Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry? – Jewelry Tips For Straight Guys

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It may seem like one of those things that we shouldn’t be talking about in this day and age, especially because this has got to be the most liberal the human race has been.

However, here we are, still talking about it because some people still raise eyebrows when they see men in jewelry, and most notably, men who wear earrings are often sexually judged by outsiders.

So, we’ll start by saying that straight men can wear jewelry as long as it makes them happy and they pair and style it the right way.

To learn more about jewelry for straight men, keep reading.


Do straight men wear jewelry?

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

For starters, great men understand that great jewelry pieces are a man’s (and woman’s) great friend. This jewelry is long-lasting and reliable, and the best part is that the jewelry will bring out the best in you.

For a stylish man, jewelry represents the finishing touch that brings everything together, setting you apart from the crowd.

The right jewelry is essentially the most meaningful token that allows you to express your personality rather seamlessly, and it’s also the most significant accessory you could wear.

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

And as long as you consider the fact that only a small amount of jewelry goes a long way so that even one or maybe two good-quality pieces and the few pieces will always go a long way,  then you should go ahead and wear the jewelry.

In other words, straight men can wear jewelry, and there is no harm in wearing jewelry just because you are a man.


Are men supposed to wear jewelry?

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

Uhm, yes. While there are no real rules for jewelry, and if they are there, the rules are meant to be broken, there is nothing wrong with men wearing jewelry.

Men can and should wear jewelry. Whether men are allowed to or supposed to wear jewelry is not the question because historically, men have always worn jewelry.

For as long as anyone can remember and how far back the historical books go, men have always dripped in jewelry, especially gold. Notable, men wore jewelry more than women.

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

One evidence of this is seen in Hans Holbein’s famous portrait that he did of Henry VIII. This imposing Tudor monarch portrayed in the portrait is all decked out in pearls, gold, and jewels.

But not just that, there is also the 16th-century portrait of writer and nobleman Sir Walter Raleigh who was heavily adorned in ornate clothing and also had pearls dangling from his cloak, as well as his ears.

And there’s more, The Mungal emperors and the Maharajas wore their weight in the finest varieties of jewelry, and the amount of ornaments that the men had on from the olden days are incomparable to what men wear today.

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

If anything, most men shy away from jewelry today; if anything, men shy away from jewelry and prefer minimalist pieces. Pirates also wore jewelry, and though everything changed and fewer men started wearing jewelry, it took a while for men to get into it again.

The good news is that in recent days, fashion and style codes on masculinity have been changing and have loosened up. Today, the traditional line between femininity and masculinity has blurred.

So, while things changed along the way with jewelry becoming more of an accessory in the female domain, an increasing number of men has been seen experimenting with jewelry more than ever.

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

But the evolution of jewelry has been a long time coming, and it’s been smooth, especially with several elements of streetwear constituting some of the best jewelry options attached to the otherwise masculine stereotypes.

In 2011, for example, rapper Ye (Kanye West) wore a leather Givenchy kilt while on tour, causing a huge hoo-ha, but now when he looks back, he sees his decision as an important moment in fashion, and he regards it as some kind awakening in fashion.

The biggest change in fashion didn’t just take place in the 2000s, but it started back in the 1970s when it became standard for men to wear watches and their austere wedding bands, as well as a signet or school rings.

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

This took place in North America and spread to the rest of the western world, as well as subcultural variations. And then, in the wake of the Hippy Area, men wore more jewelry, with more young men wearing single stud earrings.

Worn on the right ear, the stud earring was an important fashion accessory, but on the other side, the stud earring’s meaning meant that the wearer was gay. And this was the thing that forced men to abandon jewelry or wear it conservatively.

Things have changed a lot since the 90s, with more men wearing jewelry and adoring them all very boldly. One man most notable for their stunning jewelry options is the late Chadwick Boseman who and who wore large diamond brooches from the large jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

He has since been recognized as a trendsetter. Away from him and other actors, hip-hop artists and rappers are now known for wearing the biggest and the brightest heavy gold chains, medallions, bracelets, rings, tooth caps, mouth grills, and even phone covers made of high-quality precious stones and metals.

These changes have all been made possible by the huge cultural shifts and jewelry brands’ adoption and creation of the widest varieties of men’s jewelry. So, if you are still wondering if men should wear jewelry, the answer is yes.


What do people think about men wearing jewelry?

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

Today, men seen wearing jewelry are considered bold and confident. Also, these men are appreciated for embracing their feminine side, which is an important thing in the modern world that we live in today.

Men wearing jewelry are also considered stylish, elegant, and highly sophisticated.

The best part is that with leading jewelry designers create some of the best jewelry options for men. So, for men looking for beautiful, masculine pieces, jewelers are now creating jewelry pieces with perfect geometry and simple gemstones.

Also, the jewelry is made of the finest quality materials like leather, solid gold, and silver, as well as precious and semi-precious materials. There also are edgy, and now would be the best time for men to make a turn.


Can fashion jewelry make men more attractive?

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

Yes, fashion jewelry makes men much more attractive.

And with more men wearing jewelry as a way of self-expression and as a symbol of wealth and style, innovative fashion jewelry designs make men look more attractive.


Top jewelry rules that make men more attractive

1. Keep it simple

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

The first and the most important rule of fashion is to keep it simple. Going all out may seem like a good ideal, but this is not always the case because nothing beats a simple look from simple jewelry put together well.

For starters, you should start with a classic leather-strapped watch made of silver.

And if you have been wearing a simple watch and ring because it is affordable, you may want to switch things up by getting a sportier watch, say a diving watch made with a band made of high-quality stainless steel.


2. Match the metals

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

The other trick to looking stylish is matching the jewelry’s metals.

You can always start with gold or silver tones, depending on the metal tone that looks the best on you. If you are starting, wear one metal tone at a time.


3. Invest in the basics

As you build your jewelry collection and ensure that you have the right pieces of jewelry for every occasion, you need to make sure that you have the basics right.

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

  • Cufflinks– The basic pieces to incorporate include cufflinks in gold, platinum, or sterling silver. The cufflinks you settle on could also have semi-precious stones or enamel, such as onyx and lapis lazuli or rubies and sapphires. The cufflinks also come in different types and styles, but the typical cufflink style for you to invest in is the French Cuff or even the double cufflink.
  • Waistcoat buttons and shirt studs. These are not popular accessories today, but if you consider yourself a classic man, you may have at least one of these for formal White Tie or Black Tie functions.
  • Watch– a watch is the oldest piece of jewelry worn by a man and is the most important accessory for you. When wearing a watch with a metallic band, you should know that the timepiece is more than a piece of jewelry; it will complete your look seamlessly. You could also stack it alongside bracelets. Just make sure that you have the finest quality watch.
  • Rings– you can wear a wedding ring or a signet ring.

Other essentials include tie clips, collar pins, chains and fobs, and the best of chains, necklaces, and bracelets.


4. Style tips for necklaces

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

Necklaces are a staple for the modern man, and every man needs to have more than a few staples.

The best necklaces for men include the colorful glass beaded necklace, a simple box chain necklace, gold necklaces, and the best pendant necklaces.

You should pair necklaces with a plain t-shirt, white socks, trainers, and jeans when wearing necklaces.


5. Fit and proportions

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

Wear a large bracelet if you have a thick wrist and thinner or small bracelets with thin wrists. Also, avoid bracelets that are too loose and clunky.


6. Dress for the occasion

Do Straight Men Wear Jewelry

You can wear jewelry everywhere, but you don’t have to wear it all the time, especially when the occasion doesn’t call for it.



Straight men can wear jewelry, and there is no harm in that because a man who understands their style and taste will always look exquisite in jewelry.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!