Do Piercings Look Good On Big Ears?-Detailed Answer&Tips

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If your ears tend to stick out a lot, especially when you hold your hair back or up, you may be holding off on getting piercings or additional piercings.

But, you really shouldn’t do that. Though tempting to do everything you can to cover your big ears or prevent them from sticking out, which often means doing nothing that would draw any more attention to your ears, getting piercings and the right kind of jewelry would be a more effective way of drawing attention away from the ears.

So, yes, the right piercings will look great on big ears.


Do ear piercings make your ears look smaller or bigger?

Do Piercings Look Good On Big Ears

Ear piercings done right and accessorized with the right ear piercings will create a perfectly balanced look, which is why ear piercings for someone with big ears that always stand out will still look great and not draw unnecessary attention, as long as earrings balance out the appearance of your face.

The statement earrings, for example, are a great option for you if you have big ears, and they create an illusion of great balance and proportionality for a balanced feel.

That said, ear piercings don’t really make your ears look any bigger or smaller, as long as the size and the design of the earrings complement the shape and size of your ears.


Do piercings look good on big ears?

Do Piercings Look Good On Big Ears

Yes, ear piercings look great on persons with big ears. All you need is a pair of lobe ear piercings because these create a nice, classic feel on your large ears. This option often works great because you will have more room for you to play with. You could also add about 3 more lobe piercings or extra helix piercings for a fashionable and balanced look.

But you don’t want to draw attention to the ears, so you may want to work on keeping the number of piercings down and simple. Keep in mind that if your big ears tend to stick out, you should avoid the helix ear piercings because these would exaggerate the size of your ears.

Opt for the tragus piercings to avoid your ears from sticking out and for a nice cute or edgy look, again, depending on your personal style.


Best ear piercing for big ears?

Do Piercings Look Good On Big Ears

  • Opt for a nice pair of lobe earrings for a classic and simple look.
  • If you like a cute or edgy look, we recommend a row of three-lobe piercings or multiple helix piercings.
  • And to avoid the ears from sticking out, avoid helix piercings and go for the tragus piercings instead.
  • You could also try three lobe piercings for a nice edge.

Do Piercings Look Good On Big Ears

Tips for piercing your big ears

  • Self-expression– At the end of the day, the ear piercings you settle on will depend on your style. Even with big ears, you could create a simple classic look or an edgy look to match your style and without having to worry about your ears sticking out. So, before you settle on one type of earrings for your big ears, try out different types of ear piercings and earrings, from studs and cuffs to hoops and bars for the lobe, tragus, and/or helix piercings.
  • Know your limits– As mentioned above, your ears will stick out more if you get a helix piercing. But the tragus piercing will give you more of a cute and edgy look.
  • Get Creative– although not everything works for you if you have big ears, the best thing that you could do when it comes to piercings for big ears is to get creative with the piercing styles and how the piercings and earrings work with different hairstyles. If you are willing to try different looks/ styles, you will always find the perfect look and ear piercings for you.

Do Piercings Look Good On Big Ears

  • Try different styles, patterns, and shapes of earrings. Regardless of the ear piercings you settle on; you will look great if you opt for earrings in various styles and designs, especially since you have a larger space to work with.
  • Have fun with it– you cannot do anything to hide or reduce the size of your ears, and there is nothing bad about having big ears. So, the best thing you can do since the big ears are there to stay would be to go to town with them. Try new piercings, and if they don’t work, you won’t have to do anything much to the piercings. Understand your style and shape of face or contours, then play with different earring styles on different piercing placements.



If you have big ears that tend to stick out a bit, but you need to get piercings and wear the nice designs of earrings you’ve seen all around, you will be happy to know that you can wear the best earrings and have different types of piercings, as long as you know how to balance out the earrings. Generally, we recommend the lobe and tragus ear piercings for big ears.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!