Do Guys Wear Friendship Bracelets?(Here’s the Answer)

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Do Guys Wear Friendship Bracelets? How do guys express their friendly love for each other, especially since most guys don’t do the natural things that most women do to express their love for each other?

And since we all know that some guys friends are very close to each other, often developing bonds that last a lifetime, wouldn’t it make sense if guys had a physical representation of their friendship, especially if they live apart? And if you are a guy, wouldn’t it be nice to gift your best friend something to remind you of your friendship?

Well, today, we take a look at friendship bracelets, most importantly, whether guys wear friendship bracelets or not.


Can guys wear friendship bracelets?

Yes, absolutely. Societal constructs have made us believe that it’s awkward for guys to wear friendship bracelets, but the truth is that guys can wear friendship bracelets too.

The most important to keep in mind when looking for a friendship bracelet for guys is to keep in mind that while there are many options in terms of colors and designs, the best of guy friendship bracelets come in neutral, earthy, or the muted colors, and not the bright neons.

The design of the bracelet needs to be very simple, as well.

So, if you are worried that it might look weird if you get friendship bracelets for your friend, it may come off as weird, you will be happy to know that it is completely normal for guys to gift each other and wear friendship bracelets.


Do friendship bracelets make men less “masculine”?

No, not really. And in as much as some men will hold this belief, it is important to keep in mind that men are not created equal, and we come in all shapes and sizes, with different beliefs, ideas, opinions, perspectives, etc.

Which would mean that depending on your nurturing and the beliefs you hold, you may or may not find the male friendship bracelets emasculating.

However, we don’t believe that a friendship bracelet would make you feel less masculine, especially because that bracelet is much like a ring or any other kind of jewelry worn by men, something we don’t associate with being less masculine. So, we’d say with confidence that the friendship bracelets are not feminine, and they also aren’t childish.

Remember that while the friendship bracelets for guys were seen as the go-to accessory for college kids and teens, this item of jewelry that was regarded as a childhood kind of jewelry is now all grown up, and it finds itself in adult wardrobes too, as ordinary, grown men across the world wear the friendship bracelets beautifully.

Besides wanting to honor your friendship, the main reason why most guys keep their bracelets on is that these bracelets are stylish and often ideal for everyday wear.


How to wear friendship bracelets?

Now that we’ve established that guys wear friendships, how about a look at how you could wear your friendship bracelet right, every day?

1.Wear it as a simple, friendly accessory to work

This thin and unobtrusive bracelet would be something nice to add to your daily accessories that you wear to work. The friendship bracelets for guys can be stacked with watches easily because they often look like any other trendy bracelet one could have, meaning you won’t have to worry about the bracelet breaking your dress code. Given the simple thin design of the bracelet, this accessory is almost unnoticeable, and you can pull off a suit and tie look effortlessly with the bracelet on.

To ensure that you maintain your daily suit-and-tie look, or even the sweater khaki pants/shirt look, you need to think of upscaling your look by wearing something metallic or dark. You should also wear your friendship bracelet with your wristwatch.

And if you like that casual work outfit look, you might want to add in some colorful accents for emphasis of your look.

However, don’t mix up too many bracelets when it comes to the office wear, and never wear them on both wrists. Just keep things simple.

2.Wear it with a wristwatch

When you are wearing your friendship bracelet with your wristwatch, it is important that you get the positioning right.

Essentially, the bracelet will be closest to your wrist, then the watch.


3.Wearing it, on the other hand

You could wear one or two bracelets, on the other hand, but you need to keep your wristwatch on the other wrist, on its own.


4.Dressing for adventure

If you are getting ready for an adventure, it is important that you throw in some color to create that sense of adventure you were looking for.

Generally, you need to be able to style your bracelet for that comfy and casual feel. Opt for the string bracelets that are simple and lightweight, rather than the clunky pieces because these get uncomfortable really fast.


Are friendship bracelets back?

Yes, friendship bracelets are back and having been around since the 16th century, it’s safe to say that the friendship bracelets are never going out of the fashion scene.

And since it’s becoming increasingly hard for most to keep in touch with our friends, the friendship bracelets’ re-entry into the fashion world is very much welcome.


How long do friendship bracelets last?

How long a friendship bracelet lasts depends on the materials that the bracelet is made of and how often you have it on.

Some start fading after about 3 months, but others will have their friendship bracelets on 3, 5, 7, or even 10 years on.

Unfortunately, some bracelets might snap off a few days later.

So, it depends, and it’s a good idea to look at the material that the bracelet is made of and also get the size right.



Friendship bracelets are all about friendships and the familial bonds that you form along the way.

They offer the best way for friends to celebrate their love for each other, and it’s also important in keeping friendships going after years.

You might have been apart for years or have a disagreement, but that friendship bracelet will be an important part of your friendship because it gives you something to hold on to, all thanks to the memories the bracelet brings.

So, if you are a guy wondering if you should get a friendship bracelet or not, we’d advise you to go for it!  For more posts, please read here. or visit our homepage for more information.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!