Do Women Really Need Jewellery?-Quick Answer

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Jewelry has been worn by women for centuries now. Its popularity is only increasing with every passing year. This is a result of the many new styles and designs jewelers keep introducing to the market. Women love jewelry because it completes and compliments their outfits and not to mention accentuating their best features. So, jewelry is an important aspect of every woman.

The real question however is whether or not women really need jewelry. Is it possible for women to live without them? These are the questions we will be tackling in this post. We will also look at why jewelry is so important to women and whether or not it makes them more elegant.


Do Women Really Need Jewelry?

Do women really need jewellery

Before we delve into this question, let’s take some time to think about what jewelry brings to the table for women. To begin with, jewelry has been used as a measure of attraction for women for a long time. Women were always expected to accessorize and were seen as more attractive when they did. To add to it, can you imagine putting on an outfit without any jewelry. It’s safe to say the outfit would look dull and feel incomplete without the added beautiful touch of jewelry.

But even with that said, do women really need jewelry? No, they do not. While jewelry is important, it is not the basis of a woman’s beauty. Women have a natural beauty they can rock without the help of accessorizing. Jewelry is therefore what you would call a cherry on top or a bonus. Sure, it adds to the beauty of a woman by accentuating her best features and dialing down on her not do great ones. Still, it doesn’t form the foundation of her beauty, and as such, a woman doesn’t need jewelry.

That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with wanting jewelry. Given the benefits it has, a woman is allowed to have some jewelry and enjoy putting them on.

It does not in any way indicate her dissatisfaction with her natural appearance. In any case, women also use jewelry as a form of self-expression.

It’s the same way an artist uses paints and a writer uses words to express themselves, but you wouldn’t say that they need these things to survive. It’s just a means.

Do women really need jewellery

Why Is Jewelry Important To Women?

We have already established the fact that jewelry is important to women, but why is it so important. Some women love jewelry so much they wear them daily, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are several reasons for this, but mainly we must consider that it is something women have worn for ages now. Other than that, here are a few of the important reasons why women value jewelry so much:

1. It’s an inherited practice.

Like we mentioned before, wearing jewelry for women is a practice that has existed for the longest time.

In many cultures, jewelry was seen as a way of enhancing a woman’s beauty.

This practice has been passed down continually to many generations of women. As such it has become like a norm and the reason why jewelry is valued by women.

Do women really need jewellery

2. It is an important ornament for special occasions.

During special occasions, we all love to look our best and pull out all the stops to ensure we do so.

For women, this involves putting on their favorite jewelry to complete their favorite outfits.

Remember how happy, giddy and fancy you felt all dressed up as a child, that’s the same feeling women have when they put on their jewelry.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or graduation, not wearing jewelry would mean having a dull outfit, and no one wants that.


3. It boosts a woman’s self-confidence.

Do women really need jewellery

Again, this does not mean that a woman who loves jewelry isn’t happy with her appearance.

The truth is we all have flaws because no one is perfect. What jewelry does for women is it accentuates their best features and hides those flaws.

That way a woman focuses on her beauty and feels good about themselves.


4. It was and is a valuable gift women get from their partners.

In many cultures all around the world, jewelry is seen as an invaluable gift a woman can receive from her husband or lover.

This includes engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary gifts. As such the jewelry becomes valuable and important to the woman because it is a representation of their partner’s love for them.

Do women really need jewellery

5. It carries sentimental value.

Husbands and lovers are not the only ones who can gift women jewelry. Sometimes women receive jewelry from family and friends or buy them with a particular meaning behind it.

Other times the jewelry could have been passed down to the woman as an heirloom.

Whichever the case, the jewelry is carried just as much sentiment for the woman and is therefore invaluable to her.


6. It is a good investment.

This of course depends on the quality and type of jewelry a woman has, but jewelry is one of the best forms of investment.

For jewelry made of gold especially, you can invest in your future or that of your kids through it. That is because high-quality gold jewelry is durable and highly valuable.

On top of that, it does not depreciate in value. Hence it is one of the best ways to store your wealth, and resell later to earn a profit.

Do women really need jewellery

Are Women Who Wear Jewelry More Elegant Than Women That Don’t?

While it’s clear that many women value jewelry, not all of them do. Some women never wear jewelry. This could be for various reasons. One of them could be that they aren’t able to afford them or don’t see jewelry as important enough to buy. Another reason could be their personal or spiritual beliefs that may be against wearing jewelry.

Some women may avoid jewelry because of allergic reactions or sensitive skin. There are others however who just are not comfortable with putting on jewelry. It’s really all a matter of personal opinion.

So, what does it mean for such women? Does it mean they look less attractive or elegant for not wearing jewelry? Like we’ve mentioned, jewelry is simply an accessory, the icing on the cake. While it may enhance a woman’s beauty it does not determine it. Elegance is not just a matter of appearance. It is also a matter of character. It is how you carry yourself as a woman. It is also how you interact with others and express yourself in front of others.

Do women really need jewellery

The problem is, society today associates elegance with the jewelry you wear, and that too in terms of its value. But just because a woman is well dressed and appears to be eloquent and classy, doesn’t mean that she is. Similarly, just because a woman isn’t glammed up with fancy jewelry doesn’t mean that she lacks etiquette and decorum.

Appearances are all that they seem to be. So, in summary, a woman who doesn’t wear jewelry is in no way less elegant than a woman who does. Elegance hasn’t measured the jewelry you put on.



To sum up the main point of this post, jewelry is important for most women. Over time it has become an essential part of their daily life.

Some women can’t imagine walking out of the house without their favorite jewelry. That doesn’t mean that women need jewelry to be attractive.

It also doesn’t mean that a woman’s elegance is determined by her jewelry. Still, there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to have jewelry.

They are after all an expression of who they are, and if it makes them feel good and special then why not. It’s all a matter of preference and taste, and that varies from one individual to another.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!