Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry? (Interesting Discovery in 2024)

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Rap culture appears to always have been all about flashiness, and it’s not enough that one actually makes it – rappers are somehow expected to show off and to tell everyone around them that they’ve actually made it – even when they haven’t.

In trying to keep up, most rappers end up buying and wearing fake jewelry. Some even go to the extent of renting out the flashy jewelry just to look the part.

So, do rappers actually wear fake jewelry?


Do rappers wear fake jewelry?

Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry

Well, subtlety is and never has been a part of the rap culture. Rappers are all about attention-seeking, and since we all know that most of them don’t make as much as they’d want us to think they do, there is a high likelihood that most of the rappers actually wear fake jewelry.

Most rappers wear big silver-ish and gold jewelry, whether in the form of chains, gold teeth, rings, or earrings and though they make us believe that what they have on is actual/ pure gold or silver, very few people can afford that much jewelry all made of pure gold or silver.

In most cases, the gold jewelry worn by these rappers is neither pure gold nor silver, and most aren’t even solid 14k or 18k gold, but gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry made of cheaper metal bases like brass or copper. They also wear a lot of silver-plated jewelry.

In other words, costume or fashion jewelry, which is better known as fake jewelry.


Why do rappers wear fake jewelry?

Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry

From the rappers’ point of view, it makes sense to wear fake jewelry. The primary reason why this is the case is that the rappers believe that they are selling the dream to all their fans across the world, and dressing in the flashiest clothes and jewelry offers the best way for them to sell this dream.

There is also the fact that for the rappers, wearing fake flashy jewelry is a lot like an important part of their costume – just as is the case with country artists who don cowboy hats and cowboy boots.

The other reason why rappers wear fake, flashy jewelry is that the rap culture is all about being able to flaunt your assets. The flashy chains and the ‘designer clothes’ give rappers a way of showing off and telling everyone around them that they have made it, that they are living the dream.

Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry

In some cases, rappers will drive what looks like very expensive cars, but they don’t always afford or own the cars because their job and lifestyle focus on selling the dream. Everything is about the presentation to the rappers, a display of their apparent success, and in other cases, their untouchability.

Rappers believe that they need to look flashy and gaudy to sell off the dream, even when they don’t have the chance or the ability to buy those things or everything they want. They show off their successes outwardly, and fake jewelry is the first step to selling the dream well.

But, we cannot fault them. Real or fine jewelry is quite expensive and valuable. It would make sense to wear one or stack of 2 or 3 chain necklaces made of 14k gold, but then the fine jewelry made of solid gold is too expensive and valuable to show off.

Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry

Some of the rappers can afford the best of jewelry, though, and they wear them to show off their actual wealth and show their fans what’s possible.

For this breed of rappers, the decision to invest in the finest jewelry is a form of asset protection – they can fall back to these expensive pieces of jewelry, selling them and getting money back – when backed to a corner.


Why do rappers buy so much jewelry?

Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry

Rappers do this to either show off the flashiness of their lifestyles, to show that they are living the dream, or as mentioned above, it offers a great way for them to protect their money.

The chains, rings, grills, gold teeth, etc., serve as an asset that the rappers can fall back to in case things don’t work out or when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

The protection offered by jewelry from the legal system is a big reason why the rappers buy a lot of jewelry – while cops can take their cash away, they cannot confiscate their personal items, which is a big motivator for the rappers.


How many rappers wear fake jewelry?

Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry

Most rappers wear some form of fake jewelry at some point in their lives/ careers.

Rappers like Gucci Mane, Ugly God, Kevin Gate, Plies Tekashi 6IX9INE, and Big Sean have all admitted to wearing fake jewelry.


Where do rappers buy fake jewelry?

Do Rappers Wear Fake Jewelry

Most rappers buy their fake jewelry (even the real ones) from some of the leading jewelry stores in Los Angeles.

These stores often stock all kinds of jewelry that rappers are into, which is why the rappers often make their purchases in these stores, albeit under the presumption that they are buying authentic fine jewelry.



Rappers wear fake jewelry a lot, not just to show off their success or as part of rap culture, but also because the jewelry is a representation of their attitudes, hard work, and commitment.

Not all rappers can afford fine jewelry, though and others who can afford them are often unable to differentiate the real thing from the fakes, which means that they often end up with fake jewelry.

But when they do buy authentic jewelry, the driving force behind this often is the protection of their wealth, an expression of their joy, and a display of success.

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