Do You Wear Your Wedding Band on Top or Bottom?

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If you are about to walk down the aisle, one of the decisions you’ll have to make on or after the wedding day is whether the wedding band goes on top or at the bottom of the engagement ring.

While there is no right or wrong reason for wearing the wedding band, and you could wear it at the top or the bottom, it is important to weigh both options for you to make the right decision.

In this article, we’ll look at these two options to help you make a more informed choice. So, let’s get started.


Do you wear your wedding band on top or bottom?

The decision to wear the wedding band either on top or at the bottom of your engagement ring is a rather controversial matter, and though some people swear by wearing the wedding band at the bottom/ first and the engagement ring last or at the top, the decision is ultimately yours.

Generally, most people choose to wear wedding rings before the engagement ring because of the belief that the wedding should go closer to the palm and, for others, closer to the heart. This is also the more traditional reason for wearing the wedding band before the engagement ring.

For practical reasons, however, the decision to wear the wedding band before the engagement ring has to do with the size, the shape, and the style of the right. In most cases, the engagement ring may be in a design, shape, or size that works best with the ring sitting closer to the palm or above the wedding band, and vice versa.

You could also choose to wear the wedding band alone, keeping the engagement ring tucked away safe.

The other option would be to stack the wedding band on top of the engagement ring, adding additional rings on the wedding ring to honor or celebrate milestones, including anniversaries, creating that nice, stunning, statement rings set.

Soldering. You could also solder the engagement ring with the wedding ring for a more simple, stackable design/ style. This bonding process is what’s referred to as ring soldering, and it’s now one of the trendiest ring designs. Soldering is turning into an option for most people because the rings won’t have to turn in different directions as they would sitting individually. The only downside of this option is that you won’t have the option of wearing the bands separately or each of the rings individually.

You could also wear the engagement ring as a wedding ring. This is an option for you, and your engagement ring could easily double as the wedding band. This works because there is no rule dictating that the bride has to wear both the wedding rings and the engagement rings at the same time. And since more brides prefer wearing a single ring, the engagement ring could be worn as a wedding band too.


Which Ring Goes On First?

The standard preferable positioning of the engagement and the wedding rings? Well, generally, the engagement ring goes to the 4th finger on your left hand, and when you get married, the wedding ring will go in first, placing it closer to your heart, and followed by your engagement ring.

So, why is the placement of the ring important for many people?

Well, the wedding ring is a symbol of the couple’s future together, with the circular shape of the ring representing the unbroken love, an eternal love. When exchanged, the wedding rings are a symbol of love, universally.

But as you may have heard already, the wedding rings date back to the same periods as that of the engagement ring, and they are believed to have been worn by the ancient Romans and Greeks. During these times, the wives wore the rings, but today, both spouses do.

And going back to traditions, the wedding band always went in first. And for etiquette, brides have given a nod of approval for this tradition.

As mentioned above, however, rules are meant to be broken, which means that you wouldn’t have to follow these guidelines. So, whether the wedding band goes on top or at the bottom doesn’t really matter, and it will not change the symbolism or the meaning of the ring. You also get to style the ring to match your personal preferences and comfort. This is important because there really isn’t anyone way for you to display your love for each other or to exchange your vows.

So, if you are not sure about the finger to wear the ring on, the answer is that it’s dependent on your style.

One way to go about it would be to wear the engagement ring on the right hand after the wedding, then move the ring to your left hand after the engagement ring. Others may also choose to wear the ring as a soldered pair with the engagement ring.

With this setting/ positioning, the placement of the wedding band before the engagement ring is more of a functional thing, but it could also be about your preferences.



Traditionally, the wedding band goes before the engagement ring, and you can wear both rings on the 4th finger from the left.

So, depending on the design option that works best for you and matches your style, you could wear the ring on top or below the engagement ring.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!