Do Mood Rings Expire? – How Long Do They Last?

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If you follow trends, you may own one or more mood rings because they are the fad today, and the mood rings allow you to enjoy fashion while showing what you feel.

The rings are cool and stylish, and they make great accessories, especially for days that call for casual and fun pieces.

But while it may working perfectly, reminding you to slow down, then it turns red or reminds you that you are loved when it turns dark blue or purple, you may be wondering if it will always work that way and if it is worth investing in for the long run.

So, let’s take a look at some important aspects of mood rings; also, how long your mood ring last if you bought one today?


Brief Introduction to Mood Ring

Do Mood Rings Expire

A mood ring, as the name suggests, is a ring that boasts thermochromic properties or elements it which keep changing depending on the finger’s temperature.

The first mood ring was made in 1975, but they are a rage today as they were back then. Essentially, the mood ring detects the temperature of your finger, and then it changes color depending on your emotions.

So, when you’re angry, the ring will change to a different color from the color it was when you were happy and excited.

Do Mood Rings Expire

That said, it’s important to remember that mood rings are not 100% reliable and are not very accurate in how they reflect your changing moods or emotions.

However, by detecting the temperature changes that result from changes in your body’s physiological systems and reactions, these internal sentiments are reflected by the change in the color of the crystals in the ring.

The stones that are used for mood rings consist of thermotropic liquid crystals that bend and move in response to your body’s temperature changes.

Do Mood Rings Expire

When the crystals move, they show or express a different color, and the color change represents your mood or emotions. In mood ring lore, the colors of the mood rings represent different feelings and emotions.

Note that the rings stop working or turn black because temperature changes cause twisting of the individual crystals as light passes through them.

As light passes through the crystals, they refract and absorb light in different sections of the color spectrum, which is why you see different colors.

So, depending on the color changes, the ring will reflect different emotions that correspond to the colors on the chart that comes with the ring.


What is a mood ring made of?

Do Mood Rings Expire

Away from the stones and crystals, the settings of the mood rings are also variable and made of different substances. However, most mood rings are set on different metallic substances, with silver being the most popular choice of metal for mood rings.

Silver or sterling silver is an inexpensive metal, and in some cases, it is used as a base metal. But for the mood stone itself, the ring is made with a unique type of crystal.

This also means that there are different mood rings depending on the type of crystals used for the mood stone. So, mood stones also come in different shades.

Do Mood Rings Expire

Just to reiterate, the crystals that make up the mood stone differ, but they are all mostly made of multiple types of liquid crystals contained in quartz or glass containers.

The container that houses the crystals is also very important because it protects the crystals from exposure and damage from excess heat or excess moisture, the two most damaging to the mood rings.

That said, you will be happy to know that mood rings come in different shapes and sizes.

Do Mood Rings Expire

Essentially, mood rings come as a kind of sandwich jewelry where the bottom layer of the ring is made up of the ring itself, often made of a metal like sterling silver or silver plating on brass.

Then you have a strip of liquid crystals that are glued on the ring, then covered in a dome-like glass or quartz.


Do Mood Rings Expire?

Do Mood Rings Expire

The mood rings are designed to reflect the wearer’s mood depending on the finger’s temperature, albeit in a chameleon-like manner. However,  how long the mood ring lasts largely depends on the quality of the ring.

So, if you invest in the highest quality mood ring, you can expect the ring to tide you over a couple of years. The ring could also last decades, but only with proper care.

Interestingly, a few mood rings made in the 1970s can still be purchased from antique shops, and they are still in perfect working condition.

Do Mood Rings Expire

Generally, it is important to keep in mind that mood rings are extremely susceptible to moisture and heat, which means that the ring lasts longer when it is kept free of water and heat, but it would break down too soon if you expose it to moisture.

If moisture seeps into the ring’s crystals, it will soon stop working, and you can tell that it has sustained damage when it becomes unresponsive.

So, it is safe to say that the mood ring will expire when you expose it to moisture and high-temperature conditions; you shouldn’t leave the ring in a humid area or next to a heat source because the mood ring would be damaged by exposure to high temperature.

Do Mood Rings Expire

You should be careful not to leave the ring on your car’s dashboard or a window because exposing it to high heat for long periods will cause irreparable damage.

All these also mean that if you have had your mood ring for years, you may want to handle it with more care because the ring is very vulnerable, especially to moisture.

In other words, when it comes to how soon the ring will expire, you’d want to keep an open mind because if you handle it improperly and expose it to water, it may stop working in weeks, if not days.


Can a mood ring stop working?

Do Mood Rings Expire

Yes, even with proper care, the mood ring could stop working. But as mentioned above, it may last a couple of years and an average of 5 years.


Does water or Temperature damage it?

Do Mood Rings Expire

When exposed to water or high temperatures, the mood ring will be damaged because once the water seeps into the stone and interacts with its crystals, it disrupts all the liquid crystals, making the jewelry unresponsive.

The ring may also turn black and become unresponsive. With damage from either moisture or heat, the mood rings will suffer irreparable damage.

So, once it becomes unresponsive or turns black, the ring stops working, and that often means that the ring can no longer function as a mood ring. To prolong the function of the mood ring, we recommend keeping it away from water/ moisture and high temperatures.


Tips for storing your Mood Ring for longer usage

Do Mood Rings Expire

  • Remove the mood ring from your hand when washing your hands
  • Store it in a safe space and at room temperature when you are not wearing the ring
  • Keep the ring away from your car’s dashboard, heater, or cooker
  • Take the ring off when working with your hands, especially in the kitchen.


Ultimately, like most things under the sun, your mood will expire.

The only thing you have control over is how long the ring lasts, meaning that you can extend its life by keeping it away from water and high temperatures.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!