Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings? – Detailed Answer & Tips

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Nose piercing is a process that involves making a hole on either side of one’s nostril. This practice originated in India and has garnered popularity worldwide in the past few centuries.

Ideally, this practice was meant for women, but with the evolving world, both genders have been allowed to explore the possibility of having a nose piercing.

Consequently, nose piercings are a neutral act that does not determine one’s sexuality. However, speculations have it that men should get pierced on the right nose, but one can have it on either side.


Are nose piercings attractive on guys?

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Nose piercings, like any other piercing, will not look good on everyone. One guy might look good with a nose piercing, but that does not necessarily mean all will look good.

However, many men with this type of piercing have been termed attractive by both genders, and this has compelled even more men to pierce their noses.

Nose piercings have always added extra beauty to an individual, so it will be vague to argue that it can only make women attractive, not men.

Apart from that, this piercing makes one look more fashionable and confident in themselves. Several men who have heard this piercing before have been lucky to be shortlisted among the sexiest men.


Do straight guys get nose piercings? Why?

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Yes, straight guys get nose piercings in large numbers. As mentioned earlier, nose piercing is a neutral act that does not determine someone’s sexuality.

In the past, a man getting a nose piercing on his right side meant that he was straight, and those who had it on their left nose were labeled as gay.

But that narrative has slowly been done away with as men can get piercings on either side of their nostrils without being judged for who they are or rather their sexuality.

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Nose piercings do not have a specific role in one’s life, and so those straight men who have nose piercings have a number of reasons best known to them.

Nevertheless, some of the common reasons why straight men may decide to have a nose piercing are to; look attractive and appealing.

Others may decide to have it for fun and others for a certain cultural practice, religion, tribal reasons, or even rituals.

Nose piercings also enhance their facial features making them appear bolder and more noticeable.


What side of the nose piercing is straight for guys?

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Initially, some traditions and cultures thought piercings should be done on the left for straight women and on the right for straight men.

These ideas have, however, been brushed off as both a straight man and a gay man could have a piercing on either side of their faces.

As long as an individual is comfortable with it and it meets their expectations, they can have a piercing on any side of their nostrils or even both.

A nose piercing is just a simple act of beauty on someone’s face depending on whether their faces are symmetrical or asymmetrical.

A big percentage of those who have a preference believe that the piercing will look better on a certain side of their face than the other.


Tips for getting nose pierced for straight guys

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Tips for getting a nose piercing mainly depend on someone’s preference. With a wide range of styles, someone has an option of settling for something that is either too conspicuous or not.

But despite the fact that the decision on how the piercing is done and on which side lies in the hands of the individual, a number of things need to be looked at that will aid one in making this decision.


The location of the piercing

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Nose piercing, just like any type of piercing, have diverse ways of having it done.

The notion that it can only be done in one place is slowly being buried away as one can surprisingly have it in multiple places, including the most common, which are the; nostril, high nostril, septum, bridge, vertical tip or even the nasal Lang.


Talking to a fellow straight guy who has had a nose piercing before

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Having this conversation with someone who has walked this path before would ease the doubtful nature of humans and make them more sure and confident with the decisions they have made.

This will also familiarize the person with what to expect and the possible outcome. This will help a guy know what kind of piercing to take, what piercing shop to visit, how much should one have for a successful piercing, and what are the DOs and DONTs.


Being ready for the side effects

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

The healing process of a nose piercing is not a walk in the park, and many things must be considered.

After the piercing, anyone, whether straight or not, should be ready for several things, including infections that come as a result of improper hygiene, allergic reactions to different metals, and not taking care of the nose piercing as advised.


Be aware of the myths about nose piercing in straight men

Do Straight Guys Get Nose Piercings

Most people have associated nose piercing in men with being gay, and this might affect one’s mental state or, worse, bring about stigma.

Awareness of this myth and its possible outcome will make it easy for any straight man planning to get a nose piercing to meander through.  


In conclusion to this, we can confidently state that nose piercings are not meant for a specific gender or do not reveal one’s sexuality as such as earlier speculated.

These piercings can be done on either side of one face, and their main aim is to enhance beauty, build confidence and normalize acceptance of oneself.

Furthermore, research has revealed that men with nose piercings, whether straight or gay tend to be much more attractive.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!