Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce?

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Studs seem to be the standard type of jewelry piercers use for the first piercing, but is it a rule or a requirement to only use stud piercing earrings?

Do you have to wear a stud earring as your first earring?

This article shares some important insights into the first pierce earrings that work best for most people.


Do the first earrings have to be studs?

Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce

It is not written in stone, but it is the ideal solution for new piercings because the studs ensure they heal properly.

They are also quite comfortable; you can sleep on them and always keep them on as the piercing heals.


Why Are Stud Piercing Earrings Best for New Piercings?

Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce

For most people getting new ear piercings, stud earrings are the ideal style of earrings. Though you may never question this, new piercings often take between 6 weeks and 12 weeks to heal fully for the earlobes and cartilage piercings.

And during the healing period, the earrings you wear must be comfortable enough throughout the healing period.

So, regardless of the location of the piercing, whether on the earlobe or the outer ear on the cartilage, you’d want to make sure that the earrings are the most comfortable ones, which is why we recommend the stud earrings over dangling or hoop earring styles.

Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce

The best part about this is that there is a variety of stud earrings that you can choose from, and because the piercings may take much longer to heal than the standard or the recommended healing period, the stud earrings are the most ideal.

Though some piercers will recommend small hoops for starters and for the new piercings, stud earrings are ideal. It’s also worth noting that stud earrings are more comfortable because the healing piercings need to stay in 24/7 until the piercing heals.

Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce

Hoop earrings are not ideal because they’d easily be snagged in hair or loose thread, hurting the ear by pulling the ear apart and causing more harm.

This may also increase the healing time, so you should opt for stud earrings instead. All you’d need is the best quality pair of stud earrings, preferably with a ball post backing.

The other reason the stud earrings are ideal is that hoops may mean that the piercing heals with a slight curve.

Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce

You also need to know that studs are ideal for the first piercing jewelry because, with new piercings, you will need earrings with a longer prong that accommodates the swelling, which is something that the hoop earrings will not adjust.

Lastly, the stud earrings are ideal because of their sharp tips plus the narrow posts, which will gently pierce the ear and then easily stay in place throughout as the piercing heals.


Can You wear other earrings after the healing period?

Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce

While the piercing earrings are meant to be worn 24/7, you wouldn’t have to wear the piercing stud earrings all the time after the piercing heals.

After the healing period, you can change out of the starter earrings into other types of earrings, like a hoop and dangling earrings.

In case of earlobe earrings, you should stick with the lightweight, stud-style earrings for a minimum of 6 months before you start wearing something much heavier.

And with the cartilage piercings, you may want to give it 12 months with the lightweight stud earrings, and even after, you should avoid the heavy earrings for the cartilage piercings.


Some Tips for wearing earrings when you first pierced

Do You Have To Get A Stud Earring When You First Pierce

  • Choose the right type of piercing studs, preferably, and 1.6mm stud, because you don’t want stud earrings that is too thin that they may fall out.
  • When you first get your ears pierced, you will have to keep the piercing stud earrings on for at least 6 weeks, 24/7, as the piercing heals.
  • Stick to the lightweight stud earrings for a minimum of 6 months after getting the piercings
  • To ensure that the new piercing doesn’t close, don’t remove the piercing jewelry during the healing period. And if you ever have to remove the jewelry temporarily, don’t leave it out for more than 24 hours.
  • Always wash your hands with soap and warm water before you touch your newly pierced ears.
  • Clean your piercings regularly and gently using a mild, detergent-free soap or maybe just saline water.
  • Look out for signs of trouble early on and clean the piercings well. If you suspect that you may have an infection, seek professional help early on. Signs to look out for include smelling, pain, swelling, redness, and in some cases, there will be pus on the piercing site.
  • As the piercing starts to heal, there will be scabbing, but don’t be afraid about it.


It is recommended to wear stud earrings with new piercings because they are safer and comfortable with new piercings and will encourage faster healing while also ensuring that the piercings don’t have a bend in them.

Finally, you need to make sure that you get your piercing from a professional.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!