Does Copper Jewelry Contain Nickel?-Detailed Answer

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While copper is often used as an alloy in jewelry making to create stunning jewelry creations made of metals like sterling silver, brass, 14k, and some types of 18k gold, bronze, etc., copper can also be used on its own create jewelry.

But what is copper jewelry like? After all, it is not the most common type of metal used on its own to create jewelry. So, what can you expect from copper jewelry? This article takes you through everything you need to know about copper jewelry. So, let’s get right into it.


About copper jewelry

In jewelry, copper is one of the most versatile metals used in jewelry making, thanks to its reddish-brownish hue. The color of copper makes it this distinct metal that everyone wants to work with to create different kinds of jewelry.

Does Copper Jewelry Contain Nickel

Well, there also is the fact that copper is very durable and affordable, and you can shape it into different unique and stunning designs.

The other thing that stands out about copper and copper jewelry is that while copper does not rust, it will, over time, develop this natural, green patina, which comes about when the copper gets oxidized and the chemical reaction that results in turns the reddish-brown copper metal green.

If you are buying copper jewelry, you should expect this green or bluish-green hue to develop over copper jewelry pieces. The green hue expected on copper jewelry is the same as what’s seen on the Statue of Liberty, which is no longer brown but bluish-green because it is copper.

Unfortunately, the green hue on copper (copper oxide) will turn your skin green, and it is all part of your copper jewelry experience.

It has nothing to do with the quality of the copper used but the nature of copper and the fact that it reacts with oxygen and other elements in the air to form a salt, copper oxide, which is bluish-green.

Does Copper Jewelry Contain Nickel

And in most instances, this discoloration and the staining of your skin will come about from the reaction of copper with sweat – the copper will mix with your skin’s sweat where it is oxidized, forming chelate copper that has a green hue.

Fortunately, this version of copper is not absorbed into the skin but stays behind, forming a dark green stain on your skin. The stain is temporary, though, and you can easily wash it away using warm, soapy water.

Interestingly, the chelated copper is not only safe on the skin and can be washed away, but it is also said to have holistic, spiritual, and health benefits.

So, if these are the kinds of benefits you don’t mind from your jewelry, copper jewelry could be a good option for you. Well, just make sure not to wear white clothes with copper jewelry.

Alternatively, you could opt for the sealed copper jewelry, which comes lined with a thin protective layer that will prevent staining of the skin and the premature tarnishing of the jewelry.


What metals and other metal alloys are used in copper jewelry?

Does Copper Jewelry Contain Nickel

The common metals made of copper include red brass, which contains 90% copper and only 10% zinc, hence the slightly warm color; then you have the standard brass, an alloy made of 70% copper mixed with 30% zinc.

Bronze is also made of a high percentage of copper like brass, but unlike brass, it is alloyed with tin, besides copper and zinc; hence the warm, brown-gold tone that’s allowed for the use of bronze in various types costume jewelry.

Sterling silver is also an alloy of copper, as is rose gold, which often has the highest composition of copper out of all other gold alloys.


Does copper jewelry contain nickel?

Does Copper Jewelry Contain Nickel

No. Copper is one of the nickel-free metals often used in jewelry making. The other metals free of nickel include pure silver and sterling silver, titanium, and platinum. So, if you have nickel allergies and are looking for cheaper metal alternatives, pure copper jewelry could be a good option for you.

How much nickel is in copper jewelry? Is it safe?

Jewelry made of pure copper contains no nickel and is, therefore, safe for you if you struggle with nickel allergies.


Pros and cons of Wearing copper jewelry

Does Copper Jewelry Contain Nickel


  • It is versatile and makes the most beautiful variety of jewelry
  • It’s malleable and can be molded into different styles and designs of jewelry
  • It’s quite affordable
  • Copper is said to have a number of spiritual and holistic benefits, with the enhancement of the function of the circulatory system on top of that list of benefits. It is also said that it offers relief from arthritis.
  • Copper is symbolic, and it represents love and balance, with protective and healing powers.
  • It is believed to have the power to balance your body and spirit


  • Its malleability means that it is not the most durable metal used to make jewelry.
  • Copper jewelry gets a green discoloration after some time, and this will be transferred to your skin, turning it green.



If you were thinking of buying copper jewelry, you now know all there is to know about this kind of jewelry, including that copper jewelry does not contain nickel.

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