Do Nipple Piercings Close After Years?(Detailed Answer in 2024)

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Do Nipple Piercings Close After Years? Nipple piercing closed after 1 day? You come to the right place. This post is to resolve your concerns.

There are indeed quite a few celebrities that have brought back the nipple ring, and that’s making more ladies- and men- jump in the bandwagon.

If you’re considering getting your nipples pierced, then you’d also want to know if they close up after years. It could be that you’ve decided to exit the nipple-piercing movement, or you’d like to take a break for one reason or another, like breastfeeding.

We’re here to answer this question and more. It helps to have this information so you can know the dos and don’ts. You also ought to remember that bodies are different. What we have here is what will generally happen to most people. For others, that is not the case. You do want to see a professional piercer when you get the nipple piercing done.

The reason for that is they are best placed to give you sound advice on what you should get. Don’t fear to ask too many questions as you want what is best for you when it comes to aftercare.



Do nipple piercings close after years?

The nipple is quite a sensitive area. The nipple piercing will indeed close up after years. Even if you’ve had the piercing for a few years, if you don’t wear the ring or the barbell, the hole will close fast, and within a few days.

What that means for you is you’ll need to get it re-pierced. However, there are those lucky ones who, even if they go years without putting jewelry, they will still have the hole.

They only challenge this category of people might have is that the hole will feel a bit tight. It will indeed be uncomfortable for a bit, but it gets better.



How fast do nipple piercings close after removal?

That’s the thing about piercings; how it reacts depends on your body. For some, the entire process will be a breeze, and they don’t have to worry about the holes closing.

For another, even within a few days, they’ll unfortunately close.

There is no stipulated time on how long it takes for the nipple piercing to close.

However, if the piercing has been there for a short time, for example, the six to twelve months have not lapsed, the piercing will start closing after about 24 hours.



Why nipple piercing close up?

The reason nipple piercings close up, especially when they are not entirely healed, is because the body treats the piercing as any wound- because it is.

Therefore, your body will work to heal the exposed area of flesh as a way to help prevent foreign bodies from getting into the body.

Again, for some, the hole will close after a long time or not at all. For others, the process of changing the nipple ring or barbell the first time will cause it to close.

After the piercing is healed, some have minimal scarring; sometimes, it leaves a mark. In some cases, you won’t even notice there was once a piercing. For some, the situation is not simple; they end up getting hypertrophic scarring or keloids.

In the worst-case scenario, your body might reject the piercing, and you end up with a scar that might even require surgery to fix. Aftercare is so important if you want to avoid any of these scenarios, especially if you’re not biologically designed to get them.



What to do when your new nipple piercing close up?

Well, should your nipple piercing close up, you have to get it re-pierced. It’s that simple.

The good thing is that it won’t be more painful or bring more complications than getting the first piercing.

Overall, thee is no bad part about getting it pierced. You’re merely starting the process again.



On average, nipple piercings take quite a lot of time to heal. For some, it takes a few months, about six, and for others, it will take as long as a year. Bodies are indeed different, and for some, the piercing never does heal.

You’re, therefore, stuck with sensitive nipples and also the risk of getting an infection if you don’t clean the area regularly. Either way, do remember that you shouldn’t take the piercing out before it heals. You should also stop on the aftercare just because it doesn’t feel as tender anymore.

You should also avoid activities that will bring about any form of infection before the 6-plus months’ lapse. That means no going to the pool, spa, and other bodies of water for that matter.

Also, be sure that you always use clean water to take a bath. You also avoid touching the nipple or playing with the barbell or ring that you have. You want the hole to heal undisturbed.

While it feels like there is a lot of care that goes into having a nipple ring, if it’s your kind of thing, it is totally worthwhile.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!