Do You Need A License To Sell Jewelry?(Quick Guide)

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As a jeweler, some of the things that fall under your trade include retail and wholesale jewelry sales, jewelry appraisals, and in other cases, design and manufacturing. Being in this line of business also means that you could run your business either from the large retail stores or from a smaller store. You could also run a home-based jewelry business as a self-employed jeweler. What these mean is that, just like any other business, you do need a license to run the jewelry-making business. Of course, most the self-employed, home-based jewelers often run their business operations without licenses, but if you wish to be able to run a fully-fledged jewelry business, you will need a license.

Besides the normal business operational licenses, there are employees that would require you to hold a license to be able to gain the best firsthand, on-the-job training or for you to be able to work out in the field. In other cases, you’d need a jurisdictional business license to allow you to run a retail jewelry store. So, if you are looking to sell jewelry legally and to a large number of people, you might want to start the search for the right licenses.


Do you need a license to sell jewelry at the store?

Do You Need A License To Sell Jewelry

While you may not need a license to be able to sell jewelry from your garage, you definitely need the right trading license to be able to sell your jewelry from and at a store.

But if you are working as a salesperson, there are cases where the license is not necessary. Most salespersons do, however, require licenses to be able to sell jewelry at jewelry stores, which is the case because most of the salespersons in these stores are often certified gemologists.

For individuals whose job is to sell the jewelry primarily, licensing is not needed because most of the time, these individuals gain experience about the jewelry industry through personal experiences that run extensively just from the desire to sell jewelry. However, if your love for the game leads you to want to open your own store, you will need the right licenses. Often, salespeople are inspired by personal experiences and familial ties to the business, which often leaves them going down the path of owning and running jewelry stores/ businesses.


What License do you Need To Sell Jewelry at the store?

Do You Need A License To Sell Jewelry

Well, the type of license you’ll need to sell jewelry at a jewelry store will often vary, but like other High-Point businesses, part of the licensing for the business includes a tax ID registration or the business license.

Essentially, any jewelry business that trades on a business name rather than the first/surname of the proprietor or even a business (fictitious) that runs on a name that’s different from an LLC name or the legal name of a corporation must be licensed. The licensing is done under the DBA/ Doing Business As the name (fictitious business name).

If your business is involved in the sale of taxable goods, you’d also need the seller’s permit – this will include the state ID, seller’s permit, resale, wholesale, and/or the reseller certificate.

On top of these, you’d also need your state and federal EINs if you will be hiring employees.

That said, it’s also worth noting that the need for licensing depends on the type of business you do and your expertise. The following are some of the subgroups under the jewelers’ group that may or may not need certification.

Do You Need A License To Sell Jewelry

  • Education/ Certifications

The Gemological Institute of America is America’s leading provider of all the services that relate to certification and the training of jewelers. The GIA provides a wide range of well-organized graduate gemological certification, also called GG Certificates. The trained gemologists are then posted in different fine jewelry stores that require this certified personnel on their staff.

The courses offered by the GIA follow the same format as what’s offered in distance learning and on-campus institutions. The certification courses take 6 months until completion.

Besides the gemologists, there is also the American Gem Society that offers certification for jewelers, who also need to have earned certifications from the GIA.


  • Gemologists

A gemologist is a certified professional or a licensed jeweler trained to determine the actual value of the fine jewelry sold. Gemologists are also able to identify gemstones and metals, and in other cases, the gemologists work for the jewelry store, with their trade certifications allowing them the credibility to determine jewelry quality and overall pricing. Gemologists often work for retailers and wholesale jewelry companies, but they may also work independently where they offer appraisals for fine jewelry to businesses and individuals looking for valuations for their jewelry, whether for purposes of insurance, estate planning, or liquidations.

Do You Need A License To Sell Jewelry

  • Craftsperson

These are the individuals who learn about jewelry making while on the job as new jewelry store employees. These also work as artisan workshops or apprentices. The craftsmen are highly trained to work on gemstones and on precious metals through jewelry modifications, manufacturing, or repairs. However, you don’t need to be licensed to work as a craftsperson. But you should know that the employees that offer training may have to be trained well and taken through the different portfolios and references from the experienced jewelers, especially for the right level of tutelage.


  • Salesperson

The salespersons are also the jewelers, and they are the first point of contact for customers walking into the jewelry store. In some cases, the salespersons are certified gemologists who are often the most experienced salespersons in the jewelry store because they have the most extensive knowledge of gemstones and fine jewelry.

Do You Need A License To Sell Jewelry

Do you need a business license to sell handmade jewelry?

It’s very unlikely for you to be able to sell your handmade jewelry online without a business license. In most jurisdictions, you cannot run a business without a license, especially if you intend on making a profit from the business. So, if you are looking to sell handmade jewelry, it might be a good idea to get the right licensing before you start selling the jewelry. You’ll also need a seller’s permit for the taxable merchandise.

But before you start selling the jewelry, you may want to first check the state’s applicable laws and the type of licensing or certification you will need to run the business. Check the local and state laws for specifics about the licensing and the permitting requirements for selling jewelry online. The good news is that licensing requirements for jewelry businesses are not as strict as those needed for other kinds of business like the food business.



Licensing is an important aspect of any business, and if you are planning to sell jewelry, especially online or from a store down the street or in the mall, you might want to find the necessary licensing information.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!