Does Cartier Have Sales? – (Check Our Buying Tips in 2024)

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We all love a good sale or just an opportunity to save some money, especially if these sales come from premium brands like Cartier. But does Cartier ever offer sales for their jewelry?

And should you even trust online stores that purport to run sales on Cartier’s jewelry array? And more importantly, when is the deal too good to be true?


Does Cartier ever go on sale?

does cartier have sales

Despite the temptation to want to run for those ‘offers’ on Cartier jewelry, the then unfortunate truth is that Cartier, like most other premium brands, does not ever have their jewelry on sale.

If anything, there are several instances where the prices will go up 0.5x to 1x each year. Therefore, you shouldn’t fall for the offers on third-party online stores.

In most cases, the only way for you to buy Cartier jewelry cheaply would be if you are or know of a broker or if you intend to buy the jewelry second-hand. If you wish to spend less money on Cartier’s jewelry, then you want to consider buying used Cartier jewelry.

The good news is that there exist several reputable sites that offer used Cartier pieces, often on consignments. That said, you need to take time to research and make sure that you are buying the Cartier jewelry and accessories purchased are from a reputable site.


Does Cartier have Black Friday sales?

does cartier have sales

There are no Black Friday Sales for Cartier products, at least not on Cartier’s official websites. However, you can find great Black Friday sales for Cartier products on other sites.

There are several sites that offer coupons for Cartier, but you’d still need to be very careful about these sites, the authenticity of the pieces/ accessories, and the validity of the sales.


Tips for Buying Discounted Cartier products

For the best deals, here are some of the important tips you need to follow.

does cartier have sales

1. Check the sales details on Cartier’s site.

If you are thinking of ways of saving a good amount of money on a Cartier watch, ring, or bracelet, you need to ensure that the sales are running on an authentic site online.

In most cases, Cartier collaborates with sites and platforms like Platform, where you will come across authentic and reasonable prices for the Cartier pieces.


2. Understand the products offered by Cartier

One of the important things you need to keep in mind is the fact that the Carter brand is not only well-known for its stunning jewelry collections but also beautiful timepieces.

For you to get your money’s worth, understand what options there are, the Cartier pieces that are on the market for the general public, and the pieces in private collections.

If you came across a special jewelry design by Cartier that you hope to buy at a discounted price since it was pre-owned, then first make sure that the piece of Cartier jewelry is authentic and available for sale to the general public.

This means that you must be careful not to be taken in by the bigger claims.

does cartier have sales

3. The devil is in the details.

Whether you are buying new or pre-owned Cartier pieces, you need to make sure that you know what details are incorporated in the real Cartier pieces and what to look out for.

The knowledge gathered from this will ensure that you are buying a real piece, whether the price is discounted or not.

For example, one thing you should always know is that Cartier’s pieces are made with the best quality materials and gemstones which are of the highest caliber and constructed with a substantial degree of expertise.


4. Verify the seller’s reputation

To ensure that the discounted pieces you are about to buy are from a reputable seller and that they would offer your money’s worth, you need to be able to verify the seller’s reputation.

For verification, the seller should be willing and able to answer all the specific questions about that watch and also put your concerns to bed before you can proceed with the purchase.

Most of the stores that sell Cartier pieces at a discount will be high-end and very reputable stores whose discounts are real and will save you a good chunk.

does cartier have sales

5. Pre-owner’s authenticity

There are far too many scammers out there and just as many replicas.

Before you buy a piece owned by Cartier, you should, at the very least, ask for the product’s certification to avoid spending your money on a fake piece of jewelry.


6. Insist on the paperwork

All the Cartier pieces are sold with the paperwork, which will verify the authenticity of the piece.

There is also the serial number along with the reference number, which will both allow you to determine authenticity. These numbers are incorporated in the jewelry and the timepieces and also on the registration paperwork.

You’d also want to take the pieces for valuation, especially for the more valuable pieces.

does cartier have sales


You will not really find discounts for Cartier’s products on Cartier’s site, but you can find sales on other sites that the brand partners with.

Just make sure that you do your due diligence.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!