Do Women’s Belt and Shoes Have To Match? – Check Our Advice

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Isn’t it funny how, somewhere along mankind’s journey to civilization, the fashion world decided that there are rules that humans have to stick to look well-put-together?

But just like me, many of you are not sticklers for rules, and you’d rather wear all black and look classy effortlessly than follow some rules on which color goes well with what and how you should never mix A and B.

And so, it comes as a huge relief to see the younger generations, Z and X, smashing these rules, making new ones as they go, and looking fabulous every day.

Rules are meant to be broken, after all. So, what is your take on belts and shoes? Should women only wear brown belts with brown shoes, or can we wear belts and shoes in any other color that pleases us?

Please keep reading to learn more about what we think of this subject. We’ll also share tips on styling belts and shoes effortlessly. So, let’s get into it!


Do belts and shoes have to match exactly?

Not necessarily. Belts and shoes don’t have to match. But if you work in a traditional setting, you may have to go for the classic, traditional look and match your shoes with the belt. But you don’t have to match the shoes too.

do womens belt and shoes have to match

The upside to this look is that no one will tell you if it turns out that you look badly dressed, especially if everyone else is going for the same look.

For a more fashion-forward look, you may want to avoid going for matchy-matchy pieces. Different shades of the primary color you settle on will look good, especially if you are going for brown. The belt and the shoes don’t have to match 100%.

However, we generally recommend matching your belt, shoes, and even the handbag when dressing up for formal events and in formal settings. This look is easy to pull off, but it’s also stylish and sleek.

And so, if there is one place where you should not break the old fashion and style rules, it’s here. A woman in the bold suit will only look complete and ideally put together with matchy shoes and a belt.

It has nothing to do with being conservative or being afraid of breaking the rules; it’s this elegant look that makes any woman look her very best.


Why should your belt match your shoes?

Generally, you should wear a belt that matches your shoes if you are dressing up for a formal setting. In such cases, the belt and shoes should match or closely match.

Besides color, the quality, texture, and leather for the belt and shoes need to match; and you also need to think about the texture of your suit (pantsuit, skirt suit, or dress suit).

do womens belt and shoes have to match

Some Rules of Matching Your Belt to Your Shoes

How then should you match your belt and shoes?

1. Belt Color

When matching your belt and shoes, you need to make sure they match and never clash. This means that the shoe color and the belt color should ideally be the same, not just in color but also in shade, quality, fabric, and texture.

Wearing shoes that match your belt will give you the sharpest look. So, when shopping for belts or shoes, go for brands that sell matching shoes and belts, or at the very least, companies that will always have different shades of belts and shoes to make it easy for you to pick and add new pieces to your wardrobe.


2. Choose accessories in the same color family

For casual or semi-formal settings, you can break the matchy-matchy look by going for belts and shoes that blend well or complement each other well. They don’t have to match completely, but if they are coordinated, you will still look elegant.

Perhaps you could try wearing gray loafers with your black belt or cognac shoes paired with a brown and navy belt. Such options may seem bold and not so easy to pull off at first, but just give it a try.

The best part is that ladies get to have more fun with the colors of their shoe belts, even the style, and designs. So throw away the idea that matching all your accessories is the prerequisite for great style, and embrace change and different styles.

Doing this will free you up, and you will enjoy a larger variety of accessories, looking elegant with different outfits and accessories pretty much daily.

do womens belt and shoes have to match

3. Choosing and Wearing belts correctly

If you want to wear a belt on your natural waist, whether higher or lower, consider wearing the belt over a dress, a sweater, coat, or trench coat.

This will define your waistline beautifully while making your body proportions and figure stand out. In such cases, the belt will stand out better when it matches your heels.

However, always consider the belt’s width if you are wearing the belt for your jeans or pants. Pay attention to this important rule, the bigger the loops of the pants, the thicker the belt needs to be. Do this to prevent the belt from moving up and down.

Here is a breakdown of these rules:

  • Belts for dresses are between 1-2cm in width
  • A belt that goes well over your jacket, sweater, coat, cardigan, or trench coat is between 2 and 5cm.
  • For jeans, pants, and skirts, go for a belt between 3 and 4cm.
  • Dresses also look great with wider 5-12cm belts. These belts are also great because they emphasize your waist, especially with pants/ skirts and tops.

On the other hand, you could wear a metallic or thin belt with your dresses and the coats.

do womens belt and shoes have to match

4. Mismatching your belt and shoes

While we recommend matching your belt with shoes, this is a preferable look in formal settings. For casual wear, the occasion notwithstanding, you get to try out different styles, including mixing up the colors of the belt and the shoes.

Mixing up these accessories goes a long way in bringing out your personality while making you look your very best comfortably. If you love color, this is your opportunity to show off; you could try out different shades of a primary color for the belt and the shoes.


5. Choose pieces that compliment your style

Whether you prefer mixing your black and browns or you have to match everything for that solid, formal, executive look, you need to make sure that the pieces you choose and how you wear them best complement your style.

do womens belt and shoes have to match

Don’t choose shoes and belt colors because they look good on someone else; consider your style and wardrobe, then pick pieces that feel like you. If you like to wear bold pieces on occasion, invest in some bold pieces that you can wear on casual days.

And even when your accessories are not matchy, ensure that they tie in well with the rest of your outfit and accessories. Your handbag and coat/ blazer come into play here, so consider them before wearing a belt and shoes that aren’t exactly matchy.


6. Sneakers

If you are wearing sneakers or any other casual shoes, go for a brown belt with your blue or white pants.



Women’s belts and shoes don’t have to match, but we recommend matching them when dressing for a formal setting. Read more fashion tips here or here

Hey! I finally find the Answer!