Does Costco Sell Loose Diamonds? If NOT, Any Alternatives?

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As we all know, buying a loose diamond rather than already set jewelry is perhaps the ultimate satisfaction because it allows you to purchase the exact diamond that matches your jewelry preferences and one that fits in your customized setting.

Along with that, you get to save a ton by buying a loose diamond then taking it to a professional jeweler for setting. While purchasing a loose diamond has its perks, it is essential to know that not all popular jewelry stores stock up on loose diamonds.

In this write-up, we will be assessing whether Costo is among the popular jeweler stores that sell loose diamonds before we offer a list of a few jewelers you may visit for loose diamonds. 


Does Costco sell loose diamonds?

does costco sell loose diamonds

When purchasing an engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other ring type, several decisions determine the aesthetic fabric and the overall costs of the diamond ring.

Rather often, first-time jewelry buyers hold the assumption that the only option available for an engagement ring is a present diamond ring. That, however, isn’t necessarily the only option.

You can always walk into a jewelry store, purchase a loose diamond then have it set at your favorite jeweler’s store. Unfortunately, this option is strictly offered by a very limited number of jewelers in the industry. 

Against this backdrop, you may find yourself asking: does Costco sell loose diamonds? No, it does not. Costo does not invest in loose diamonds but only works on deploying finished jewelry pieces to their clientele.


Can you buy loose diamonds from Costco? 

does costco sell loose diamonds

No, you cannot. In general, Costco does not sell loose diamonds to its customers. In that case, you will not find any loose diamonds in their extensive jewelry collection.  Regardless, Costco offers an exquisite collection of preset diamond rings. 

It bases its diamond standards on those that have already been set by the reputable Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Each jewelry piece goes through a comprehensive inspection process that assesses the overall diamond quality to ensure that you get the best. (Related Reading: Are Costco Diamonds GIA Certified?)

So, when purchasing the already finished jewelry pieces from Costco, you can be assured that you will receive sophisticated, well-designed, and good-quality items to match your needs and jewelry preferences.

Even better, you can always find a ring that costs less than half of those found in popular jewelry stores. That means that you are bound to save the exact amount you would want to by purchasing a loose diamond.


Are Costco diamonds enhanced?

does costco sell loose diamonds

 Clarity enhanced diamonds are almost as good as real diamonds. Ideally, they are mined just like every other diamond, but the major difference is that they have been worked on to become clearer.

These often cost much less than a natural diamond, and the enhancement process makes them look a lot clear than they did at first. Once the enhancement process is complete, a VS2 diamond is often the end product. 

In general, it is rare for anyone to know the difference between non-enhanced and clarity-enhanced diamonds. In fact, you can easily mistake clarity-enhanced diamonds for real ones.

This brings us to the question, are Costco diamonds clarity enhanced? Yes, they are. All colored gemstones within Costco’s sophisticated yet elegant collection are always enhanced during the production process. 

The glass-like material that is used to conceal the inclusion has the same light refractive and optical properties as a real diamond. This explains why

whenever you hold a Costco diamond up as you slowly twist it in the light, the first thing you would see is a pink sparkle. The pink sparkle is the main property of the transparent glass-like material used to enhance any diamond.

does costco sell loose diamonds

Is Costco a good place to buy diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings are often one of the best accessories that add glamor and glitz to your closet. That means that you can never go wrong with finding an elegant pair that matches your overall sense of style and jewelry preferences.

Finding a great pair is not that hard because there are several places to shop for unique and exquisite jewelry pieces such as earrings today, whether you are trying to find studs, hoops, or dangling earrings.

From the most professional jewelry stores and even online vendors, there is a wide collection with a variety of options that you will always come across. A decent pick would be Costco, but is Costco a good place to buy diamond earrings?

It is, but only if you are looking for budget-friendly picks and are comfortable working around enhanced diamonds. However, you can always get better earring options from other reputable vendors for a better price and with better diamond quality.

Among the major drawbacks of buying diamond earrings from Costco is that you may not access the best customer service in their various stores. Additionally, their earring inventory may not be as detailed as you would want it to be.

So, you may not have the chance to select the best pair from an extensive collection. Despite this, you can always find a decent piece for your collection as long as you know what exactly you are looking for. 


Where can you buy loose diamonds online?

does costco sell loose diamonds

When buying a loose diamond, you are advised to only negotiate with reputable vendors. That is the only way you are assured of quality and value.

In general, the best diamond retailers have an extensive collection that you can choose from, and each diamond piece is often at a reasonable price.

Along with that, the jeweler should allow you to fully inspect the cut, size, and precision of the diamond. This way, you can have a rough idea of whether it is a value for the buck. So, where can you buy loose diamonds?

The best place to purchase loose diamonds would be from online jewelry companies with high-quality diamonds offered at competitive prices.

The table below summarizes some of the most reputable stores where you can find good-quality loose diamonds. 


Jeweler Commentary
James AllenGreatly valued for their comprehensive assessment process and their top-notch customer experience
Blue NileBest renowned for their delightful collection with an unparalleled set of high-quality diamonds at a decent price



Before settling on the decision to buy a loose diamond, ensure to conduct as much research as possible.

This way, you can understand the source of the diamond, its quality, and overall craftsmanship to assess whether it is indeed worth the price.

Along with that, you should strictly ensure that you are only dealing with a reputable brand.

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