Do Guys Like Jewelry As A Gift?-Quick Answer!

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We always assume that women are the only ones that love jewelry, but do you ever wonder if, maybe, men also like jewelry and they wouldn’t mind getting jewelry as gifts just the same way women do?

This article sheds light on what men or guys think about receiving jewelry as gifts.


Do men like to receive jewelry as a gift from a woman?

Do Guys Like Jewelry As A Gift

Yes, men love receiving gifts in the form of jewelry from the women in their lives too. So, if you come across a nice watch, for example, and it’s something you know that man would love, you should go ahead and get it for him. And you really don’t have to wait until the holidays or some special event or occasion to gift him. Like women, men also love spontaneous gifts.

So, while it was common for men to receive tools or accessories for their cars, just something functional, many guys appreciate gifts in different forms, and jewelry is often on that list too.

It’s also worth noting that women are often the receivers in relationships and not men, which is why you may want to surprise your man with something nice. And since men are not always expecting nice things or jewelry for that matter, gifting them a nice piece of jewelry would be the very best thing that you do for them. The best part is that men really appreciate such thoughtful gifts because they aren’t always expecting them, not really.

That said, we’ve got to admit that most men don’t wear jewelry like necklaces and earrings or bracelets, but pretty much every man appreciates a good watch, and if married, the ring would be the other piece of jewelry that they will wear.


What is the meaning of jewelry gifts from a woman?

Do Guys Like Jewelry As A Gift

Historically, men were the ones who were expected to gift their women or girlfriends the best of jewelry, but this is now changing. The best part about all this, and more importantly, gifting a man a piece of jewelry, is that the jewelry would be very meaningful, especially because different gifts carry different meanings.

Below are some of the best jewelry gift ideas for men and what they mean.

A watch/ timepiece – you cannot go wrong with an elegant timepiece, which is why watches are regarded as the gifts that keep giving. All you need to do is find a luxurious piece that says how much you love that man, something that he will love. The watch should be made of the best materials.

A prayer box – this is the other gift idea for your man. The box could be made of gold or silver, but again, made of the very best materials. The best part about this gift is that it stays with them. You could have the prayer box custom-made to hold a special prayer for him or leave love notes, and it would double as the most treasured keepsake.

Necklace – an increasing number of men are into necklaces; you only need to find the necklace that matches his style. Also, know that even the most down-to-earth kind of guys will love a nice pendant necklace or even plain chain necklaces. If you opt for the pendant necklace, you could get a meaningful pendant incorporated, for example, a Buddha, Anchor, Tiger’s Eye, or an Elephant. These are meaningful gifts idea for the person you love or any man, and you will be happy to know that these pendants are cool enough for any man to wear.

Wrap Bracelets – most men argue that they don’t like wearing jewelry, but get him a cute bracelet, and you will be surprised by how fast they change their stance. Start with a simple wrap bracelet or a leather bead or animal figurine bracelet that he can wear everything. The jewelry will always be a special part of their day.

Do Guys Like Jewelry As A Gift

Yin-and-Yang – are you looking for a piece of jewelry that demonstrates how much you complement each other? How about a simple pendant sterling silver chain with the pendant featuring the ancient Chinese symbol that describes the complementary nature of opposite forces and how opposites are interconnected but also interdependent? The pendant would also be a nice description of how you love, give, and interrelate to one another.

Cross pendant – though it could be another fashion piece, the cross pendant is a meaningful gift for a spiritual person, and it says that it honor their beliefs.

Essentially, jewelry is an intimate gift idea that reflects a guy’s style while also enhancing it. It’s also a great way of making and bringing back good memories and reminds you of the adventures you take together.


What type of jewelry do men like?

Men are different, just like women. But a majority of men that like jewelry prefer the kind of jewelry that improves their appearance and also matches their attitude.

At the same time, most men prefer jewelry that exudes an air of opulence while also showing off just how attractive they are, and this is the reason why most men like luxury watches. The best of watches represent the best technologies and boast the most stunning designs, which is why most men will love a watch for a gift.

Finally, men like jewelry that matches their style and character, and personalized jewelry is the perfect little add-on for the jewelry.


Tips for buying jewelry gifts for men

Want to be a gifting pro or just have an extra choosy guy? Here are some of the tips that will help you make the best gift choices for the special humans in your life.

  • Think about his style

Jewelry is one of the most meaningful gifts you could get someone you love, and to make sure that you won’t make the wrong choice, you have to think about the style of the recipient of the gift. Get jewelry that will match their personal style. You also need to think about his lifestyle and work because you don’t want to give him a delicate gift when he’s always working on his hands. If he’s into birthstones, know what his birthstone is.

Do Guys Like Jewelry As A Gift

  • Get the size right

You may think you will know his wrist or finger size easily, but guessing the size of a ring would be the biggest mistake you make. Ask him his ring or wrist size or get creative and take measurements of the jewelry he already owns.

  • Customization options

Jewelry is a great statement piece, but you can make it more meaningful by customizing it. To find the right words if you want something romantic. Personalization of jewelry will tell that man that you care about him.

  • Quality matters

There is something men know best – that it is better to have a few pieces of high-quality and expensive jewelry than multiple pieces. So, if you are looking for gift ideas, you should have a big budget because the best gifts are expensive. On the bright side, the expensive watches, for example, show your level of seriousness. For the best quality jewelry, you have to understand different materials and their significance.

Not sure what to start? Here are some of the foolproof options – sterling silver jewelry, watches, lockets, or birthstones.

Finally, think about the store’s return policies, just in case, it’s not the right match.



Guys like to receive jewelry as gifts too, and the ideas above will help you find the perfect gif for him. Read more topics here or here!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!