Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right? – Check Our Tips

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We can all agree that men look good in bracelets and other kinds of jewelry, but then, what’s the ideal wrist to wear the bracelet on? 

And is there anything wrong with wearing the gold bracelet on either arm?

Keep reading for more tips and tricks on how to wear the gold bracelets correctly and on the right wrist.


Are gold bracelets tacky for men?

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

Gold jewelry, particularly gold bracelets, makes men the perfect jewelry choice. Gold oozes confidence and opulence, and as long as you pair the bracelet correctly, the bracelet will not look tacky.

However, it may still look tacky if you wear and style it incorrectly, and in such instances, the gold bracelet may come off as brash or even ostentation.

So, as a man looking to spice things up, you may want to maintain an element of balance and shouldn’t overdo it.  

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

It’s also worth for you to note that gold jewelry is one of the recommended styles of jewelry for the modern man; with the only caveat associated with it being the fact that you cannot go all out with gold bracelets; instead, you should opt for the smaller and the inconspicuous gold pieces like a small gold bracelet alongside your gold wedding ring and cufflinks.

Avoid the chunky pieces, and you could always pair the gold bracelet with a gold watch.


Gold bracelet types for guys

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

Some of the common styles of gold bracelets that work best for men include:

  • Byzantine gold bracelets for guys
  • Cuffed solid gold bracelet
  • Flat curb chain gold bracelets
  • Men’s Cartier love bracelet
  • ID chain bracelet
  • Figaro chain bracelet and other chain bracelets like the cable chain
  • Men’s beaded gold bracelet

Do guys wear gold bracelets on the left or right?

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

With many bracelet styles to choose from, you may still be confused about the kind of gold bracelet to wear and whether you should wear the bracelet on your left or right wrist.

Well, the answer to your question is this – it depends. It depends on your style preferences, the wrist you are most comfortable wearing the bracelet, and your personality.

If you are an aficionado, for instance, and you are big on bracelets, your style may make you more fluid, and you can easily bypass the rules of fashion, meaning that you could wear the bracelet on your right or left wrist. You may also get away with wearing bracelets on both wrists.

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

However, you need to remember that even with the bold approach, the bracelets should be at the center and the front of your look. But for a simpler look or subtle accents, it may be wise to wear it on just one wrist, preferably on the wrist you feel most comfortable with.

By comfort, we are talking about choosing to wear the bracelet on the hand you don’t use actively, meaning that the bracelet doesn’t get in the way.

For this, we recommend wearing the bracelet on the same wrist as your watch and stacking the watch alongside one or two bracelets. Just make sure that the bracelet complements the watch but doesn’t outshine it.


Wearing a gold chain will bring good luck?

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

Style aside, does wearing the stylish gold bracelet bring you good luck and fortune, or is the bracelet just another unique and stylish accessory?

Well, according to astrology, gold carries immense spiritual powers and benefits, and this precious metal can be the best kind of accessory you invest in.

In essence, gold is a symbol of wealth, especially because of the fact that it is a very valuable metal. Beyond this, gold is considered a powerful metal that also carries good luck, especially for those who wear it correctly.

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

Note that the perceptions and superstitions around gold jewelry being powerful and bringing good luck date back to ancient times in India, China, and Persia.

It was believed that gold, especially gold jewelry, helped open up the crown chakras, and in the process, it helps the person that wears the solid gold and protects them from evil while also warding off illness and evil powers.

Gold is recognized as a metal with the power to protect its wearer from black energy that may potentially enter its body.

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

In the process, the gold elements allow the wearer to easily ascend into divine consciousness while also helping then attain spiritual healing while protecting them from all the negative energies surrounding them.

Gold also boosts the confidence levels of the wearer, and for centuries, gold has been marked as a symbol of wealth and money. It also brings peace, stability, and happiness.


Tips for wearing gold bracelets for guys

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

1.  Choose a bracelet style that matches/ suits your style. There are many types of gold bracelet options that men get to choose from, including the byzantine and wheat chain bracelets, rope, curb, and cable gold chain bracelets, among other varieties like a cuff bracelet. But even with all these options, you should be careful about the styles you settle for because they don’t all work for everybody. Also, your style is important because some styles don’t just work.

2. Go for a subtle look – While you may be tempted to try out a flashy look inspired by hip hop or the latest bold fashion styles, the best way to wear a gold bracelet is by going for a very subtle look. One gold bracelet always looks better than multiple bold gold bracelets, especially because it allows you to easily rock an elegant look, regardless of the event you are dressing for.

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

3. Bold bracelets for overly casual settings. If you are going for a bold look and that extra swag, you may want to invest in good quality iced-out options. However, it is important to ensure that you invest in the best quality iced-out bracelet, a bracelet made of real diamonds and solid 14k or 18k gold.

4. Always match your metals. An important thing to keep in mind when buying a gold bracelet and also when styling the accessory would be for you to try as much as you can to match your metals. The yellow gold should match your watch, for instance, or perhaps, you should opt for a gold bracelet to layer with your two-tone watch. The gold bracelet should also match your gold chain.

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

5. Properly layer the bracelet. As with chain necklaces, you can layer your bracelets with other bracelets and/or the watch. When layering the bracelet with your watch, for example, you should wear the bracelets first and the watch last.

6. Right fit. For an elegant and timeless look, you should settle on high-quality bracelets that fit on your wrist perfectly. The bracelet shouldn’t move back and forth on your wrist but shouldn’t be too tight. In other words, the bracelet must fit comfortably.

Do Guys Wear Gold Bracelets On The Left Or Right

7. Finally, always wear the pieces that make you feel the most comfortable and confident. If a piece feels off, despite being trendy, you may want to put it on hold for some time as you figure out more pieces and styles that would work even better for you. Also, introduce the pieces one after the other rather than going for a bold multilayered jewelry look.



Men can wear gold bracelets too, and the best part is that you get to try different types of gold bracelets that can be worn on any wrist, as long as it feels comfortable on your wrist.  

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