Do I Wear My Engagement Ring at My Wedding Ceremony?

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

As a new bride, I’m consciously and constantly anxious about making the wrong move on my big day which would turn a ceremony into a nightmare.

This is why I am always curious to know and understand all that is expected of me on the day in order to make it a success.

Do I Wear My Engagement Ring at My Wedding Ceremony

So, do I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day?

The engagement ring is one of those pieces of jewelry that a woman will treasure her whole lifetime.

Since her fiancé slipped it on her finger, she has not spent a minute away from it. Well, except for when she’s taking a quicks shower.  


Do I Wear My Engagement Ring at My Wedding day or wedding ceremony?

Do I Wear My Engagement Ring at My Wedding Ceremony

It is natural to feel anxious about taking off your engagement ring especially on such a busy day as the wedding ceremony. Anything can happen and you don’t want to lose sight of it.

These conflicted feelings will challenge your mood and you don’t want that to happen. To find out what the norms are in your part of the country, it would be wise to consult your elders on the right procedure.

An engagement ring is given to a maiden of marrying age by her betrothed mate in the promise of a marriage ceremony to follow in the near future. Only if she says yes to the ring though.

The man, who may be romantically kneeling on the bended knee will dramatically pop the ring out of his back or breast pocket depending on his style and the ring’s packaging.

The lady, now in shock looks on in awe as the love of her life showers her with praises and words of affirmation. He then slowly opens up the ring box to reveal a glistening engagement ring.

Elated, the woman stretches out her left hand to allow her man to slip the beautiful ring on, and just like that, a hot new couple is on their way to married life.

Once the lady has the ring on, tradition dictates that she never take it off until the day of the wedding or the night before. Those rules are not very strict which is fine.


Do I Wear My Engagement Ring at My Wedding Ceremony?

However, most cultures around the world advise their bride at the time of the wedding to take off her engagement ring just long enough for the wedding ceremony.

This bride has two options, to take off the wedding ring back at home so she can leave it in a safe place and not have to think about it for the rest of the day. the problem is, some brides really love their rings, and not having it on their special day could turn them into an emotional wreck.

The other option she has is to hand it over to a trusted family or friend to hold it for the duration of the ceremony. She really needs to have trust in them to not worry about it again.

Yet, there are those who find a happy compromise to help keep the bride calm and to ensure the ceremony goes on as planned. These people will advise their bride to wear the engagement ring on the right hand on any finger that fits but the ideal finger would be the ring finger.

By so doing, the bride will walk down the aisle feeling confident and self-assured which will boost her mood. There is nothing as lovely to watch than a bride in her happiest state. It is infective.

For this bride, immediately the ceremony in vows exchange is over, she can very discreetly switch back her engagement ring to her left ring finger. While the other one may have to wait a while to get to hers, what with all the attention on her.


In Which order do you wear both rings?

The order in which you wear the two bands is up to you as the bride sometimes but if you are unsure, you need to confirm from the more knowledgeable people in your circle.

According to ancient tradition, the bride wore her wedding band closest to her heart with the engagement ring covering it. This was based on the superstition that there was a vein of love that flowed from the left ring finger directly to the heart.

A lot of people still believe in this idea but not because it is scientifically true but because it has some sentimental value to it. Yes, scientists already tested the old wives’ tale and found it to be false.

The other option a bride has is to wear the rings in the order she received them meaning the engagement ring would be close to the heart and covered by the wedding band.

Not so many people appreciate this version as they feel it leaves the wedding ring exposed. However, it is not about them, it’s about you and your preference.

There is a more conservative alternative to the above options which is to wear your wedding on your left hand and your engagement ring on your right hand or vice versa.

An even more liberal approach allows you to wear your rings on any hand, any finger, and any day you see fit. So, some days you will have two rings, other days you will have one and on the rarest days, you wear none. How liberating.

What is evident here is that the old rules, regulations, and societal expectations and limitations are quickly fading away.

Increasingly today, more and more people are choosing to not wear a wedding ring even when married and others are buying the wedding bands themselves as a self-love memento.

The once clear-cut modes of operation especially in light of a rite of passage such as a marriage ceremony, are slowly ebbing away. Perceptions and ideologies are challenged and changed every day.



This is your wedding day and no one else should matter to a bride or groom than the fact that you both made it this far and that the day you have spent sleepless nights planning for is now a happening reality.

Why does it matter anyway if you wear your engagement ring or not, it is yours and you are entitled to your opinion of when and where you should wear it.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!