Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish? – Quick Answer by Jewelry Maker

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Modern Gents, also known as Mod Gents, is a popular jewelry brand offering many high-quality jewelry options for men and women.

And so, the name notwithstanding, this might be the brand that you should consider shopping for a nice variety of elegant and high-quality jewelry varieties.

But since Modern Gents’ jewelry cannot be classified as fine jewelry and they don’t use gold or platinum, it is safe to say that you may be concerned about the durability and the overall quality of jewelry, especially on the effects of the jewelry, and whether they will cause tarnishing of your skin or not.

So, will jewelry, specifically rings made by Modern Gents, cause tarnishing or discoloration of the wearer’s skin?

Well, to answer this, we need first to take a look at everything you need to know about this jewelry company.


About Modern Gents rings

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

Modern Gents Trading Co. is a popular jewelry brand that was founded by Myran and Mike. The company was founded in 2017, and the two gentlemen came up with the idea of creating the best rings.

They were hanging out with their wives, and in this discussion, they had a rather deep discussion about engagement and wedding rings.

At the end of the discussion, they all agreed that the rings were way too overpriced, and above that, the search for the perfect ring was overwhelming.

On top of all that, they all agreed that despite the variety on the market, most of the available options were made of blood diamonds, or, put differently, the diamonds were mined inhumanely.

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

So, with all these cards on the table, the two gentlemen settled on changing things forever, and that is when they decided to create the company Modern Gents Trading Co.

They started the company with just one mission, to design and to manufacture the highest-quality, handcrafted rings designed using non-traditional materials that are also conflict-free.

The result of the jewelry they created included not just some of the most stunning rings but also some of the most affordable rings they could create.

In addition to creating the best high-quality rings that meet different budgets, Modern Gents also created a website that would ensure the best possible shopping experience.

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

The company also offers the best possible customer service experiences – all in line with the intentions and the foundation upon which the Modern Gents Trading Co. was founded. The company lives up to this vision to date.

The company stands 100% behind its product, and its main priority is making sure that its customers are happy. Their rings are high-quality, hand-crafted pieces crafted with precision, using the finest quality materials.

Also, the company prides itself on creating unique ring designs that stand the test of time while being affordable. The best part is that these rings will not turn your fingers green or black.


What are Modern Gents rings made of?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

The materials thatModern Gents uses to create rings include some of the strongest, most durable, tarnish-free, and also most hypoallergenic rings. These materials include

  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Titanium
  • 925 silver
  • CZ and other materials. The best part is that Modern Gents doesn’t use mined diamonds because most of the diamonds in the market are not conflict-free but are actually mined by individuals under inhumane conditions.

Do Modern Gents’ rings tarnish? Why?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

No, Modern Gents’ rings are tarnish resistant, and the reason for this is that the company uses tarnish-free materials such as tungsten carbide, titanium, and sterling silver.


Do Modern Gents rings turn your finger green?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

Modern Gents rings don’t turn the fingers green because the rings are made using the best quality 925 sterling silver, Titanium, and even tungsten carbide, all durable and tarnish=-free metals that will not leave a green discoloration on your skin.

And because the company puts in the very best efforts in the jewelry creation process, they also give a lifetime guarantee for their rings. Also, they offer a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

So, for anyone searching for the best quality rings made of durable materials that will not discolor the fingers, Modern Gents offers the perfect solutions for all its customers. Their rings are also ethically-sourced, and the rings are all quite affordable.

Modern Gents handcrafts their jewelry using premium quality materials that are not just affordable as they are made of alternative and cheap stones but also mindful metals. In essence, all the elements of the rings prevent the rings from discoloring your fingers.


How long do rings from Modern Gents last?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

Since Modern Gents offers a 100% lifetime warranty or guarantees on their jewelry, there is no doubt that the jewelry offered by the company is designed to last forever, which is the thing that makes the brand stand out.

They also offer hassle-free exchanges and returns. So, if you are looking for the best quality rings designed to last pretty much a lifetime, Modern Gents would be the ideal brand for you to shop from.

But that is not all; thanks to Modern Gents, you can thank this brand for the best types of rings that will last forever without breaking the bank.


Do Modern Gents’ rings get cloudy?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

While Modern Gents endeavors to create the best quality rings using ethically-sourced materials that make up the handcrafted wedding and engagement rings, there is one caveat – even with the use of the finest quality materials, the sparkle from your engagement rings will become dull at some point.

Their engagement rings are made of high-quality cubic zirconia, and despite their high brilliance while the stones are still new, even the brightest of these stones will become cloudy after some time.

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

You should be aware of this problem and that even engagement rings made of the finest quality mined diamonds will turn cloudy and lose their sparkle after some time.

The good news, however, is that you would still be able to enjoy the sparkle of the stones, even if it is cloudy, because you’d only need to clean your rings using warm water and a mild detergent or dish soap.

Just avoid using hot water or abrasive cleaners because these are too harsh and may damage the ring.


Are Modern Gents rings real diamonds?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

Modern Gents boasts a variety of high-quality engagement and wedding rings, which are made of the best quality stones.

The company uses alternative stones and diamond simulants rather than mined diamonds, and the most common stones used by Modern Gents are the best of Cubic Zirconia.

These diamond simulants used are conflict-free, and this means that the company doesn’t deal in any blood diamonds.

The company uses diamond simulants made of AAAAA-Grade CZ stones, which boast the brightest sparkles.


What kind of diamond does Modern Gents use?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

This company uses diamond simulants, specifically, the AAAAA-Grade cubic zirconia crystals.


Modern Gents vs. real diamonds

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

Modern Gents uses simulants made of cubic zirconia, which are different from real, mined diamonds. Unlike real diamonds, the diamonds used by Modern Gents are conflict-free.

Most of the mined diamonds are often brought forth through mining processes that subject the miners to inhumane conditions.


Should you buy Modern Gents rings?

Do Modern Gents Rings Tarnish

Yes, you should. Modern Gents rings are not just well-designed and constructed, but also they are made using the highest quality materials.



If you are looking for high-quality, affordable, and tarnish-free wedding or engagement rings made to last, Modern Gents offers some of the best hand-crafted options.

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