Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive?(Here’s the Answer)

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Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive? Piercings are a form of self-expression for many today, while even more do it out of tradition to honor their culture.

Whatever the case, the jewelry industry is there to accommodate all the various piercings that women (and men) choose to get.


When some women get piercings, the question that pops up in the back of their mind is if guys will find attractive.

While getting your ears pierces is the norm, the same can’t be said for nose piercings. It’s thus natural to wonder, do guys find nose piercings attractive? We’re here to answer that.


Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive?

Attractiveness is subjective, and that’s something we ought to keep in mind while addressing this question. There are men on both sides of the fence; some find nose piercings attractive while others do not.

Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive

Even so, there are those entirely indifferent about it.

Now, looking at men who find these kinds of piercings attractive, they feel that it adds their beauty, and if the piercing makes her confident, even better.

However, guys who don’t like them tend to feel strongly about it. The primary reason is that it’s the nose and the idea that snort interacts with the piercing.

Some use strong words like “disgusting” to describe their dislike for this nature of piercings.

Some people are black and white about what they prefer, and for them, hygiene is paramount to them. Blowing your nose and you having a nose piercing is a no-no for them.


Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive

There is another camp that doesn’t care entirely.

If it’s working for you and it is something you like, they will most certainly encourage it. Some men aren’t particularly interested in certain things, such as piercings.

For them, they look at the person, or they just find you attractive in whatever shape or form you come in. If that’s the guy you have sights on or are with, then what you choose won’t affect him much.

If you’re unsure about getting a nose piercing, you can have a conversation with your partner or pool together some male friends and ask them what they think.

They are best placed to give you a general view of what men think about the said piercing. What’s even better is that with social media, you can do a quick poll to determine what the men in your circle or community think about nose piercings.

Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive

With that information, you’ll have more confidence as to whether or not to go ahead with it.

However, if you don’t care, and it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, go right ahead; it’s for you anyway.

You can live with the peace of knowing that some will not like it, and some will.

That’s the same with a lot of things in this world; you can’t always be a hit to everyone with regards to what you do.


What piercings do guys find attractive?

Hands down the piercings that men find attractive are ear piercings and belly button piercings.

Everything else fails to compare when it comes to popularity and what piercings men like on a woman.

It is standard these days to find women with ear piercings; that is the norm now. What some do is get multiple ear piercings, of which some men find it extra, though some appreciate how a woman adorns her ears with that many piercings.

When it comes to the belly button, both men and women agree that it’s at the top when it comes to being a favorite.

Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive

If you’re looking for something that will most certainly catch his eye or want something that men generally find attractive, you can consider getting a belly button piercing. There isn’t a flat versus chubby tummy when it comes to piercing this area; women come in all shapes and sizes, and men also have their preferences in that regard.

We’ve mentioned the nose, and it feels that men are generally 50-50 about it.

The other areas in question are the tongue, lip, eyebrow, nipple, and genitals piercings, of which they also have their place in terms of popularity.

Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive

The tongue, nipple, and genital piercings tend to have a sexual connotation attached to it. That’s because those who get them state that having these piercings increases their sexual pleasure when engaging in said activities.

They also tend not to be visible unless otherwise exposed. It’s for that reason that they are preferred since it remains to be your naughty little secret.

The lip piercing is also popular since it draws attention to your lips.

Do Guys Find Nose Piercings Attractive

If you have kissable plump lips, then you can get a piercing around the lip area to make you look all the more attractive.

It is a trend that even some celebrities hop on to so to look prettier.

The eyebrow piercing doesn’t have that much popularity, perhaps because it is unconventional, and not everyone can pull it off.



Something women ought to keep in mind is that getting piercings should be a personal choice and one that you’ve made peace with or are excited about.

You don’t want to get a piercing for the sake of someone else, only to regret it later in life. Some are super painful, such as the nipple and genital piercing, and going through merely for a guy can lead to regret.

Here, we have talked about whether guys find nose piercings attractive, but the bottom line should be that women shouldn’t care much.

We live in a society that, for the most part, embraces personal freedom, and the same should apply to women and what they want to do with their bodies. Therefore, do what makes you happy.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!