Does Fashion Jewelry Sell Well On Amazon?(Quick Answer)

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Amazon boasts millions of sellers and many more buyers from across the globe. But despite the fact that Amazon sells pretty much everything from clothing and shoes to home appliances and the widest variety of outdoor tools, Amazon prides itself in offering the widest and the largest possible variety of fashion jewelry. And as long as you are shopping for jewelry, you will find anything you like on Amazon. If you are a seller on Amazon or are thinking of venturing into this space, you might be wondering if selling fashion jewelry on this platform is a good idea or not.

Well, we delve into this topic, taking you through everything you need to know about the sale of jewelry (fashion) on Amazon.

But before we do, we’ll share some numbers of some of the important things you need to know about the costume jewelry market.

Market Overview of Fashion Jewelry

What you need to know about this industry is that the costume jewelry market was valued at an estimated value of $32.9billion, as per reports published by the Allied Market Research in 2019. It was further estimated that the costume jewelry market would reach an estimated value of $59.7 billion by 2027, with the main reason for the rapid growth being the low cost of these accessories and the fact that there will always be a high demand for costume jewelry.

Essentially, costume jewelry is made using cheap and non-precious materials like beads, aluminum, plastic, glass, brass, leather, as well as semi-precious stones, among others. And with the adoption and the significant growth of the costume jewelry market in more mature markets like the US, Germany, and Canada, and even newer markets like Brazil, India, and China, the demand for this kind of jewelry is expected to be on the rise for many more years to come. This is especially true because an increasing number of costume jewelry manufacturers are making use of safer and better quality materials that do not cause problems to customers – this is seen through an increase in the number of nickel-free, lead-free, and chromium-free metals.

Now that we have the basics covered let’s take a look at what it would look like for you if you chose to start selling fashion jewelry on the largest global online store – Amazon.


Does fashion jewelry sell well on Amazon?

Does Fashion Jewelry Sell Well On Amazon

If you are planning to expand your market reach and sell more fashion jewelry across the global market from Amazon, you will be happy to know that fashion jewelry sells quite well on the platform. Well, as long as you invest in the best quality pieces of jewelry that make your customers happy, encouraging repeat buyers, but most importantly, bringing in more reviews showing a high level of customer satisfaction, and subsequently, more buyers to your online Amazon shop.

That said, the success of your Amazon shop and your overall fashion jewelry sales will depend on how keen you are at building a successful brand and following the rules set by Amazon. The latter is quite important because Amazon has put in place many strict rules for sellers on their site, and you have to be on their good side to be seen by buyers and for you to make successful sales. On top of that, you have to be smart about the different ways of gaining notoriety. Your listings must be accurate but also optimized for SEO with in-depth product descriptions, as well as descriptive and clickable titles. And with time, your products have to gather a good chunk of glowing reviews, as well as comments to attract other buyers.

Keep in mind that for you to sell on Amazon, you need to be trustworthy and to build a good/ positive reputation.


Is selling jewelry on Amazon profitable?

Does Fashion Jewelry Sell Well On Amazon

It can be. To make sales on Amazon, you need to be reputable and also be able to build trust with your target audience. Bear in mind that this niche is one of the most competitive niches, and you have to identify ways to stand out. One of the things to do is to deal with fair trade jewelry only.

To increase your profitability, set reasonable prices – you can do this by researching and also taking time to learn more about the pricing and the practices of your competitors. You need to focus on the right marketing strategies for your target market and build a brand that is focused on the sale of the best quality kind of jewelry.


Is it worth it to sell jewelry on Amazon?

While starting out selling jewelry on Amazon is tricky for most beginners, it could be worth your while in the long run.

Does Fashion Jewelry Sell Well On Amazon

While the sellers of fine jewelry are slapped with stricter rules and some of them are required to have been merchants for at least 12 months, and they also need to pay a hefty entrance fee, not to mention the fact that they need to provide a minimum of 10 items off their stock for quality assurance/ testing, sellers of fashion jewelry don’t have to jump through all these hoops, which means that starting to sell fashion jewelry is much easier for you.

Although you would be limited to the sale of fashion jewelry pieces made of non-precious gemstones and metals – so, no jewelry made of solid gold, 925 sterling silver, or pearls.

You also need to ensure that your listing complies with the standards for Amazon, as well as the US Jewelry standards.

With these considerations in mind, you will be happy to know that it is actually worth it to sell fashion jewelry on Amazon as long as you observe the rules.

If, on the other hand, you are a dealer in fine jewelry, it might be a while before you see sales or make profits on the platform given the long wait times and high entry fees, not to mention passing their tests successfully.


Tips for selling fashion jewelry on Amazon

Does Fashion Jewelry Sell Well On Amazon

  1. Don’t break the rules

To ensure that the jewelry sold on the platform is good enough and meets the brand’s standards, Amazon has put in place rules to be followed by new interested sellers of jewelry, both fashion, and fine jewelry. And though the rules are not as strict for the sellers of fashion rules, the rules set are all the same important, which is why you should adhere to the rules, even the seemingly insignificant ones.

One of the things you could do to be on the right side of things would be to list the right materials used for the jewelry, opting to avoid mentions of solid gold or solid 925 sterling silver when it comes to fashion jewelry because these are materials used in fashion jewelry, and samples of the jewelry would have to be tested first.

On the other hand, you could list the materials used for the fine jewelry, for instance, plastic, cubic zirconia, brass, aluminum, or gold/ silver plated jewelry.

Finally, you should know that your application will not be approved without the items undergoing some tests to make sure that they meet the Quality Assurance Standards set by Amazon.

  1. Work on gaining a competitive advantage

With thousands of other sellers of similar jewelry, how do you ensure that your jewelry stands out and that you make sales soon after you start selling? How do you break through in a market that is already saturated with multiple similar kinds of jewelry? What do you need to do to increase your product views and clicks?

For starters, you must pay special attention to your product listings, making sure that the titles, descriptions, and features of the jewelry are SEO-optimized and in a bite-size format. You also need to encourage buyers to leave reviews and reply to questions. In addition, you should be able to resolve your customer complaints amicably and in a timely manner.

Does Fashion Jewelry Sell Well On Amazon

  1. Fair Trade Jewelry

To attract more customers, you’d want to take things to the next level, offering a promise of great quality while also authenticating the items on sale to make sure that the pieces are considered Fair Trade Jewelry. This could mean that the jewelry is conflict-free and that no harm was inflicted in the process of making or obtaining certain elements of the jewelry.

  1. Pick suppliers carefully

Most of the suppliers of the fashion jewelry you are selling are not experts in the trade, and they may lie about different aspects of the jewelry. This means that you should not be guided or tempted by just the low prices they promise; you need to make sure that the supplier you choose to work with is reputable, even if it means paying more. This is important because you don’t want to tell customers that the pieces will not cause discoloration of the skin, only for you to receive multiple complaints of the same.

Ask around and check out reviews for different suppliers before you settle on one. Avoid suppliers that are not in good standing, and know that you’d rather pay more for the pieces and make a small margin than get many negative reviews that would hurt your listing on Amazon.

  1. You need great photography

You can warm your way into more buyers by dazzling them with the very best photography for the different pieces of jewelry. Get the best model shots that show just how good the jewelry looks, but don’t go overboard – keep the images realistic.

  1. Trends are important

To sell more, find the trendiest designs of fashion jewelry and offer the best prices for them. Also, make use of the most catchy descriptions.



You can make money off fashion jewelry. Just be smart, play by the rules, and work on making your customers happy. Read more topics here or here!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!