Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right? (2024 Answer)

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Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the left or right?  You may ask this question when you want to get one for yourself.

Bracelets are very much part of a man’s jewelry collection; they are not just for the ladies.

Even with that, there are questions on which hand is the most appropriate for a man to wear a bracelet.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

In this article, we’re going to explore which bracelets are best for which outfits, a wrist that you ought to wear the bracelet on, and why.

First things first, Let me answer this frequently asked question for you.


Do Straight Guys Wear Bracelets?

Yes. Absolutely, straight guys wear bracelets. I am a straight guy, I love wearing bracelets all day long.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

Some of my friends also wear bracelets, They love wearing beaded bracelets. They are not gay, they are just normal straight guys. So, Straight guys wear bracelets.

If you do believe what I am talking about, you can do research on your own. Also, you can see a lot of famous guys on TV who wear bracelets, you definitely know they are the straight guys.



Which bracelets are best?

Bracelets are meant to complete your look. You don’t want them to stand out exactly; you want them to be subtle and part of the ensemble you’re wearing.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

If you’re dressed down and say in a tropical shirt reminiscent of Hawaii, then beads, leather, or rope bracelets are the best. These are simple and dressed down versions of bracelets.

They work well with the laid back look, and they speak as much too. You can have a few of these to wear over the weekend or when you’re on holiday.

However, if you’re in a suit, you need to step up your bracelet game. That means opting for metallic bracelets that are either simple or stylish. Whatever you choose for should go well with the formal look that you’re going for.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

When you’re wearing a rope, beaded, or leather bracelets in a corporate setting, then it is likely going to be more of a distraction than a compliment to the outfit.

If you are wearing such a bracelet for personal reasons, such as your child gave it to you or for religious reasons, be aware that it makes a statement all the same. Depending on the setting, it can also make for a good conversation starter.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

Overall, bracelets are meant to make a social statement. If you have a wedding band on, then having a rope or fancy colored bracelets could indicate to someone that you are a family man.

For others, a metal bracelet by itself takes of status, especially if it is gold. Whatever you settle for, be sure to get a close fit — having something slide up and down your arm can be distracting, and at best, annoying after a while. Before making that online purchase, ensure that you’ve given accurate measurements for your wrist.


How to wear a bracelet?

For men, the rules for wearing bracelets are somewhat different. Short sleeve shirts or t-shirts leave room for the bracelet to be in full view- that’s the whole point. However, if you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt, then you’ll have to abide by some tips.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

The first one is that you should treat your bracelets as you would a watch. When you have a long sleeve shirt, the watch typically gets covered and only gets exposed when you stretch, or you need to check the time.

The same applies to the bracelet; leave it underneath the sleeves. When wearing more than one bracelet, opt for multiple thin ones instead of chunk videos. Having thick and heavy bracelets on the one hand sends the wrong message to your peers and bosses.

Equally, if you’re paring a watch with a bracelet, opt for a thin one. For men, it is best to wear bracelets on one hand and not both. Again, it will not get considered classy.

If anything, people will think of it as handcuffs when they see both at the same time. When dressing down, however, you can wear bracelets on both hands; it ultimately allowed and even expected. Even though these sound like a lot of rules, with time, you’ll come to find it to be the natural way of doing things.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

Pro tips:

  • If you’re wearing dark attire, it is best to go for lighter bracelets as they brighten up the look and vice versa.
  • Also, when wearing more than one bracelet, pick a mixture of shades.
  • You can equally wear bracelets made of different materials. For example, a leather bracelet can go well with a leather cuff. Do your best to get complementary colors when wearing different bracelets.
  • Aim not to wear a bracelet that overpowers your watch. If that is the case, wear it on the other hand.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

Do men wear bracelets on the left or right wrist?

As for what wrist a man should wear a bracelet, there is no rule book. What you find instead is that bracelets are generally worn in the man’s non-dominant hand.

The reason for that is that you don’t want the bracelet coming in the way when you’re working. Consider writing or signing documents, and you have a bracelet that thicker; it would be an uncomfortable experience.

As stated, there are set guidelines, so you will find men who will wear bracelets on their dominant hand.

Do Guys Wear Bracelets on the Left or Right?

When doing a presentation, going for meetings, shaking hands, you want the bracelet to be visible, especially if you’re making a fashion and status statement. You can do the same when you’re going for after-work drinks where you can take your cufflinks off and relax.

The other thing that dictates which hand you wear your bracelet is if you want both the bracelet and the watch on one side. Some don’t prefer doing so and thus will wear the bracelet on the side without the watch. It is also a look to go for; not everything needs to be on one hand.


Which hand should you wear a bracelet for good luck?

The left hand is primarily considered the lucky hand. It is believed that if you wear a bracelet on the left side, you are attracting wealth and luck. Wearing it on the right hand has the opposite effect; you are giving away your wealth and luck to others.

That especially when you’re wearing a Pixiu bracelet; it is named after a mythical creature beloved to attract good fortune and wealth, as well as protect the person wearing it from life’s obstacles.



As a man, the wrist you wear your bracelets is mostly about preference.

However, here, we have highlighted a few guidelines to help you wear it perfect for any occasion.

Read more fashion tips here and remember to come back for more posts.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!