Do Rings Make Your Fingers Look Longer Or Shorter?-Quick Answer

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Picking and wearing the right accessories can be fun, but it is also one of the more challenging things because there are cases where the gorgeous ring you bought doesn’t look any good or as good as you imagined.

So, how then do you make sure that the ring you buy accentuates your appearance without making your fingers appear longer or shorter than they really are, especially if you are insecure about either scenario/ appearance?

Well, in this article, we share what you need to know about rings affecting the appearance of your fingers and what to do instead to make sure that the rings chosen make your finger look elegant.


Do rings make your fingers look longer or shorter?

Do rings make your fingers look longer or shorter

Yes, rings could potentially make your fingers look shorter or longer; and it all depends on the style, along with the width of the chosen ring. The shape of your fingers matters as well, as does the finger that the ring is on.

At the end of the day, how the ring makes your fingers look will vary based on two elements – proportionality and balance. There’s really no black or white in this regard, and it is not guaranteed that a ring would make the fingers look longer or shorter.

So, maybe, the rings would make your fingers appear longer or shorter. In most cases, you’d have to try our different styles and sizes of the rings to determine if the ring fits and suits your fingers or not.


Do rings make your fingers thinner?

Do rings make your fingers look longer or shorter

If this is your intention, a ring will make your fingers appear thinner if the balance and the proportions are considered. Some of the things that determine how your fingers look when you have the ring on include the ring setting, the shape of your hand, the shape and size of the stone, nail design, as well as the length and the width of the finger.

To make your fingers appear thinner, especially if you have wider fingers, some of the things you could try include;

  • Wearing a ring with a heavy stone,
  • And for more of a modern look, consider rings with the following style features – marquise and princess-cut rings, angular-shaped rings, asymmetrical ring styles, and also rings with round and oval stone with cluster designs.


What Ring Will Look Best on Your Finger?

Now that you have an idea of what to expect in terms of the ring designs that would make your fingers appear thinner, let’s take a more detailed look into what kinds of rings would be best for you, depending on the shape of your finger/ hand.

Do rings make your fingers look longer or shorter

Perfect ring style formula for your hand

Yes, there is such a thing as the right formula for the perfect match when it comes to choosing the right ring for your fingers.

The formula is as follows:

The length of the finger x width of the finger + ring shape and the ring style = the perfect match.

Essentially, when you’re considering rings of different designs, you’d have to consider the width and the length of the finger and also the overall size of the finger.


Nail size, length, and shape

Do rings make your fingers look longer or shorter

If your nails are often trimmed short, long, shaped, and manicured, these will determine how the ring makes the fingers look. Generally, longer nails tend to lengthen the overall appearance of your fingers.

Long Fingers

  • Most of the engagement ring styles are designed for thin and long fingers. But the princess-cut rings or the ones with round stone would be much more flattering.
  • The wider bands would also complement your finger’s length
  • And if you have longer fingers, you will get away with the bold ring styles.

Rings for slender fingers

Opt for the rings with smaller stones because these would give your thin fingers an appearance of being wider.

The thick bands are also ideal for widening the slender fingers if this is your intention.


Rings for the short fingers

Do rings make your fingers look longer or shorter

If you have short fingers, it means that you should be looking for the rings that would elongate the fingers, the width notwithstanding. Some of the best ring designs for you to try include:

  • The oval, marquise, and pear stones that would lengthen the fingers,
  • Try rectangular and emerald-cut stones, but you only need to ensure that the size of the stone is not too big or overwhelming.
  • Also, opt for the narrow-width and slender bands because these would create an illusion of extra length.

For wider fingers

Choose rings that would not show too much of the skin on the sides. These include the cluster ring styles, medium, and thick banded rings, rectangular, emerald, oval, and marquise shapes with narrow stones, and also the asymmetrical or angular shapes.

Big knuckles

If you have big knuckles, you could draw attention away from them by opting for the heavier and thicker bands.

Rings for small hands

The small round, oval, princess-cut, and heart-shaped rings will work great because they ensure an overall sense of proportionality with the smaller hand.

Rings for larger hands

If you have larger hands, you have to be creative, although you could also get away with the rings in the chunkier or clunkier styles.

Do rings make your fingers look longer or shorter

Tips for choosing rings to make your fingers look longer

  • To make your fingers look longer rather than shorter, we recommend opting for the narrow-width rings and/or rings with a slender band.
  • And regarding the ring styles, we recommend the marquise-cut, oval-cut, and pear-cut diamond rings.



Thanks to balance and proportionality, rings would make your fingers look as you’d desire – that is, longer or even shorter.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!