Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora?-Jeweler’s Answer

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Pandora is well known, especially for its unique charms, that you can stack up, as per your preference and taste.

It is because of its popularity, high demand, and cost, that there are too many counterfeit pieces being passed off as authentic Pandora pieces. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to spot a fake especially when shopping on online platforms like Amazon.

Amazon is one of the largest and trusted online stores in the world. Many people, especially with the recent pandemic, have depended on the platform and trust that the quality they get from it is good.

While Amazon tries its best to ensure good quality and standards, it does not mean that it is not possible to be duped by sellers on the platform. That is why you may be skeptical to buy Pandora pieces from Amazon.

You must be wondering whether the pieces are genuine or not. That is why in this article we will examine how genuine the Pandora products are on Amazon. As a bonus, we will share with you tips to help you avoid fake Pandora pieces while buying on Amazon.


Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora?

Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. The truth is that Amazon as an online platform has a strict policy against selling counterfeit or replicated jewelry on the platform.

They also have various requirements that the seller must meet to be allowed to sell jewelry on the platform. What’s more, Amazon requires to give a detailed and honest description of all the products that the seller sells on the platform.

Considering all these measures, it would seem highly unlikely that there could be sellers who are selling fake Pandora pieces. The majority of the sellers insist and assure their customers that their Pandora products are 100% genuine and come in branded packaging.

Pandora, however, doesn’t mention anywhere on its official website that it endorses Pandora products sold on Amazon. It does, however, acknowledge that their authorized retailers may sell their products on their respective websites or webshops.

The brand doesn’t however, endorse any of its products sold on auction sites or such other platforms.

With that said, the accounts selling Pandora products could be authorized sellers, selling authentic pieces. It could also be that the sellers are selling authentic Pandora charms and other pieces from their collections.

Still, it is equally possible that some of these sellers are conmen looking to make a profit by selling fake Pandora products as genuine ones. One simply has to be vigilant and knowledgeable to spot a fake Pandora charm, or other product while shopping on Amazon.


Is Pandora A Famous Brand On Amazon?

Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora

Pandora is a brand known worldwide. It is rare to find a jewelry enthusiast who hasn’t heard about the brands. It is at the top of the luxury brands in the world.

Pandora is prized for its high quality, and unique and versatile designs. That is why their products have such high demand in the market.

Since it is a well-known brand, it is expected that it should be among the popular brands on Amazon. Pandora is, however, not among the top-selling jewelry brands on the platform. There are, however, many accounts selling Pandora pieces.

Amazon even has a Pandora store, which appears similar to the brand’s official website, but doesn’t seem to be the real store. This is based on the fact that the brand’s official social media platforms aren’t linked to this store.

Despite the number of people offering Pandora products, the sales may be low because of people’s skepticism that the pieces are fake. This could explain why Pandora isn’t among the top-selling jewelry brands on the platform.  


Pandora Reviews On Amazon

Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora

The customer reviews of Pandora products on Amazon are divided, with some giving positive reviews and those leaving negative reviews. Among those who gave positive reviews, state that the Pandora products they bought through Amazon, turned out to be authentic.

Some even say that they took their bracelets to Pandora stores to verify, and were given a confirmation that they were. In contrast to that, some claim that the Pandora pieces they bought on the platform are fake.

Some give complaints about how the pieces fade within a matter of days. Others complain that their pieces came to them damaged with no return policy. This is a clear demonstration that on Amazon there is an equal possibility of purchasing a genuine Pandora piece as well as a fake one.


Tips For Avoid Buying Fake Pandora On Amazon

So, how can you protect yourself as a customer when shopping for Pandora on Amazon.

The trick is to be more knowledgeable about Pandora pieces so you can easily pick out the fake ones. The following are tips that can help you avoid Fake Pandora on Amazon:

1.The ALE marking.

All Pandora pieces have this marking on them, it is used to identify the origin of the Pandora products. It stands for Algot Enevoldsen.

He was the father of Pandora’s founder, Per Enevoldsen. If the charm is missing this mark from the pictures displayed then it is a likely chance the product is fake.

Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora

2.The hallmarks.

For quality products, it is required that every metal jewelry should contain a hallmark. Pandora is no exception to this rule, you will therefore, find hallmarks indicating G585 for 14K gold and S925, for silver.

If the charm lacks this hallmark, it is a clear sign that the materials used are not authentic and therefore the product is a replica.


3.The display photos and product policies.

These are the first things that catch your attention. Most fake sellers do not use the product’s original photos. Stock photos should therefore, be a red flag, that the jewelry pieces are probably not authentic.

That’s not to say that if the images are genuine then the charms will also be genuine.

It is just one of the cautions. They are also very vague when it comes to product policies like replacements, repairs, warranty, and refund policies. This should be a red flag for you.

Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora

4.The packaging.

You should expect all Pandora jewelry to come packaged in either a branded bag or jewelry box. If the product is fake, the sellers often don’t have the branded packaging. T

his should be another sign that the charms or Pandora pieces are likely not genuine.


5.The logo.

If you are familiar with the Pandora logo then you know it entails a crown above the letter ‘O’ in its name.

This crown is vital and when making replicas of Pandora pieces, most sellers often make a mistake with the logo or try to alter it to avoid legal action.

If the crown is lacking, that should be a sign to you that the charms are not from Pandora.

Does Amazon Sell Genuine Pandora

6.Customer review.

They say it is always best to learn from other people’s experience. Before buying a Pandora charm from Amazon, take time to go through the customer reviews of the product.

The more positive reviews the product has, the more likely you can trust the seller.

Reviews also say a lot about the kind of service you can expect after purchasing the charms. This review is however, not a complete guarantee that the products are really from Pandora.

It could be possible that the consumers may not be aware of whether or not the Pandora piece is authentic or not. The positive reviews could simply be based on the service they received.



While it is not always the case, it is possible to purchase fake Pandora products on Amazon. That is why you have to be more careful before buying the piece.

Ensure you do your research, read through the product descriptions, and properly examine the display photos and customer reviews Alternatively, you could opt to buy directly from the brand’s stores or authorized retail stores so you are sure you are getting something authentic.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!