you have pale skin. But if you have a paler skin tone, then go for the stunning lustrosity of gold.


Gold Jewelry Tips to Make You Look Younger

1.Avoid chunky gold jewelry.

Chunky, heavy, and large pieces of gold jewelry pieces are not only out of style, but they are also going to take you years older than you are.

Instead, you want to choose the more delicate and timeless pieces of gold jewelry such as thin chain necklaces, thin gold hoops, gold studs, gold Huggies, or a tennis bracelet.

Does Gold Jewelry Make You Look Older

2.Wear assembled jewelry instead.

If you love the stacked look for your gold jewelry, then the assembled jewelry would be the ideal option for you. Essentially, pulling off this look is more about investing in the already assembled rings and bracelets instead of wearing singular pieces that would be all over the place.

The reason why this look works and why it will not make you look older than you are has to do with the fact that when you choose to match your bracelets and rings in the gold tones, you create an enhanced modern look and also create a modish touch to the hands and the wrist.

These accents would also make the color of your nails brighter, and they will attract more attention than before. It also creates the power of your quarter-sleeved outfits and even tight sweaters.

You could also try mixing the beautiful gold bracelets with some rubber elements in the bracelets and even chains with cuffs. This adds individuality and charisma to your appearance, especially with casual pants and a simple black tee.


3.Go with fewer statement pieces.

Does Gold Jewelry Make You Look Older

Fight the temptation to go for the compiled and wholesome jewelry look from a set of matching statement jewelry.

Although this will look like the loveliest look you’d like to try out, you won’t look that stylish or any younger when you have multiple pieces of bold-colored and vibrant jewelry which draw all the attention and look rather gaudy.

Instead, choose one or two statement pieces made of gold. The other ornaments could be matchy-matchy and in different designs but different from the statement pieces for a gorgeous and trendy look.

So, just stick to one statement piece that you love and one that matches the rest of your accessories and your outfit.


4.High Hoops and Studs

Does Gold Jewelry Make You Look Older

If you love hoops, you will be happy to know that you can never go wrong with the big golden hoops, regardless of your age. And the best part is that the big gold hoops make you feel and look younger instantly.

However, you avoid the big hoops if your ear lobes are already stretched out and reclined because the lobes would make the dangling of the lobe worse and make you look older.

If this is the case, consider reconstruction to reduce the piercing size and then later get new piercings that would be fine with the hoops. If this is not an ideal option for now, opt for golden stud earrings – there are many stylish, modern, and lightweight options for you to choose from.

Back to the hoops, choose the slender hoops, especially if you have long hair – you can keep the hair behind your ears or hold it up in a ponytail.



Gold jewelry only makes you look older if you choose the wrong tones or shades of gold for your skin tone.

But as long as the jewelry matches your skin tone and undertone, plus hair and eye color, then you can wear gold.

Just follow the recommendations above to look stylish and younger.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!