Does 925 Sterling Silver Turn Your Finger Green?-Detailed Answer by Jeweler

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You think your ring is the best piece of jewelry you own until you go and wash your hands and realize it turned your whole finger green. This article aims to give insight on whether 925 sterling silver turns your finger green.

Have you ever seen a finger turn green due to wearing certain types of rings? Finding the right pieces of jewelry is a daunting task. With numerous sellers with knock-off pieces, it is hard to differentiate between the real thing and the fake ones.

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When you find the perfect ring, it acts as the perfect complimentary piece to your outfits and accessories. The only downside is finding out that that piece turned your green. Despite it being harmless, it is a great inconvenience as it is not appealing to the eye. Sterling silver has been used in making jewelry for several decades now. So, does 925 sterling silver turn your finger green?


What is 925 sterling silver?

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Sterling silver is a metal alloy that contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals, like copper, zinc, or nickel. Naturally, silver metal is too soft to make and design various ornaments and equipment.

Manufacturers blend this metal with other metals to increase its tensile strength and durability. As a result of the blend, the silver metal emerges with a metallic, shiny, and bright appearance.

However, the combination of silver and other metals does not prevent it from tarnishing or corroding eventually. As such, you must regularly clean and polish your sterling silver pieces to ensure they maintain their brilliant and lustrous appearance.


How to identify 925 sterling silver?

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Often, jewel makers who use 925 sterling silver stamp or mark their products with the numbers ‘925’ or the term ‘hallmark.’ ‘Sterling’ or ‘925’ denote certified sterling silver as well as ‘SS,’ ‘STER,’ and ‘SSS.’ There are some items marked with ‘925 Italy’ which means that it is sterling silver that comes from the skilled artistry of Italian craftsmen.


Can sterling silver turn my finger green?

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Many people have complained about certain rings turning their finger green. However, just because you are wearing a silver ring and your finger turns green does not mean that the ring is of low quality or fake. There are several reasons behind why your finger may be turning green after wearing that sterling silver ring.

Everyone has skin that reacts differently to different things. 925 sterling silver jewelry means that it consists of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals, mostly copper in the jewelry industry.

Often, the combination with copper causes the green tint on your finger due to chemical reactions with your skin. The amount of copper used in your ring, your perspiration rate, and the types of products applied on your skin dictates the severity of the green tint may differ from one person to another.

Similarly, the green tint on your finger may be as a result of copper tarnishing from your 925 sterling silver ring. Copper oxidizes with moist air to form a dull green color, which, when worn on a ring, leaves a green residue on your finger.


How to prevent your finger from turning green?

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Just because your finger turned green from wearing a 925 sterling silver ring does not mean you throw away your 925 sterling silver jewelry. Here are some precautions to take before wearing such ornaments.

  1. Keep your jewelry away from moisture

As discussed above, sterling silver contains some copper elements in its composition. Once this copper comes into contact with moist air, it tarnishes, resulting in a dull green color. The tarnishing effect is what gives your finger that green color.

Therefore, it is advisable to not wear 925 sterling silver rings in areas with excess moisture. Do not wear these pieces in swimming pools, steam baths, saunas, or while cleaning and washing around the house. Similarly, keep such pieces stored in airtight containers. If your sterling silver ring comes into contact with moisture, wipe it dry completely and watch as it retains its smooth and shiny appearance for years to come.

  1. Avoid poor quality jewelry
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 Rings made from low-quality materials are more likely to cause your finger to turn green. Make sure you inquire about the material composition of your rings and keep a list of metals and materials you are allergic to close by for reference.

Similarly, always buy your jewelry from a trusted supplier to avoid being duped. Keep an eye out for signs of authenticity such as ‘925’ or ‘Sterling’ when purchasing sterling silver jewelry.

  1. Use clear nail polish or Vaseline

Another practical and simple way to prevent your finger from turning green is by applying a coat of clear nail polish to your sterling silver ring. As a result, it forms a protective buff between the metal and your skin.

Apply two to three coats of clear nail varnish to both the inner and outer part of your ring. Allow it to dry for at least twenty minutes and proceed to put on your ring. Do this as frequently as possible as the varnish peels off quite fast.

You may also opt to use Vaseline instead of clear nail varnish to protect your finger. Simply apply a coat of Vaseline on your ring and put it on. However, you have to keep re-applying petroleum jelly after every three to four hours as it is common for it t wipe off.

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By wearing 925 sterling silver, there is a chance your finger will turn green, especially if your skin is sensitive to copper. Green tint on fingers is primarily a sign of low-quality or cheap jewelry. Luckily, the green coloration is harmless to your skin. Use non-acetone nail polish remover or eye makeup remover pads to get rid of the coloration on your finger.  Ensure you maintain your 925 sterling silver ring and clean it regularly.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!