Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry? – Answered By Jewelry Maker

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There is a thin line between stylish male jewelry and tacky jewelry. I recently went shopping with my guy friend, and he could barely look at anything gold. All his choices pointed to silver jewelry.

On a different occasion, I took another friend to the same shop, and he could not settle on silver or gold for the fear of looking tacky.

I realized that guys are different when it comes to choosing their perfect jewelry, and this inspired me to up with this post to find out what guys like.

By the end of it, you will have the answer to whether men like gold or silver, so keep up.


Do guys like silver or gold jewelry? Why?

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

While different guys prefer different things when purchasing jewelry, most men go for silver. I have observed this in most men and their purchase patterns.

When asked, guys think that silver demonstrates maturity and class. Some say that silver is perceived to be more youthful than gold, and it’s also trendy among guys.

While women are versatile with jewelry, men are a little conservative, and some only have one type of metal in their entire collection.

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

Surprisingly, some men will only be caught in gold if it is white gold. This choice has to do with the presentation of color in silver that is a little mild and not overbearing. Guys like to stand out, but not in a colorful way, at least most of them.

 The silver, metallic color takes a minimalist approach that attracts most guys. I recently asked a guy what they would rather wear for a chain, and the straight answer was silver. When I asked why he told me that silver is modern and mature for men.

 I was on a quest to find a guy who likes gold, and luckily I came across one. I asked him the reason for his choice of jewelry, and he said that gold looked better on his skin tone. In my experience, which is a lot, the majority of men prefer silver jewelry over gold.


Do guys prefer girls to wear gold or silver jewelry? Why?

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

Men have females in their lives, and in one way or the other, they influence what they wear through comments and glances. I know the only way to know what men think is to ask them, so I did. I got various answers, but again, silver carried the day.

 Most men prefer girls in silver jewelry. One guy said that gold looks cheap and downgrades a look.  This caught me by surprise knowing the cost of gold out there. Another one said that silver gives a mature vibe with some sort of class, no matter the occasion.

 Some guys also argue from the point of complexion. Girls with natural blonde hair and a pale complexion look weird in gold. In general, guys would rather see girls in silver because it looks classy, mature, well-balanced, and work with most skin tones.


Why do Men Love Silver color jewelry?

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

Men do not like the same things and opt for different things for different reasons. However, they tend to speak in one voice when it comes to silver jewelry.


1. Maturity

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

The most common reason is that silver is mature and classy. Some men think that they are taken more seriously in silver than gold.

The silver color also boosts confidence and is not loud. Those who are superstitious believe that silver reduces stress and anxiety.


2. Youthful look

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

One man said that gold makes women look old in gold, and silver adds a touch of youth to a look. Others think that wearing silver gives a wealthy vibe and one looks sophisticated.

In a heated debate about whether guys like silver or gold, one guy said that silver is easy to wear without thinking too hard. This guy said that it goes with just anything.


3. It’s not tacky

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

The greatest fear in male fashion is looking tacky and uncool. Some guys would rather not wear jewelry than risk looking weird.

Silver is safe to wear in anything without the risk of tackiness. We all know guys like to look chill and collected, and silver does this job effortlessly.

The only time men will wear gold is on their wedding day. They agree that wedding rings look better in gold.


4. Durability

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

 Sterling silver is also said to last longer than gold and it’s not as gaudy as gold. The silver metal is sturdy and works for daily accessories without wearing them out.


5. Affordable

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

Men on a budget prefer silver as it is affordable and easily found compared to gold. We all know that gold is rare and ridiculously expensive. Most men would rather not spend that much on jewelry.

The cost factor is a favorite among many guys as they can afford a variety of silver jewelry. It is not proper to own just one piece of ridiculously expensive jewelry that doesn’t go with all of your wardrobe.


Pros and cons of silver jewelry or silver color jewelry

Do Guys Like Silver Or Gold Jewelry

Everything has its positive side and a negative side. Silver jewelry has its pros and cons, and let’s see what they are below.


  • Silver jewelry is durable
  • The silver color is mature and classy
  • Silver is affordable and easy to find
  • Most silver jewelry is calm and to not look exaggerated
  • Gives a trendy and youthful look


  • Silver is mostly casual, and can look tacky in an official wardrobe
  • Cannot be layered or stacked
  • It easily tarnishes with time



Silver is a favorite among most guys due to its simplicity and mature look. It can be worn as a chain, bracelet, ring, or any other accessory. Most guys like to tone things down and silver effortlessly does this.

Most guys also prefer the same for girls for a sophisticated look. While gold is expensive, and some guys prefer it, the majority would rather wear silver. Silver is easy to wear with anything without trying too hard for guys.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!