Do Guys Like Jewelry On Women? Why?(Detailed Answer)

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Do Men Notice Jewelry? Do Guys Like Jewelry On Women? What kind of jewelry on women do guys like? If you want to find these answers, read this post.

Women have worn accessories for decades as a way of accessorizing and for them to look good in their skin.

The best jewelry on a woman brings out their best features, from the eyes to jawlines and collar bones, and for most women, walking out of the house without the right accessories is a fashion faux pas of sorts.

With this line of thinking, it goes without saying that women wear jewelry for themselves and not for men, which translates to the fact that most women accessorize with jewelry for themselves.

But just putting this out there is not enough, and for the most part, we are guilted into thinking that the only reason why we wear jewelry is for the same of looking nice for men.

In this article, we take a look at men’s perspective on jewelry, specifically, how men feel about women accessorizing in some of the best pieces of jewelry.

So, do guys like jewelry on women? Is it a thing that you’d say men notice on women straight off the bat, something that would make a man go wild?

First, Do Men Notice Jewelry?

Can we all agree that the most honest answer to this question is maybe – men may or may not notice jewelry on women?

However worn, a good number of men will not notice even the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry worn by women.

In fact, most men hardly ever notice the details in women’s clothes, jewelry, or other kinds of accessories. But there is a small group of men who will notice even the smallest pieces of sparkling jewelry worn by women, although this is only the case where you are dealing with a man with what we’d call ‘trained’ eyes.

Essentially, some men are wired to pick out the smallest details around them, which means that they notice gorgeous jewelry easily.

That said, most of the men who are asked whether they’d notice gorgeous jewelry on women or not stated that the main reason why women will show-stop with some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry is something to do with women making themselves noticed by other women – but, get your mind off the gutter.

 We don’t mean this in the way you are thinking. But now that you are having those thoughts, it’s important to note that most gay guys will notice gorgeous jewelry on women, primarily because these guys are trained culturally to notice jewelry, especially when the jewelry is truly gorgeous.

Making Men Notice Jewelry

While it’s clear that most women do not wear jewelry to be noticed by men, there are cases where men (straight men) will notice women’s jewelry because of something called strategic misdirection.

Now, this sounds like a complex subject, but it really isn’t. When a woman is wearing something sparkly below her neckline, for example, this necklace will draw men’s attention to the cleavage area of the woman.

In such cases, jewelry is worn for strategic misdirection because it draws attention to the woman’s breasts. In such cases, men will notice the jewelry briefly.

Notably, women with smaller busts, wearing push-up bras, and some cleavage contouring tend to have that attention-grabbing effect more.

But we won’t go into detail because men are different, and they are attracted to different feminine features.  

Why Women Wear Jewelry?

Regardless of men’s ability to notice jewelry, women do not dress for women, and most of the women who really dress up do that for themselves, in an attempt to look gorgeous and look good.

Dressing well is a huge confidence booster, and women understand this all too well, which is why women go to great lengths to find some of the most expensive, high-quality outfits and jewelry, essentially to look and feel good in their own eyes.

If you question this, you might want to look around you and ask why all the beautiful women in the world don’t buy dollar garbage bags or tattered clothes. Yes, the compliments go a long way in boosting esteem and confidence levels when you wear the best clothes and jewelry, but women don’t dress for men.

While most men are not likely to see the beautiful jewelry worn by women, women know that other women will almost instantly spot the jewelry they are wearing, and to them, wearing gorgeous pieces of jewelry has to do with status.

The best (often the most expensive) jewelry worn by women is a mark of status and also an appearance heightener.

Some of the other reasons why women invest in the best clothes and jewelry include:

  • Every woman would like to be the most beautiful girl in the room. It often has little to do with their influence on men, and more on how they look compared to other women.
  • Wearing expensive and often gorgeous jewelry is also important to women because it heightens their social status, and in most cases, classy women get access to more social privileges because they look good and wear some of the best outfits and accessories.

Do guys like jewelry on women? And why?

The answer to this, like the question on whether men notice jewelry on women, is as above – it depends.

Some men are really not into jewelry, and they fail to notice jewelry on women easily, while other men will notice gorgeous jewelry immediately, even keeping in mind all the small details of the jewelry.

The men who notice and appreciate quality jewelry on women tend to be drawn to women who accessorize well, albeit naturally.

These men believe that jewelry is one of the best ways for women to accessorize, and therefore see no fault in women accessorizing well.


What kind of jewelry on women do guys like?

Men who notice and appreciate good jewelry on women tend to have a liking for certain kinds of jewelry, all covered below.

According to men, these are the classic type of jewelry staples that men like, rather, the best types of classic jewelry that every woman should own.

1.Classic diamond stud

Diamond studs top the list, and they truly are that must-have accessory, especially because the diamond studs can be worn easily wherever, whenever, and with pretty much any outfit in your wardrobe.

You can also wear diamond studs to school, work, during the day or at night. Diamond studs are timeless, and you’d never have to take them off.

2.Simple, Go-With-Everything Necklace

Whether your man likes you in jewelry or not doesn’t matter, you must have that necklace that goes with everything in your closet.

The best necklace design for you would be a diamond pendant necklace that you can wear all day, every day, and you can also dress it up or down.

You need one of those necklaces that go with everything while remaining elegant and adding the right amount of glamour to all your clothes.


3.Hoop earrings

Your jewelry box is incomplete if it lacks a beautiful pair of simple hoops.

Hoops are timeless, and you need the perfect pair of hoops to frame your face while boosting your confidence levels and making a big stylish statement at the same time.

Just make sure that the hoops are scaled to enhance your facial features.


4.Simple bracelets

Even if you are not big on bracelets, it would be a good idea for you to invest in a high-quality and simple bracelet.

A simple bracelet is a great go-to accessory for polishing your outfit.

Opt for the bracelets with simple geometric shapes. You also need some bangle bracelets.


5.Stacking rings

The right set of stacked rings complement each other while making your fingers look less bare.

6.Long layering necklaces

Necklace layering will elevate your look instantly, and the best part is that it allows you to wear your most delicate pieces of jewelry plus the longer and the chunky pieces beautifully.


7.Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces are iconic; they transcend time, they are elegant, and every woman must have a nice pearl necklace.


8.Simple studs

Studs give you an effortlessly chic look in an instant, and the best part is that you can easily pull off a complete look with just that pair of stud earrings.


9.Cocktail ring

Last on our list of must-have jewelry for women is an elegant cocktail ring. The right cocktail ring creates a wonderful wow effect, with its sparkle. Just make sure you get the size right.



Whether men like jewelry or not, every woman knows that nothing beats the value of good jewelry. So, ladies, make sure you have at least one of each jewelry type above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!